Why The Parisian Macao is the Best Place to go with Kids

The Parisian Macao is one of the best places to go with kids in luxury category. The hotel is an ideal destination for quintessential holiday fun for kids. There are several kid friendly facilities which can keep them engaged for hours. Best part is they have some unique activity centres which can keep the family as a whole engaged, thus providing quality bonding time for family. The water activities I saw there made me regret – why at all did I grow up!

The Parisian Macao is the Best Place to go with Kids

Here is a list of kid friendly hangouts inside The Parisian Macao.

Kung Fu Panda Adventure Ice World

Visit to Kung Fu Panda Adventure Ice World is one of those experiences that made my stay in Parisian Macao a memorable one! Stepping into this sub zero temperature zone lined with best animation film characters staring back at you with a ‘come close and pose with me’ kind of look, was thrilling to say the least. Colorful frozen ‘Dreamworks Animation’ characters here can easily catapult anybody’s imagination to a dream realm.

The Parisian Macao is the Best Place to go with Kids

Some Impressive Figures

Men involved – around 40 highly skilled craftsmen from Harbin, China,
Ice Carvers – 8
Ice builders – 28
Several lighting designers and power technicians
Ice used – 2.5 million pounds of ice.
DreamWorks Animation characters are from – Kung Fu Panda, Madagascar, Shrek, How to Train Your Dragon, The Croods and Trolls.

Location of Kung Fu Panda Adventure Ice World is in Shop 3009-3010, Level 3, Shoppes at Cotai Central

Ice world at The Parisian Macao

Opening Hours of Kung Fu Panda Adventure Ice World

Monday to Friday: 11:00am – 8:00pm (Last admission: 7:00pm)
Saturday & Public Holidays: 10:00am – 9:00pm (Last admission: 8:00pm)
Sunday: 10:00am – 8:00pm (Last admission: 7:00pm)

Ticket Price

One-day Pass: MOP150/Person
Magic Scroll (Game Device): MOP150/Unit (60 minutes)

Kung Fu Panda Adventure Ice World

Planet J

Planet J is yet another player centric, live action role playing (LARP) theme park. Macao is first to come up with this innovative and immersive family entertainment concept. This theme park has impressive massive 10,000 square feet facility. Planet J is exquisitely designed to house eight distinct gaming zones containing more than 200 whimsical games. I am yet to see a bigger one than this. They lend you costumes, I saw several happy children fleeting across from game station to game station. Planet J provides a fantasy experience for the whole family.

Planet J

Shop 3009-3010, Level 3, Shoppes at Cotai Central

Opening hours
Monday to Friday: 11:00am – 8:00pm (Last admission: 7:00pm)
Saturday & Public Holidays: 10:00am – 9:00pm (Last admission: 8:00pm)
Sunday: 10:00am – 8:00pm (Last admission: 7:00pm)

Ticket Pricing
One-day Pass: MOP150/Person
Magic Scroll (Game Device): MOP150/Unit (60 minutes)

Kids in Planet J

Planet J in The Parisian Macao

Qube Kingdom, Level 6

Qube Kingdom measures almost 2,000 square metres and covers both indoor and outdoor play areas. It is brilliantly designed to entertain children aged between 1 and 17 years old. There are climbing nets and slides, a carousel straight out of Les Jardins de Luxembourg and a ball pool. This activity area is open daily; this is the place for kids to have fun while parents explore the integrated resort. But if parents wish they can join in the fun with children. (Please check the specially-priced tickets for children and accompanying adults.)

Qube Kingdom

Indoor Facilities

  • Space rocket themed climbing equipment with slides
  • Large ball pit and small climbing equipment for children under 5 years old
  • Stage with 9 x 50” TV wall background
  • 6 PC games stations
  • 4 TV game consoles
  • Eye-Click floor projection interactive game
  • Educational interactive game wall panel
  • Party room catering for up to 100 kids (can divide into two rooms) with decorations and games

Outdoor Facilities

  • Carousel
  • Castle themed climbing equipment with slides

Operational Hours of Qube Kingdom

9:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. daily

Tickets to Qube Kingdom

Price for 1 adult and 1 child entry
Weekdays (Mon-Fri): first 2 hours MOP 130; additional hour MOP 60
Weekends, public holidays and summer holidays: first 2 hours MOP 150; additional hour MOP 75. Extra adult entry: first 2 hours MOP 60

Qube Kingdom in The Parisian Macao

Aqua World of The Parisian Macao

Aqua World – the brand new pay-to-play area – is for the adventurous kids. This Aqua Play area is done with so much thought and planning. There are activities for toddlers and for elder kids as well. Little ones will love the fabulous water features and the wading pool. The high-energy older kids can engage themselves at the water guns on the airship. Big kids and child-at-heart alike will adore the water slides and the thrill of splashing into the pool at the end of each one. Aqua world is definitely one of the reasons why The Parisian Macao is the Best Place to go with Kids

  • Water Park theme with three slide areas and 1 pool
  • Marie Antoinette Tower with 2 giant tunnel slides
  • Jules Verne Airship with water guns, tipping buckets, web crawl tunnels, climbing nets, swinging bridge and two tunnel slides
  • Kiddie Slide with 3 mini slides for toddlers
  • Pool Bar Kiosk offers light snack menuPool area in The Parisian Macao

Opening Hours of Aqua World

10 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily (open eight months per year, April – November inclusive)

Tickets to Aqua World

Same price for adults and children. Guests staying in Sands China Ltd. properties can enjoy a 10% discount. Purchase tickets at Aqua World Reception Counter, Level 6.
Weekdays (Mon – Fri): MOP 160 (no time limit)
Weekends, public holidays and summer holidays: MOP 180 (no time limit)
For kids under 1 year old – free of charge.

Aqua World The Parisian Macao

Aqua World The Parisian Macao

Streetmosphere of The Parisian Macao

While strolling through the hotel I saw French themed Streetmosphere characters. It is a daily entertainment for all guests in the hotel. The characters include an eclectic mix of street artists, mimes, and buskers as they roam around the integrated resort.

Streetmosphere in The Parisian Macao


Thanks for the invite from staff of The Parisian Macao…
I visited The Parisian Macao in the month of April 2017.
The experience and opinions presented here are completely mine.

The Parisian Macao is the Best Place to go with Kids

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  • Sounds like a fun and entertainment world! Wonderful settings over there

  • I recently visited Macao but saw the other side, I didn’t go to any of the big resort hotels but instead focused on the historical side and food. This hotel does look amazing!

  • Sounds fun. I think Kung Fu Panda Adventure Ice World is the one for us.

  • Totally agree with you that there’s heaps to do in Macau if you’re travelling with kids. Kung Fu Panda Adventure Ice World looks like fun! I’m a big kid and love these sorts of attractions.

  • The kids will have a great time there. Loved the Kungu Panda spot.

  • So cool to see this. I’ve only been to Macao to bungee jump. It seems like a great place for families and an easy stop from Hong Kong if I need a break from shopping. The water world looks like tons of fun. Thanks for the information.

  • Megan Jerrard
    10 months ago

    OMG Kung Fu Panda Adventure Ice World???!! This sounds like a kids dream! I just read your post about the Eiffel Tower at the Parisian Macao too – sounds like a really fun place!

  • This place sounds like a lot of fun and not only for children but for adults as well. There are so many games and “worlds” to discover, it’s hard to believe anyone can get bored here. The Kung Fu Panda Adventure looks like so much fun!

  • Such an interesting place in Macao. Is Macau and Macao are the same? or different place? Ice world is amazing! Hope to get there soon.

    • Indrani Ghose
      10 months ago

      Hi DreamCatcher… thanks for the comment. Yes Macao and Macau both are same.
      Hope you get there soon.

  • The pictures spelled out FUN for me! I know kids, would certainly love this, but also those who are kids at heart! I certainly want to visit. I hope someday I’ll be able to.

  • You gave such convincing reasons for children and even kids at heart would love the place. I believe kids really deserve going to these places as they bring so much fun to us. The experience also opens their eyes to learning.

  • I am a Big Kung Fu Panda 🐼 Fan Too 😁 I am sure there are many like me who simply Adore Cute Pandas ! So Parisian Macao makes to-do thing not only for Kids but Me Too 🙂 As usual beautiful drafted Post .

  • The Parisian Macao indeed looks like one of those destinations which have it all, with a special focus on kids entertainment.The Kung Fu Ice World and the aqua center look like fun places to hang out as a family.

  • Wow, this is such a great place that kids can really play and flirt with all what this place has to offer. I think kids will not just get to enjoy, but they will surely find this place as a playground to always go back and play. Though, I’m no longer a kid, but at some point I have a kid heart and I want to go here as well. Thank you so much for sharing!

  • I love how you captured the happiness the kids felt while playing! The other musketeer amuses me and Idk why. But, from the things you can do, it proves that Parisian Macao is truly one of the best places for kids to go! I don’t have my own family yet but this awakens the child in me.

  • That place is really entertaining for the kids and for the kids-at-heart. Those ice artworks are beautiful. The aqua World is perfect this summer. Really a nice place where recreations are offered indoors and outdoors.

  • Macao! Even though this place is near the Philippines, I haven’t had the chance to go there. (I really haven’t gone out of the country just yet.) I heard it is much similar to nearby Hong Kong? But hey, Macao surely will surprise me by the time I visit!

  • I would like to bring my nephews here. I am sure that they will enjoy and have so much fun. I particularly like the Aqua World because of the swimming pool slides.

  • OMG, kids would sure love going to the Parisian Macao with all the attractions listed here! I know my 5-year-old kid would. Heck, my inner kid would too and is now screaming in delight! 😀 The Kung Fu Panda Adventure Ice World looks particularly awesome, since the summer heat here in the PH is bordering on hellish. If or when we travel to Macao, I am definitely looking up this post again for ideas. 🙂

  • I like how Macao gives nostalgia to one’s childhood. People tend to think that it’s a place just for gambling but I think one should really give time to other things that this place can offer.

  • People say that there’s not much to see and to-do in Macao. But I guess, I am willing to be a kid again for this. LOL. Nice post!

  • How does it feel? Hahaha. I mean, it looks fun seeing another place in the current location. It makes you crave to go to the actual location, right? It must be fun!

  • Wow! A great post. These places are not only for kids but for the elder kids like me too. I am already in love with Kung Fu and the aqua world. It will be a great experience vacationing at Parisian Macao.

  • Not sure if I passed by this when I was in the area. But it certainly looks very entertaining and fun especially for kids!

  • If I would love to visit this place after reading your post, I would bet that 100% of kids around the world would be happy to be here.

  • stacey veikalas
    10 months ago

    Oh My Goodness my kids would just love to go to the aqua place – so much fun and so many things to do! THEY love slides and crazy water parks this one sounds awesome!

  • Maybe if my baby is a little older where he can appreciate things, I will save so much so I can let him travel Macao. Or HK Disneyland first. Though your photos captures my attention and I think my son would love it there.

  • The Parisian Macao is not only the best place to go with kids, but also it holds the promise of unleashing the kid residing in every adult’s heart. There are so many activities, I am sure there will never be a dull moment for all, children and adults alike. Hope to visit here next time we are in those parts.

  • Cool place to hang out! Sort of a Disneyland in Macau ah… Or Dreamplay in the PH. And who doesn’t love Po from Kung Fu Panda? This place would seem to be always packed with kids yeah? 🙂

  • Love the look and feel of the place! I am so tempted by this place that it’s hard to believe that this place is only for kids.

  • You are just about right! I am sure every child will have a blast visiting each of these places you mentioned. My son is a big Kung Fu Panda fan and I am sure he will enjoy visiting this place. I used to think they do not have attractions like this in Macao.

  • A place to go get lost with kids, and for adults should be a memorable experience. I feel you with the Aqua world, kids love to repeat fun activities like this so, folks with kids should get ready!

  • yay! Kung Fu Panda is so much fun! If only I have kids now, will surely bring them here! Ahh, so cuuuuttee!! Xx

  • Gosh I wish I could become a kid again! But very useful post Indrani. Bookmarked it to share with those travelling to Macao with kids.

  • How fun! I wouldn’t mind doing this myself! I wish I could be a kid again.

  • This place is not only perfect for kids, but also good for adults movie fans! I’m sure I will enjoy my time there too. Thanks for sharing!

  • Wao thanks for the post!! It’s so detailed and I love you put all the prices!! I will definitely want to visit all the sites, specially the Kung Fu Panda Adventure Ice World!! Looks like so much fun!
    xo, Pily

  • Oh this looks like so much fun. Kung Fu Panda is one of my favourite movies. I’d love to have seen this myself. Such lucky kids getting to do this.

  • Just wow. We are actually planning to go here later this year with our two year old so all of these tips are super useful to use.

  • I am not a child yet aqua world surely sounds like a my kind of place. The sound of web crawl tunnels, sliding tunnels, climbing nets tempts me. Sometimes it’s hard to believe I am an adult!

  • Macao has been on my list for a long time! I’d love to take my 5 year old there. Love all your photos, you really are making me want to travel there now!

  • Your post got me all excited because we are planning to visit Macao & HK this year. We do not have kids but I can see how amazing it is would be for them as there are so many attractions. Your pictures make me wanna be a child again.

  • This place looks interesting. I haven’t heard about it until reading your post. Really want to take my siblings to visit here. They will definitely love it!

  • I want to go!!! Looks so much fun! with the rides and the tunnels! 🙂 I’d love to visit it, anyone can be a kid again seeing all these activities!

  • I had no idea this place even existed! It looks like such a fun place for kids. I think I would even enjoy some of this myself! The aqua world looks like a ton of fun, especially on a hot day.

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