Pujo Bhog, Community Lunch, Durga Puja

One of the most attractive and unique activity of Durga Puja is participating in bhog, community lunch organized by the Puja committee. While Puja and chanting of prayers is on and the idols are being worshiped, at the other corner of the mandap a group of cooks is busy preparing bhog. Bhog is first served to Goddess and hence that name. This then becomes prasad. This is then served to all devotees during lunch and is popularly called bhog.

Pujo Bhog, Community Lunch

The bhog offered during the puja includes an assortment of dishes and sweets such as Khichudi, Pulao. This is accompanied with a variety of Bhajas (frys), Kalai Daler Bari, Masala Bari. And for desserts there are Rosogulla, Doi, Payesh, Jibhe Gaja and Narkel Sandesh. Main item prepared in large quantity is khichuri, a preparation of rice and lentils with masalas, it tastes heavenly. The other items served along with khichuri are mixed vegetable curry, couple of vegetable fries, sweet and sour tomato chutney. Finally, one sweet dish is given which is usually rasgulla.

Bhog, Community Lunch
Bhog, Community Lunch 1

Bhog and Adda During Pujo

Friends wait patiently for the bhog to be served, while carrying on with their adda. I never miss the bhog. It is fun to watch friends catching up. Friends from different corners of city meet during this yearly festival, they catch up with latest gossips. Common topic is often praising one another’s new outfits. Women especially, are keen to see what new jewelries their friends have made. One gets the opinion that gold price is hardly a concern. Designs and designers are hot topics of discussion. Well, I too am a keen participant of the above mentioned activities. And all this over a hot plate of khichuri.

Pujo Bhog, Community Lunch
Bhog, Community Lunch plate
Mahasaptami is over, just two days of Puja is left and then it will be time to bid goodbye to Ma!


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  • Another marvelous and fascinating post, Indrani, and I get to learn still more about your country — and that's the best part! Terrific, colorful captures for the day! And, I'm suddenly very hungry!! Hope your week is off to a great start!


  • Love your world Indrani.
    I wish i could tast that food
    it looks sooooooooooooo different like ours :))

    (I can the words rice and lentils
    we say ( rijst en linzen ) but masalas ????

    (I think masalas
    is a spice mixture ??
    I was googling google google …)


  • Thank you Sylvia, I am so glad you liked this post.

    Thanks a lot Anya for liking this post. Yes, masala means spices, I have added a link now. 🙂

  • Fascinating post and wonderful shots.

  • That food is tantalizing, um yum yummy.

  • It is nice to learn new and interesting traditions. The food does look yummy! Thanks for sharing your world, great photos.

  • Boy that looks good!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  • Sounds like a wonderful festival! The food looks and sounds wonderful!

  • Now I have a craving for rice. Must cook some today!
    I enjoyed this post very much, Indrani. I love the idea of a community meal. That first photo is great. It would be a hard job for a woman!

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
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  • we go to the temple and eat. we don't serve, but are always invited. great food at the puja.

  • Wonderful photos! The bhog looks most delicious!

  • Wonderful shots of festival.

  • Thru this meme and your post, I learn different cultures without traveling.

    Those huge vats could feed a whole army.

    The last photo is pretty!

  • Indrani you make me so hungry I am salivating. That really looks mouthwatering and I adore Indian food. What a contrast to your European posts!

    Thank you for this absolute treat of a post.

  • Thanks for the informative post Indira! There is so much to learn while reading these blogs. Too much for a lifetime. And so much to see too! I like the diversity of all those blogs!

  • What a lovely tradition!

  • Wonderful shots of bhog preperation! And the food looks so good. Another yummy post!

  • How interesting to learn a little more about your part of the world ! I love Indian food and this looks delicious !

  • Beautiful, I like the colors and details of those beautiful pictures. Tasty food.

  • Have been seeing Bhog mentioned all over facebook n twitter by friends, but now iknow what it is.., very nice.. and am totally fascsinated with the whole durga puja and pandals….

  • One of my favourite festivals! Happy Dussera to you and your loved ones.

  • Some serious muscle is going into that meal!

  • it looks tempting.
    i love the different flavors you have when you eat Indian foods.
    sorry for not visiting lately,
    have been busy.
    a very informative and interesting post Indrani. ^0^

  • Interesting reading and well captured photos. I'd like to taste the food;)

  • Hello

    First time here. Just chanced upon it. I spent the first fifteen years of my life in Kolkata and other parts of Bengal, so I can really understand Bhog, kichuri etc.. After so many years now that I am not in Bengal these few Pujo days make my life as I go to that one Pujo Pandal in my town and relive my Bengal experiences..!!!

  • I jus luv luv luv bengali food! Tht begali-fish, aloo curry made in mustard… the aroma is in itself yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

  • Nothing like the great Indian food to get your taste buds alive! Yum!

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