Hotel Las Torres, Salamanca, Spain, a Hotel Review

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44 Responses

  1. Kalpana says:

    I love the photos of the hotel at night. Not having a parking nearby can be a big problem.

  2. magiceye says:

    Lovely captures!

  3. Looks like a nice hotel! Whenever I travel, I tend to be more favorable to hotels that fellow travelers have stayed in and those that they have liked.

  4. Ami says:

    Hmmm, having no parking can be a pain. The shot of the hotel is amazing.

  5. Meera says:

    nice photos.

  6. The pix taken at night looks gorgeous. Is it the Plaza or the hotel itself? Very beautiful.

  7. What a wonderful report and completion of the challenge. We were two times in Salamanca, just not in a hotel on the Plaza Mayor. In our view of Spain’s most beautiful square. All the best from us, from Los Boliches in the South of Spain. Saludos de Albert y Mara

  8. Deepa says:

    Beautiful 🙂

  9. Dipanwita says:

    The last two pictures are stunning. Thanks for sharing the info Indrani. 🙂

  10. eileen says:

    Hello, thanks for sharing the hotel review. Too bad the hotel did not have it’s own free parking. Happy Thursday, enjoy your day!

  11. Jeevan says:

    I admire the night ambiance over there… but sorry for your parking problem. The rooms seems to be compact

  12. Nice entry for words 😉

  13. and rentals? high/medium/low?

  14. TexWisGirl says:

    quite grand looking!

  15. the ambiance sounds (and looks- the pictures loaded a bit late)great…
    bunker beds in a hotel room is a surprise 🙂

  16. Cloudia says:

    Thank You Indrani

  17. Other than the parking issue this looks like a great place to stay. I loved that last shot. Super nice.

  18. Beautiful pictures 🙂

  19. what a wonderful place to stay!

  20. as usual nice hotel review !

  21. Tes says:

    Love the pictures 🙂 You capture the place so well 🙂

  22. astha says:

    Simply gorgeous!

  23. Beautiful pics 🙂

  24. Very informative reviews with beautiful photos.
    Anywhere parking problem is painful!

  25. Lovely captures.. a great review! 🙂

  26. 20 euros for over night parking! We are in haven!

    • Indrani Ghose says:

      🙂 Yes you are right!
      Thank you for the visit and comment on my blog.

  27. Jasmin N says:

    That looks like a wonderful hotel! I’ve been to Spain a couple of times & I think I’ll never get bored to it hahah.

  28. Imaobong says:

    The hotel sure looks comfortable, and that’s really important
    Plus it looks so pretty at night 🙂

  29. I was looking for a more information about Salamanca and I have to say that this city is really beautiful. The room looks pretty nice as well, especially those first two photos ♥ Lovely photos ʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔっ

  30. We are travel blogger so we love reading hotel review before booking a room. It looks like a cool place according the photos, especially the view from the rooms 🙂

  31. Nick B says:

    Wow, thanks for including your photos in the review. I’m a big fan of architecture and that hotel looks stunning at night.

  32. Blair Villanueva says:

    Hotel Las Torres looks nice and clean and decent, what important is its security and easy access to the city around, so you wont have to spend a lot of cash during your stay. Thank you for your recommendation!

  33. ouch no parking or having to lug around cases would be a downer for me. The rest of your review for Hotel Las Torres sounds pretty good and would check out. Do they at least have a place to park to drop luggage of at door and then park in faraway lot?

  34. I would definitely consider a room with a view to the plaza anyday. Lovely pictures :), providing wifi and bicycle is an added bonus

  35. Looks so cozy and clean place to stay!

  36. Carola says:

    I love Spain! I’ve been to several places there. Mostly in the surroundings of Barcelona or Salou. This hotels seems nice. It’s nice that there wasn’t a lot of noise. Wifi is really necessary for me haha. Always good to know if the connection is steady. It’s a pity there wasn’t a parking nearby. When you by car it’s always nicer when you can park at the hotel!

  37. Ree love30 says:

    I love anything to do with Spain! ! It looks lovely. And so good that you found secure parking! Ree love30

  38. Nya says:

    I can understand that no parking could be an issue but the hotel seems to be really worth it. Gorgeous pictures and love the night shots.

  39. Sheri says:

    The hotel looks nice, I am not for no parking as I sometimes rent a car and that could be a problem. The pictures in the evening are so stunning. Spain is a wonderful country, one of my favourites.

  40. Maria says:

    The hotel somehow reminds me of The Grand Budapest Hotel (the one from the movie). That parking space really sucks! It such a hassle to bring your suitcases to the hotel from a 600m parking space. Hope the hotel would buy a space and turn it into a parking space; one’s that nearer or within the vicinity.