Eiffel Tower Light Show at The Parisian Macao, Macao

I was completely mesmerised by the sight of Eiffel Tower as I was entering Parisian Macao Resort. Anybody would be! While the size of this Eiffel Tower is half of the original one in Paris, its location right in front of the Luxury Hotel has enhanced the grandeur of The Parisian Macao several times. Some brilliant planning there!

I have seen the original one in Paris, yet instead of reducing the awe factor around it, this recreated model has taken the captivating feel to a newer level! As night set in the Eiffel tower light show started. It was lit up completely from top to bottom. It seemed to be dripping of several colors with some accompanying music. The view of this lit up Eiffel Tower from the north facing hotel rooms is grand. Do try and select those rooms if you are making a reservation in the hotel.

View of The Parisian Macao

x marks my room in The Parisian Macao

Here are some facts on Eiffel Tower construction in front of Parisian Macao.

  • The height of The Parisian Macao’s Eiffel Tower is roughly equivalent to a 38-storey building and is approximately one half the height of the 324-metre-tall Paris tower.
  • The base of our Eiffel Tower is approximately half the width of the 125-metre-wide base in Paris.
  • More than 2,800 tonnes of steel was used to build The Parisian Macao’s Eiffel tower.
  • 853,000 decorative rivets are used on this tower, while functional rivets are used in Paris.

    Eiffel Tower at The Parisian Macao

    The making of Eiffel Tower at The Parisian Macao

  • More than 4,500 design drawing were made for the tower.
  • To build this tower, as many as 130 construction workers were on hand at one time.
  • It took just over a year to build the structure of The Eiffel Tower at The Parisian Macao.
  • The Parisian Macao’s Eiffel Tower was completed on October 15, 2015. Gustave Eiffel’s structure in Paris was completed on March 31, 1899. There are 116 years between the completions of the two towers.
  • Several replica Eiffel Towers exist in the world. Of all the replicas, The Parisian Macao’s Eiffel Tower is the tallest and most realistic.
  • There are more than 740 steps for maintenance workers leading to the top of The Parisian Macao’s Eiffel Tower.
  • The Parisian Macao’s Eiffel Tower includes more than 6,600 lights and 26 kilometres of electrical cabling, which is equivalent to 10 times of the length of Governador Nobre de Carvalho bridge.
  • Numerous anchoring points on the tower change the large number of light bulbs illuminating the structure. They have a well-trained, specialist team to carry out this important task.
  • Two lifts take passengers to the top observation level of The Parisian Macao’s Eiffel Tower. The time to reach the top is approximately 40 seconds.View of The Parisian Macao

The Eiffel Tower Light Show

Watch out for the illumination shows of The Parisian Macao Eiffel Tower.  The spectacular nightly light and sound that features on the façade of the tower creates a shimmering beacon on the Cotai Strip. This Eiffel Tower light show at dusk provides an ideal backdrop for photo opportunities. Daily light show is available from 6 p.m. to 12 a.m. with music every 15 minutes. The tower is always lit. (Note: Light show schedule is subject to change.)

Eiffel Tower Light Show

Eiffel Tower Light Show

Love Lock Bridge

They have even created a replica of Pont des Arts, though not to any scale. Only the River Seine is missing. This Love Lock Bridge is the open-air bridge. It connects the main building to the Eiffel Tower 7/F observation deck. If you are keen to put a lock there you can bring your own or purchase one at the souvenir kiosk on the 7/F observation deck. (A note here: the company reserves the right to remove or refuse locks deemed inappropriate or a potential safety hazard.)

Love Lock Bridge at The Parisian Macao

Eiffel Tower at The Parisian Macao

Observation Deck of Eiffel Tower, The Parisian Macao

Opening Hours:

11 a.m.  to 11 p.m. (weather permitting; last entry 10:30 p.m.)

Ticket counter:

Eiffel Tower Observation Deck Tickets are available at Eiffel Tower Souvenir Shop (Shop 550, Level 5)

Ticketing Hotline:

+853 8111 2768 or +853 8111 2763

Cost of Tickets
7/F & 37/F: Adults MOP 100, children (12 and under) MOP 80
7/F & 37/F Family Package (two adults, two children): MOP 288
* Rates are for a two- hour session

Garden in front of The Parisian Macao

View of other Hotels fro Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower Light Show


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53 Responses to “Eiffel Tower Light Show at The Parisian Macao, Macao

  • Does that feel a bit weird? To see a little bit of Paris a long, long way from France? Isn’t there a saying about mimicry being the highest form of flattery? I do admire the passion of people who show their love for a place/building by constructing their very own version! Thanks for sharing. It looks amazing.

  • I have heard a lot about this Eiffel tower in Parisian macao !! The hotel seems to be amazing. The facts mentioned about the original Eiffel tower and the new one built in 2015 were quite awesome to know. It seems to be really like the original one and the addition of the bridge makes it more realistic! We missed visiting the Parisian Macao as we focussed on the Venetian Macau when we visited a couple of years ago.
    Seems an awesome place to visit!!

  • This is nice! The light show is fun to watch. I want to go back to Macau. I might consider staying at Parisian Hotel too.

  • Wow! You sure are lucky to witness the light show! I’ve been to Macau last year but unfortunately, Parisian wasn’t open yet and still under construction so we’ve only went to Venetian Macau (http://www.maayalegaspi.com/2016/06/macau-grand-canal-shoppes-at-venetian.html). I’ve also been seeing this mini Eiffel tower all over my feed whenever my friends come to Macau. hehe. Was the light show stunning or was it normal? Either way, the mini tower alone is a good reason to come and see macau. Not mentioning the other skyscrapers and high end casinos. 🙂

  • wow, you have just made me regret by reading this. I went to Hong Kong recently and I wasn’t able to make it to Macau, maybe next time if times permit again. Anyway, knowing that you have seen the original one, you were still amazed on this tower light show and it must be such a wonderful experience. I couldn’t wait to go back to Hong Kong and will surely go Macau. Thank you so much for sharing this.
    LaiAriel R. Samangka

  • This sounds really interesting to know about another replica of Eiffel tower.It seems the light show is fascinating.The view from observation deck is really nice.Hope to visit there one day!

  • Wow, you really did your research for this! Usually when one writes travel posts, it’s more about the experiences and such. You went a step further with all those presented facts. So cool! Makes me want to go check it out myself since going to Macao is so much easier than going to Paris. 😀

  • Well, I am really awed by the entire concept of building a famous monument replica… It’s good, no doubt, but at the same time, not quite right (in my perspective)… While the light shows, love lock bridge and everything look so nice, it’s just going to keep giving you the feeling of non-originality, no? The hotel no wonder is just marvelous… I am glad you enjoyed your stay and as always, a great share:)

  • When we go to Hongkong, we’ll make sure to drop by Macau. We have friends there as well. And as you mentioned, I don’t wanna miss this Eiffel Tower Light Show!

  • This is absolutely beautiful! I am sure I will be mesmerized myself! It would be a lovely experience to visit this place one day. I sure hope I can with my boys soon!

  • I’ve been dreaming of seeing the Eiffel Tower or Paris in real life. Well, Parisian Macau is a step closer to the Paris in France. It’s makes me remember Ratatouile. Anyway, you’re so lucky!

  • Really interesting to know about this Eiffel Towers that almost has the look of Paris! And view are wonderful

  • Really interesting to know about this Eiffel Towers that almost has the look of Paris! And you go wonderful views there

  • One of my dream goal is to visit Eiffel Tower. Now that I discovered that it’s in Macau, I think my dream to witness it is coming true. It’s easier to go to Macau. And cheaper too.

  • I have heard of an Eiffel Tower in Vegas not the one in Macao. It looks so close to the original one in Paris. The view from the observation deck is fantastic.

  • I been to Macau and its totally amazing but never saw this Eiffel Tower light show> It sounds amazing.

  • Oh wow, I had no idea there was a replica of the Eiffel Tower in Macao! Only knew of the one in Vegas 😉 How cool is that!

  • Great informative post about this beautiful landmark in Macau! If that’s only half the original one, I wonder how majestic the real one is at Paris! 😀 Awesome lights show!

  • Megan Jerrard
    9 months ago

    Wow I had no idea that the Parisian Macao had an Eiffel Tower too – they’ve definitely taken it to the next memorable level with their light show! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • Wow! That looks EPIC…almost as big as the original one. I guess this is next best thing to visiting Paris, with even more party and fun around 🙂

  • Oh! Did not know about this. This is so cool! The light show looks beautiful and the view is stunning as well.

  • How does it feel seeing little Paris? I love how other countries show what you can find in another places.

  • I would say it is an equal feat to be able to build a half size size replica to the exact design including the observation deck. What a great idea to have the “love Lock Bridge” replicated here. It would be fun to put one there and see after a few years if it is still there. All in all it sound exciting.

  • I’ve seen the original and the scale model in Las Vegas but this is something else entirely. Would love to watch the light show. Macao is an intriguing place.

  • I had no idea they had something like this here! The view from up top is soooo amazing. I was thinking at first it looked similar to the one in Las Vegas. Seems like Paris is all around the world! Definitely need to check this out.

  • We remember standing in a trance when the Iron lady dazzled in the golden shimmer in Paris. Though the grandeur of Eiffel tower in Paris is unbeatable it would be a different experience watching a miniature tower so far away from Paris at Parisian Macao. The hotel looks fab too.

  • Megan Indoe
    9 months ago

    I love visiting Vegas and was always curious about visiting Macau! When we do make it I want to check out the light show! The Eifel Tower seriously looks like the real one in some of your photos! Incredible!

  • I’d love to see this! Such a fascination, a miniature world so far away! Great post! 🙂

  • That is a one well-researched article. I always believe that facts add so much more depth to our travel experience. And yes, light shows are always amazing.

  • Wow! That’s cool! Seen the original one in Paris. It would be such a pleasure to see a miniature one! Thanks for the tip about the north facing rooms!

  • Gosh what an amazing thing to do – and what a fun experience. Definitely on my list if I get to visit Macau

  • I had heard about the Parisian Macao Eifel Tower and the light show. Its really amazing and the facts you mentioned have made this post much more interesting. Will love to make a visit here. Your pictures are awesome.

  • Wow, the attention to detail is just incredible. Your photos of the tower and it’s surroundings made me think of Las Vegas. Thanks for sharing all the fascinating facts and tips, I’ll be sure to check out the Eiffel tower if in Macao, and stay in a north facing room of course 😉

  • Very beautiful. I bet the light show at night is amazing. I have seen some of the replicas but this one looks the best!

  • I’ve never heard of the Eiffel Tower replica in Macao. That’s still impressive that it’s so big even if it’s about half the height of the original. It looks pretty cool all lit up too!

  • Oh wow I thought there was only a replica in Vegas! Seeing the Eiffel Tower in Paris sparkle is one of my favourite things in the world so it would be pretty cool to see these multi colours too!

  • Glad to know that there is a replica of Eiffel tower somewhere else too! Personally, I’ve never got a chance to see the real one but I saw the replica of Eiffel Tower in Las Vegas as well as Disney’s Epcot at Walt Disney World!

  • Those garden views! Amazing! I never even knew Paris Macau existed. It reminds me a bit of the Paris hotel in Las Vegas, and oddly enough they call Macau the Vegas of Asia (or something to the affect). I’d love to visit here someday.

  • oh wow this looks really cool and I had no idea it even existed. How fabulous. Hard to believe that it almost did not survive the world fair but then structures like that have an habit of sticking around – think Atomium, BXL and the London Eye

  • Love the mini Eiffel Tower. Pretty sure this will not come anywhere near the original one.

  • Love this! I love the light show at the Eiffel Tower in Paris, so this would be fun to see as well! Looks like a great spot to visit!

  • I never knew if this light show was worth it – and I love the duplicate locks. For Francophiles, this is an awesome place to visit and enjoy a tiny glimpse of Paris 🙂 Romantic, too! I loved the fun fact section 😀

  • It’s crazy the amount of money which gets spent in casino cities to replicate something from somewhere else….Macau does sound pretty cool though.

  • It’s so hard to imagine that there is an Eiffel Tower somewhere else in the world, besides Paris. It looks so similar with the original one. I can’t believe they even have the bridge of chains, exactly the same as in Paris. Macao seems to be a very interesting place to visit.

  • I used to visit Macau all the time, a few years ago, The Parisian didn’t exist back then, it was only 5 years ago the last time I visited. The Eiffel Tower looks fantastic, half the height of the original is still huge. I will definitely visit the observation deck when I get to visit Macau again.

  • Holy cow! I’m surprised I hadn’t heard about this before! We’re thinking about heading to Hong Kong next year and this makes we want to stop in Macao, too! The light show sounds fabulous! We were just in Paris in April, but this looks like a much cooler replica than Vegas. Thanks so much for sharing!

  • Must feel strange seeing a replica of Paris in Macau. I’ve been to the real one, but hadn’t heard of this one till your post. The view of the garden from the obeservation desk is lovely. Love how you’ve given tidbits of information about the construction that make it easier to remember.

  • I haven’t heard about this before, I thought the only replica was the one is Las Vegas! At half the size of the original it must be a pretty impressive sight to see, especially when it is lit up at night! The views are incredible – I love the birds eye view of the gardens.

  • I have heard many great things about this hotel before. It is so pretty and like you say I also would be mesmerized. So impressive and makes me really want to go to Macau

  • Wow, I didn’t know something like this existed in Macao. I am not a big fan of artificial wonders so not sure if I will like it. I went to Dubai recently and didn’t enjoy the tall buildings. I am more of a nature person maybe.

  • Oh wow. I can see how you were mesmerised by the lightshow. I would have been too! Isn’t it amazing what people with lodas of money can build for our pleasure?

  • I didn’t know about this Eiffel tower in Parisian macao until I saw your updates on Facebook. I have seen Eiffel Tower in real and was in absolute awe of it, therefore I am sure to be mesmerised by this one too. You had a great view from your hotel and the hotel looks grand for sure.

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