8 Top Places to See in Yercaud, Tamil Nadu

Yercaud is located on the Shevaroy hills of the Eastern Ghats in Northern Tamil Nadu. Previously known as Yeri-kaadu meaning lake-forest in Tamil, the name was rounded off to sound better by the British as Yercaud.

Yercaud, Weekend Destination from Bangalore

We were two families, struggling to zero in to a destination for weekend holidays. The only destination that looked feasible was Yercaud. Hotels were still available and we set out for a small picnic there. Poor man’s Ooty, nothing much to see there, it is not even a hill station; these were some of the comments that we got before we set out on our trip. We got to see there much more than what we had imagined; simple yet captivating! Here is a list of 8 top places to see in Yercaud.

Road Trip to Yercaud

We left at around 7.30 in the morning. On the way had breakfast in one of the A1 plazas run by Reliance (very good service, neat and well maintained). Salem to Yercaud, the final 27 km was cooler and more pleasant. The roads were recently tarred and we hardly faced any pot hole along the way. There were 20 hairpin bends, with each bend the visual treats getting better. And all along the monkeys were there to receive us or were they waiting for some goodies from us? At 1.30pm we reached our resort, that is almost 6 hours to complete the 222kms. We had lunch, had good rest and took a stroll in the evening.

8 Top Places to See in Yercaud


1. Lady’s Seat at Yercaud

The resort was near the Lady’s seat. It got is name because the place was frequented by an English Lady in the evenings, during the British era. She would be at the seat to view the breathtaking scenery from there. From then on the name stuck to the place. Evening set in quickly, Yercaud is east of Bangalore and by 6 it was almost dark. Street lights of Salem city came on and within 15 minutes the entire area was full of specks of light. It was as if we were viewing the star lit sky below us!

Our children had their warm head gears on, so we strolled around for some more time. After a long time we experienced the simple joy of having tea from a road side stall. Later we had a light dinner and walked back to our rooms. We lingered on in the balcony for some time. The soothing view from the room’s balcony and the cool breeze blowing gently were reasons good enough to hit the bed late. I filled my eyes to the brim with the sight, because once back to Bangalore it will be the ‘routine ragda’.

Day 2 at Yercaud

What to say of the scenic view, early in the morning from the room’s balcony? It is as if you wake up to see a sweet dream! We left for a four hour sightseeing trip in a mini van (part of the package from resort) with a guide.

8 top places to see in yercaud 1
2. Montfort School Yercaud

The kids preferred visiting Montfort School first. This school was established in 1917. A huge and attractive school with very big play grounds, swimming pool and beautiful gardens. The wall beside the main entrance gate had many faces of great personalities sculpted on it. Great people right from Shakespeare to C V Raman. We had to be satisfied with what we saw from outside, since it is open to public only on Sundays. Nagesh Kukunoor had shot one of his movies here, we were told. If you are traveling with kids , it will be good to include it in top places to see in Yercaud.

3. Pagoda Point Yercaud

Next we were at the pagoda point. It gets the name from three pagoda like structures made from piles of stones. There stood a small temple too. Yercaud town has 64 villages and some of them were visible from this point. We spent some time here soaking in the misty view of the hills across.

8 top places to see in yercaud

8 top places to see in yercaud 3
4. Servarayan Temple at Yercaud

Our next destination after pagoda point was the highest peak there at 5326 ft. Again we got spectacular views and we kept clicking, capturing the sights from every angle possible. Enroute we saw a bauxite mine. They have halted mining here, instead a small children’s park is coming up. Not a single tree around, so I wonder if the project will be successful.

8 top places to see in yercaud bauxite mines
Locals of Yercaud revere the deity at Servarayan temple. The belief is Lord Servarayan resides here with his consort Kaveri. Residents here believe the deity to be the protector of all the villages of Yercaud. The temple is basically a cave and one has to creep through to reach the idols. Kneeling down one can see the tunnel extending beyond those idols. It is a long tunnel we were told, extending till Talakaveri in Karnataka. No photography is permitted inside.

Yercaud hills and clouds 8 top places to see in yercaud
The drive to these sightseeing points was equally memorable. Both sides of road were lined with coffee plants, silver oak trees and other tall trees with pepper plants creeping on them and orange plants. Most orange plants were laden with small sized unripe oranges. The guide suggested we visit Yercaud in December again to see them all ripe and orange in color!

5. Horticultural Research Center Yercaud

The last halt was at the Horticultural research center. I am glad we made that halt. There among the wild collection of rare plants and orchids were the Pitcher plants enclosed in a big iron cage. Children were thrilled to see the plant real! They were praying hard a fly would sit on it and the plant would shut its lid! We hung around for some time too in that hope, but there was not a single fly around. Some of the orchids and rare flowers were in full bloom. I enjoyed every moment clicking close-ups of them.

Yercaud pitcher plant

Pitcher Plant

6. Kiliyur Falls at Yercaud

After lunch, we headed for the Kiliyur falls, but we had to abandon halfway. There was a very narrow trail downhill which seemed too precarious for the kids. We could hear the roaring sounds from down below in the woods. Wrong timing! In addition to that shadows started lengthening, the fear of return uphill climb in the darkness made us call off the trip. 🙁 Don’t include this in list of top places to see in Yercaud if you are traveling with kids.

Yercaud Kiliyur falls
7. Boat Ride in Yercaud Lake

No picnic experience can be complete without a boat ride! We took a good 20 to 25 minutes ride in the pedal boats in the Yercaud Lake. The view of the lake is good no doubt but comparatively the view from the lake is even better! The lake is lined with tall trees all around, beyond the trees were the blue hills and beyond them the blue sky! The day ended so well.

8. Rose Garden in Yercaud

We packed up for the return trip. One last glance from the balcony and we were on road back to Bangalore! We halted for some time in rose garden of Yercaud before proceeding onward to Bangalore. There are some amazing varieties of rose plants here and it was worth the halt.

Yercaud white rose

From Rose garden Yercaud

Yercaud butterfly

Chasing butterflies at Yercaud Rose Garden

Road Trip from Yercaud to Bangalore

It was smooth drive down to Salem city. We packed lunch from the A1 Plaza at Omalur and took the diversion to Mettur Dam. After lunch at Stanley Reservoir, which is one of the largest fishing reservoirs of South India we drove 4kms further to reach the actual dam.

Yercaud dam
Thankfully the roads were good. We finally reached Mettur Dam, one of the oldest dam in India. The dam measures a total length of 1700meters. “Oh! It is just like the one we see in our books!” screamed the children on seeing the dam. There is a good park and it is surrounded by hills. This spot is an ideal Sunday Stop for locals around.

We drove non-stop to Bangalore after lunch.

Yercaud road

How to Reach Yercaud

We took the route Bangalore – Hosur – Krishnagiri – Dharmapuri – Salem – Yercaud. Total distance was 222 km.


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  • Yogi Saraswat
    1 year ago

    Beautiful place to visit on weekend for Bangalore peoples !! Well Described

  • After reading your post, I want to visit this place soon…:)

  • Beautiful photos! Amazing place

  • I have heard that Yercaud is small yet beautiful. Your posts makes me think I should visit 🙂

  • Maniparna Sengupta Majumder
    1 year ago

    It makes me wonder how some places derive their names and they bear evidence to incidents happened long ago… 🙂

    A beautiful place it is…

  • Yercaud is an amazing place for a weekend outing. I stayed in a coffee estate and loved the experience.

  • This seems to be an amazing place… a great post!

  • Mettur dam you could have added more photos

  • Lovely description. Would love to visit the rose garden . Hope the journey is still as simple and exciting as it was in 2007

  • a great place to spend a good weekend.

  • As with most places in India, I can admit that I have never heard of this place. How is it with road trips in India? 222 km doesn’t sound so bad, at least not when traveling here in Sweden. 🙂

  • Bangalore is so strategically placed, with easy access to dozens of nearby places. I have heard that Yercaud is really lovely in the monsoons, like the rest of the nearby destinations. Have yet to visit it.

  • I feel like every time I read a post about India, it’s exploring a new location! Yercaud sounds like it has plenty to do, and so convenient that you can get there for the weekend. The rose garden looks especially gorgeous.

  • Looks like a lovely place but somehow Yercaud was never a very inviting destination for us. But ya, if you are done all the places in and around Yercaud is good escape for a weekend.

  • An unexplored place with exotic and inviting natural beauty. What a great place to spend the weekend. Moreover, a road trip would be simply amazing. It is indeed a shame that we have not yet been able to get there yet in spite of being so near.

  • Bangalore definitely has some of the ideal weekend getaways. Yeracud sounds like a great family trip and we are in awe of that morning view from your room balcony. We never knew about the Servarayan cave temple sounds like a must visit. The rose garden sounds beautiful and we would love to visit the Mettur Dam.

  • We have been living in Bangalore for years now. Been to many weekend getaways around like ooty, coonoor, wayanad, mahabalipuram, pondicherry etc. to name a few. But somehow yercaud never happened till now. After reading your post, and seeing so many interesting things to see there, I am thinking it’s worth a well deserved weekend trip. Will soon make a plan

  • that would be cool to come back and see all the orange trees. Imagine eating oranges right of the tree. I’m not sure if you’d be allowed to do that but it would be nice.

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  • Yercaud looks like a lush green, nice, offbeat weekend getaway from Bangalore. There is so much to do and see at this small place. I have never heard about this place but will love to explore someday whenever get a chance to visit Bangalore.

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  • I haven’t heard about Yercaud till I read your post. It seems to be a great weekend gateway. Will put this on my list to visit whenever I travel to south.

  • I would love to visit a high dam and watch the view from the top of it. It looks like Yercaud Valley has a lot of interesting places to visit. I would like to go on a boat ride on Yercaud Lake, it sounds like a relaxing experience.

  • I have been to Yercaud many years back. Maybe it is time for a revisit. I remember the place called Lady’s seat and the hairpin roads. However we didn’t get a chance to stay here but stayed at my aunt’s place in Salem. Nice photographs

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