The Parisian Macao, Macau – a Hotel Review

The Parisian Macao is one of the 8 world class hotels belonging to Sands Resorts Macao. Together they have more than 12000 rooms, 850 shopping outlets, and 150 restaurants. Sands Resorts Macao figures among the top in the list of Asia’s leading integrated resort destination. Among these hotels they hosted me in their latest and brand new hotel, The Parisian Macao. This hotel was inaugurated in September 2016. 8 months in to functioning, the hotel seemed to flourish and serve well.

The Parisian Macao Entrance

Even before I got to the interiors, I was totally enamored by the exteriors of the hotel; the sight of replica of Eiffel Tower is such! For a first timer there it can be overwhelming. Finally when I saw the tower gleaming with colourful lights at night that too from my room I was dazed and wordless beyond words! Here I was in the lap of luxury, a dreamy sight right from my window – all spent on me alone to dream of my husband left behind in the concrete jungle. Sleep seemed distant as I kept staring out of the window till my eyelids got heavy and could hold no more! Do check out the post: Eiffel Tower Light Show at The Parisian Macao for more details on the replica of Eiffel Tower.

The Parisian Macao exterior

The Parisian Macao exterior – Picture from Hotel PR

Lobby of the hotel

Stepping in to the hotel’s lobby is like immersing yourself in French décor. The entire atmosphere was something royal and grand which made me forget where I was! For a moment I felt it was the interiors of some palace.  The dome, the rotunda, huge pillars, beautifully tiled floors the painted ceilings, almost everything seemed to demand attention at the same time. Most striking sight was that of the ‘Fontaine de Mers’ fountain. God of sea, Neptune seated gracefully receiving all who walk into the lobby.  There is continuous flash of colored light on it giving a magical effect. I could just stand and watch it for hours, but then I was quickly taken for check in and other formalities.

Later I returned to this lobby several times during my stay of 4 days and took pictures to my heart’s content. Each time it reminded me of my visit to Versailles in Paris. The delicate gilding, rich jewel tones of the reception and concierge is indeed inspired from Versailles of Paris. Bronze and crystal chandeliers, furnishings, silk textiles and porcelains celebrate the height of the French decorative arts. The name Parisian Macao fits the hotel so well!

Fountain of Neptune at The Parisian Macao

Fountain of Neptune The Parisian Macao

The Parisian Macao Hotel Rooms

The hotel has approximately 3,000 guestrooms and suites. All rooms are designed with contemporary French flair. While the glitter and gold is missing, the rooms had sober charming effect. The big framed paintings on the walls seem to fit the Parisian ambiance so well. They have a good mix of rooms catering to all combinations and categories of guests. Over one-third of the hotel’s rooms offer spectacular views of the Eiffel Tower, so make sure you are early to have the option of choosing one.

All rooms are stuffed with The Parisian Macao signature bath products.  55” HDTV, high-speed, wireless and wired internet access is provided in each room. Rooms have King-size bed or Queen-size beds.

Deluxe Room

These rooms are  33sqm in area and well furnished.

Eiffel Tower Room

I got one of these rooms. These rooms measure 33sqm and you get the cool view of the Eiffel Tower. This was on 27th floor of the hotel.

Eiffel Tower Room The Parisian Macao

Famille Room

  • 47sqm
  • Separate parent and child sleeping areas

Famille Room The Parisian Mcao

Lyon Suite

These luxury suites take their names from iconic French locations. They are located on higher floors.

  • 72sqm
  • Garden view or Eiffel Tower view
  • Separate living areas
  • Sumptuous linens and elegant bath accessories

Luxury Suite The Parisian Macao

Other Amenities and Facilities

The hotel has class amenities to entertain kids and keep them happily engaged. Read this elaborate post on the various activities for children in The Parisian Macao. Amidst the shimmer of the luxurious interiors, the hotel houses not just a casino but a whole load of facilities proving it to be a fun filled destination for families. Experience the extraordinary retail shopping adventure of more than 850 shops from luxury to high street brands here!

Galerie Vivienne

Galerie Vivienne – I had to get up quite early to get this people less picture.

For Meetings and Exhibitions

This hotel offers a combination of stylish, Parisian-themed meeting venues. And it also provides conference space of various configurations that can host events of different sizes, ranging from team building activities for 20 participants to a glamorous gala dinner for up to 2600 guests. Their 3400sqm Parisian Ballroom can be divided into 3 junior ballrooms thus enabling numerous set up options. In addition, there are 5 meeting rooms, 2 boardrooms, a well-equipped business center and spectacular outdoor function spaces.

A stay at The Parisian Macao provides the much needed refreshing break from hectic office life.

Parisian Ballroom Setup

Parisian Ballroom Setup – Pic by The Parisian Macao

How to Reach The Parisian Macao

By air – Macao International Airport is 5mins away and the hotel provides complimentary pick up and drop. I arrived at the hotel via Hong Kong International Airport and took a direct express ferry to Macau. Ferry ride is one hour, and there was no need to go through Hong Kong Customs. Via Guangzhou Baiyun Airport you will have to catch a coach service to Zhuhai Xinhe Coach Station and proceed to Gongbei Customs before entering Macao. Travel time between Guangzhou and Macao is 2.5 hours. Take a shuttle bus to the Lotus Bridge Customs if you are coming through Zhuhai Airport. From there, take the complimentary Parisian shuttle bus to The Parisian Macao. Travel time – 30mins.

By land – If coming from Zhuhai or from Gongbei Border Gate, proceed through Customs. Once in Macao, take the complimentary Parisian shuttle bus to The Parisian Macao.

The Parisian Macao - a Hotel Review

Disclaimer: I stayed in The Parisian Macao hotel on an invite from the hotel team. The opinions expressed are completely mine. All photographs are mine except 2, and I have credited them.

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    Awesome pics.

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  • Wow, now this really does look like a lot of fun. Certainly, Macao has a wonderful gift of selecting interesting aspects of other cultures and putting their own unique spin on it, even if some of the luxury here looks as though it could rival the French capital. You managed to capture it really well with your photos too

  • The hotel looks magnificent with so many facilities and amenities and of course the iconic mini Eiffel tower.
    Seems an awesome place to visit!! The hotel seems like a destination in itself with the casino and the shopping experience. Would definitely love to visit.

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  • So close to the most sought after attraction in Paris! I will like to see how the eiffel tower looks from the room during the night. And the rooms also look quiet good. I love the setup with the parent and child beds in the same room but with their own spaces defined.

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  • The Parisian looks so stunning! Had you not mentioned Macau, I could have easily taken this for some hotel in a European country! The replica of Eiffel Tower looks great, and so are the fountains. The room looks quite contemporary though, which came as a surprise since the rest of the hotel looks so traditionally European in style!

  • first I thought this is vegas!! I love your review. Very articulate

  • We drove past this hotel from the outside on a recent visit to Macau and it made me smile to see the replica Eiffel Tower. Looks really really luxuriously decorated inside, especially in the lobby and dining areas. The rooms look comfortable, I’m glad they are not as over the top, but more classic and comfortable.

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  • The Lyon suite actually looks bigger than my house!!! Love that there’s an Eiffel Tower there too – if you were jetlagged, you might not know exactly where you are when you wake up 😀 But even the smaller rooms look comfortable and spacious – looks like a great place to stay!

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  • WOW!! Awesome! I’ve been to Macau and I loved it. Fantastic food and cosmopolitan vibes but still some parts of the island manage to preserve the old style of it! :- ) Like many hotels in Macau, this one is definitely a super win! Benchmarking the luxury and glamour of the Las Vegas of Asia.

  • Megan Jerrard
    6 months ago

    Oh wow, you really could be forgiven for thinking you were in France – I love the Parisian atmosphere and French flair they’ve achieved with the decor, and it’s incredible that they can offer 1/3 of the hotel an Eiffel tower view with 3,000 rooms. The structure here is far more convincing than the one they have in Vegas – they actually achieve a Paris away from Paris here!

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