Tata Hexa Off Road Test Drive Review #HexaExperience

The latest launch of Tata Motors, Tata Hexa comes with exciting super drive modes! I experienced just 20 minutes of test drive in off road, rough terrain but it has totally redefined my whole life’s driving experience!

Tata Hexa Off Road Test Drive

An expert Mr. Abbel, a team member of cougar motorsports, took 3 bloggers including me along a simulated tough terrain. The road profile consisting of deep potholes, side gradients, and ice blocks, uphill and downhill drive. We experienced the actual prowess of Tata Hexa in this off road test drive.  In the following lines I will explain sequentially what I experienced during the entire 20 minutes of test drive.

Potholes and Slopes

The first in the track were the famous pot holes of Indian roads, a problem that every Indian driver would have faced during her/his drive. And potholes related damages end up causing holes in pockets too. Tata Hexa has better suspensions to tackle the issue. Our expert set the drive mode to ‘Rough Road’ and drove the Tata Hexa through series of potholes, real deep ones and seated inside we could sense the bumpy ride but the engine seemed to handle it with ease in moderate speed.

Ice Covered Path

How traction control works in less traction surface area – For this he stopped the vehicle on ice, and it held on. The ice blocks were under the left wheel, he turned sharp left, so there was slight slippage but the wheels were able to take vehicle forward.  At sharp turns the ESP (Electronic Stability Program) takes over. The ice block track in that small distance was for simulating the snow and ice covered mountainous road.


Uphill and Downhill Test Drives

After this we did a climb along uphill road at an angle of 31 ½ degrees. The road was full of loose gravels so the ride was jerky and bumpy, yet I will say the ride quality was good. It was done at 1600rpm. That stretch did indeed give the feeling of rugged hillside path. Put your seat belts on always – that is the mantra!

Next we did a long steep descent, which was thrilling and the end was at a long distance away. I momentarily felt we would roll down. Mr. Abbel demonstrated good command over the vehicle. Safety tip – Always be on some gear if you don’t feel very confident for the fast descent. He kept the vehicle in neutral, no gear and feet off the brakes to demonstrate the hill descent control. The only control he exercised was steering it along the simulated path. Down hill drive does not allow the vehicle to go in high speed, it maintained a speed of 8 kmph.

Acceleration and Panic Braking

The accelerating and brake test after this was equally interesting. For first part he drove in auto mode and braked hard after picking up good speed. Whoa! And as if that was not enough he took off in ‘Rough Road’ mode and applied full brakes after some distance. Under aggressive conditions the vehicle skids a little bit, but the traction control and ESP works in tandem so it doesn’t allow the car to slide and you end up stopping in a straight line. ABS (Anti-locking Braking System) and EBD (Electronic Brake Distribution) deal with panic braking situations well. EBP (Electroni Brake Prefill) senses you are in a panic situation and helps deal it even better. The dust the panic braking kicked up settled soon but our excitement and thrill did not! 

Air Bags

What was left to test in this Tata Hexa Off Road Test Drive? Air bags? NO. Let us hope no such situation or accident ever happens to the Tata Hexa customers that will trigger this feature!

Please note that I am not a technical expert in automobiles. This post is purely from experiential point of view. Also the tracks are a set up so driver should use her/his judgement before trying such off road in real. Also as a traveler and one who does road trips very often I give my thumbs up for Tata Hexa.

[I was invited on this Tata Hexa Off Road Test Drive by Tata Motors and Indiblogger as a part of the #HexaExperience campaign. Experience and opinions are solely my own.]

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23 Responses to “Tata Hexa Off Road Test Drive Review #HexaExperience

  • I love off road driving! I won a competition for my off road driving skills once! I’ve never heard of this car before but it sounds perfect for the Indian roads! The long steep descent sounds a bit scary! Ree love30

  • The off road drive was an exciting offering. And as you rightly said, it has redefined the whole driving experience.

  • Hi, it is 8 kmph, not 80mph

    Electronic brake pre-fill is the right term.
    The guy is from cougar motorsports.

  • Off road experience was the best part of it. Nicely written post Indrani.

  • Enjoyed reading it Indrani. Couldn’t agree more.

  • Amazing pictures 🙂 Masti time..

  • Nice review, u explored some uncommon routes and its always amazing.

  • Ha Ha yeah, no one would want to test the air bags :p I missed this journey as I forgot to apply. Anyhow, good to read your experience!

  • I’m not into technicality as well. So it looks like a pretty decent car to me. Nice experiences you had with Hexa. I especially liked your picture on FB… 🙂

  • I loved the off road experience! It was great meeting you!

  • Sounds like a wonderful car. It was great reading about your experience 🙂

  • Quite an exhaustive review dear.. I really liked your personal take on the car! And it was lovely meeting you during the #Hexaexperience 🙂

  • Lovely off road experience Indrani and I can corelate as I am driving a scorpio automatic version these days..powerful and great controls, the Tata Hexa!

  • I particularly loved the safety features they have. The traction control, uphill controls etc….makes driving so much more safer. Nice captures. 🙂

  • Off-roading was wonderful, only wish if we were allowed to drive 😉 I’m sorry for the short meet we had, will definitely catch up next time 🙂

  • Great experience. Hexa would fit perfect for some Brazilian and New Zealand roads. And yes, you should definitely ask for 5 minutes drive! Cheers.

  • Off road experience was the real test of the car. I think it will stand the market competition.

  • I love this off road test drive! That’s a great thing to do. Then you really know how the car feels. Trying out uphill and downhill is also a very good thing. Was it also allowed to drive offroad yourself?

  • What an experience. Haha I’ve tried in the passengdr’s seat once during a mountainous ride and it was a scary experience. I’m not a fan but would love a car that could thrive and survive in such conditions. Haha

  • I am neither an expert of this. But it sure has a good feature if we will base on your experience. Even if you are not that an expert, what matters most is that the convenience it gives to you. I also like its design. To sum it up, perfect for a family most especially for those who are fan of roadtrips.

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