Houses of Goa Museum, Major Attraction of North Goa

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  1. Ana says:

    I have read another post related to Goa’s Spice Plantation tour in the thread and now reading your ‘Houses of Goa Museum’ and both the posts made me nostalgic about my Goa trips with friends when I was in college, a few years ago. Though I didn’t know about this museum. Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

  2. Christina says:

    What an interesting museum. Certainly a good place to stop by to learn more about the history of the houses of Goa. The museum building is also very intriguing!

  3. i b arora says:

    thanks for sharing, planning a trip to goa next month

  4. Never heard of this, but such an interesting museum! Love the architect’s parent’s house. Admire some people’s passion and perseverance to make something out of it!

  5. Wow amazing museum. Thanks for sharing.
    Beautiful photos.

  6. Maniparna Sengupta Majumder says:

    Adding this up to our list. Probably will visit in next January… 🙂

  7. So many times to Goa and had never even heard of this place. Such an interesting museum and the architecture of the structure is also so quirky. Thanks for the info Indrani 🙂

  8. Sims says:

    Hi Indrani,
    Never been here during my numerous visits to Goa. You have provided a detailed information about the Museum and now this cannot be missed during my next visit. Thanks 🙂

  9. Wow! Seems to be an amazing place to be. 🙂

  10. I love Goa. But surprisingly wasn’t aware of this museum. Will definitely take a point on making a visit next time I am going. Thanks

  11. Prasad Np says:

    very interesting post.. each house has a story and Goan houses have so many interesting stories to tell…

  12. Sapna says:

    Seeing this first time. Very interesting and beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  13. A lot of info about Goa. One of the guys I follow named Earl thinks it is the best place to visit in India. Now I am beginning to see why. New 10 Indian visa will be in my hands in December and I am planning on spending most of next year there. Goa is top of the list.

  14. Almost all places close on Mondays.. 🙁

  15. This seems so interesting! Goan houses are indeed a delight!

  16. Yogi Saraswat says:

    There is lot to visit in Goa !! Thnx for this series of Goa which is telling us new places to visit !!

  17. Ami says:

    Nicely captured Indrani. This place was a surprise indeed.

  18. Have heard a lot about this museum. The structure is really something and the museum overall seems very interesting. Great captures.

  19. Paola says:

    This is indeed a very particular architecture. But what a chance to be able to talk with the architect !!

  20. Tessy S M says:

    Useful information. Well presented. Thank you.

  21. Elena says:

    Isn’t it interesting how people interpret the same picture differently? To me, the house in the first photo looks like a bird with the pointy beak. Houses of Goa Museum is an excellent initiative. Preserving and explaining local history is very important but, unfortunately, too often underfunded. It is so commendable that a local architect took it into his own hands.

  22. verushka says:

    Very interesting and at 100 rupees it is not badly priced.Love the use of corners into a seating area.

  23. Very interesting blog and useful Information..Thanks For Sharing.

  24. I’ve been to Goa so many times, and literally stay only in north but I’ve never had a chance to explore it or even heard of these museums. This is definitely on my list on my next trip to Goa.

  25. Joanna says:

    This post reminds me of an open air museum near where I grew up, in Transylvania. I think it is important to have this kind of museums because by visiting them you can better understand your roots and how your ancestors used to live.

  26. Shounak says:

    Going back in time and immersing into art and architecture is one of the aspects of travelling I like…

  27. Blair Villanueva says:

    This is an interesting House Museum, and I like its design! Impressive 🙂

  28. Never heard about this place … the architecture of the building is amazing

  29. This is interesting cause the structure of the museum looks really strange from outside. It reminds me of some the strange buildings i keep seeing here in Britain. Really liked the gallery. Have not been to Goa but would love to go there one day.

  30. I would like to visit this museum. I love learning about history and other cultures and I really don’t know anything about the history of the Portuguese in India, for example. Also I love the house that looks like a face!

  31. First thought was that the building itself is interesting architecture. It’s cool that the architect was there to explain the Houses of Goa.

  32. I’ve never been to Goa, but it’s definitely on my bucket list! Thank you for sharing such an informative post about this museum, I’d love to check it out one day 🙂

  33. Goa is becoming a serious place on my bucket list. The museum looks incredible and full of artifacts waiting to be explored. Thanks for sharing this!

  34. Tom says:

    This is an utterly offbeat attraction, and a perfect example of why we need travel blogs like this one to showcase them.

  35. Komang Ayu says:

    Wow a very unique building design. it can save the land. Looks very unique and antique plus lots of green trees around it. I so wanted to visit there.

  36. Jenni says:

    What a interesting little house I love visiting museums whilst away. I’ve never heard of this one but if I am in Goa I will definately check it out

  37. How interesting! I loved my time in India for all of the amazing architecture, sights, smells and colors. This is very different from anything I saw there.. but then again. I skipped out on Goa. I am realizing more and more every day that I need to make a return trip to see Goa!

  38. Alberto C. says:

    I hadn’t heard of this museum before, but it definitely looks interesting! I’ve been reading quite a lot of posts about Goa lately and it’s really making me want to visit. Hopefully I can include it on my next visit to India

  39. Tamshuk says:

    Well, this is another one of the offbeat attractions of Goa. A really interesting place for a museum and the building is quite unique too.

  40. Carver says:

    Sounds like a fascinating place to visit. I like the greenery growing on the outside.

  41. Tae says:

    Oh interesting! I love the creative and angular architecture of the ship house! I love when creative people follow their passion projects and create unique spots like this. Can’t wait to see Goa someday

  42. Jennifer says:

    How neat! The houses kind of resemble treehouses! I think my kids would think that at least! Maybe one day we will visit that area of the world.

  43. Roberta says:

    It looks amazing! I’m not an arichitecture student but I do love all the facts that you mentioned. The goa house is truly beaitiful.

  44. Megan says:

    An interesting piece of history. Love learning how the cultures influence each other. Sounds like a good place to explore. Hope to get to India one of these days.

  45. So interesting to learn about the Indian and Portuguese influences blending together for a unique style. Goa is a place I’d love to visit. This looks like a great way to learn more about the history and culture through architecture. 🙂

  46. fascinating project of the Houses of Goa! The architecture looks complicated and pretty neat! Wouldn’t mind living in one those houses! 🙂

  47. Been dying to visit Goa and this museum has a very unique and interesting theme! I really enjoyed your writing, Indrani!

  48. Julie says:

    I love touring houses…there is something about just peeking inside someone’s place that is so intriguing! Thanks for sharing this unique offering in Goa!

  49. Vanessa says:

    It’s always so cool to peek into someone’s life and it’s always neat to see how all houses have similarities – a mug here, a book there.

  50. What an interesting museum! I love the architecture, it is so unique! And what a cool way to learn about the history of an area!

  51. Rosemary says:

    What an off the beaten path museum. The building is amazing and it is rich with history. How fascinating to learn about different cultures. Thanks for sharing this unique Goa experience.