Tata Nano GenX for #TheChosenOnes

TATA Motors, a leading Indian Automobile manufacturer recently conducted an unprecedented event, totally unheard of in the history of automobile industry in India. The doors of the factory was thrown open to chosen few customers. Before I get to more details, here is some info on how the process of choosing ‘The Chosen Ones’ started. Few months back Tata Motors organized a contest exclusively for its new product GenX Nano buyers. 20 Lucky buyers of this car across India were to be rewarded with an all-expense paid trip to Sanand, Gujarat. The officials there would personally hand over the GenX Nano cars they purchased. They would be the privileged ones to witness the assembly of their Nano and its rolling off the assembly line.To be a part of media and witness the owners’ win and happiness was an overwhelming experience for me.

Day 1.
All winning buyers were flown in from their respective cities to Ahmedabad, Gujarat. They were hosted at Novotel Hotel, a 5 star luxury hotel in Ahmedabad. By evening of 6th July I could see lots of happy smiling faces floating around. It was a kind of festive mood; all dressed so well heading to ball room of the hotel. An elaborate entertainment program was conducted for the guests on the evening of day 1. Games, surprises, fun challenges, selfie contests… on it went. It helped bonding and mingling among the new owners of the GenX Nano cars. Most mesmerizing performance was given by Varun Venkit the drummer. I have a short clipping of him while he was at the drums. All this was followed by delicious spread of dinner.



Day 2.
This was the most exciting day. The officials had planned a visit to Sanand manufacturing plant of Tata Nano motors. The idea was to show them the manufacturing process of their cars. The grand reception we received as we got off the bus is unforgettable. There was a brief lecture by the officials of Tatanano Motors on history of the factory. I have a short but interesting clipping of the official’s speech on it.



Soon we were divided into groups of 5 to 6 people, seated in about 14 vehicles which had a guide from the factory. The motorcade now slowly proceeded into the factory, at each stage the vehicle halted; the guide explained the several stages of manufacturing. Our guide was Ms. Shipra Jain, a wise young lady. She explained in detail, in layman’s language the various processes.

  • Their press unit where the body is assembled is completely robot operated. The human element is nil and so zero chances of error. They have maintained such high precision.
  • After the basic body structure is assembled in press shop they are passed on to weld shop and then to paint shop where they are spray painted. Tata Nano cars come in six beautiful colors. We skipped this unit.
  • The painted body structures are then rolled out for fittings of several accessories, wiring and aesthetic finishes. Some of the interesting features are smoked headlamps, a new front face featuring a ‘smiley’ grille, an openable boot and new design wheels.
  • The interiors has good refreshing look. It features several up-market features such as a 4-speaker audio system with Bluetooth connectivity, front power windows and a new Zest-inspired steering wheel.
  •  During this fitment process they combine 3 to 4 activities in several stages; this saves a lot of time. Tata motors rolls out a new car every 58 seconds.
  • After the complete assembly the vehicle is made to undergo several stress tests within the factory limits. I have a small video clopping on that.
  • Then the car is made to go through several road conditions, keeping in mind the contours of Indian roads. At one stage, a 1 feet deep pothole is simulated and the car is driven through it in good speed. Check out my pic.



The factory tour complete, it was time for handing over the keys. As the 20 cars rolled out one by one the officials of Tata motors handed over the key and birth certificate (of car) to the owners. For many of them, especially the senor citizens who would have saved up their life savings to buy the car, it was a touching moment. They were seen hugging each other, a tender sweet moment! I wish them a safe happy travel ahead in their lives in their GenX Tata Nano car!


Hotel Novotel, Ahmedabad
Mexifornia at California Pizza Kitchen 2015

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  • Wonderful! Congratulations!


  • Wonderful narration of the event and lovely pics as always!!

  • Wonderfully detailed narration of the event with lovely pics. You must have had a lot of fun. A great initiative by Tata Motors to let the chosen buyers witness the making of their cars.
    Venkit is amazing, isn't he?

  • Thank you Cloudia for sharing and the wonderful comment.
    Many thanks magiceye for the comment.
    Thanks Kiran and yes you are right Venkit was amazing!

  • Congratulations for getting this amazing opportunity. Very detailed article 🙂

  • That's a wonderful initiative by Tata Nano and showcases their improved customer focus. Loved to read the detailed account of he event. Must be a great experience for you Indrani.

  • This is an amazing initiative by TATA motors people. Must have been one of a kind…and once in a lifetime for many. Really wonderful.

  • Super, Indrani! What an unforgettable experience! I found it so hard to write my post because it just went on and on and I still felt I had left out so much!

    Lovely to meet you again! Hugs!

  • That's a great initiative.
    It must have been so interesting to go around the factory on a guided tour.

  • This is so exciting. The pictures look amazing and very well detailed post.

  • You are right Indrani. This seems to be like one of its own kind in India. A great initiative to form a relationship with customers which in turn become your brand representatives. Lot to learn from this campaign. Thanks for sharing this with Readers.

  • It must be a great experience for you all. I have seen car manufacturing only in discovery… Nice videos by you

  • Such a great idea! I can imagine how special it must have been for the owners of the cars to be handed over their vehicle in this manner. Lucky you that you were there to witness it! 🙂

  • Thanks, Indrani, for this detailed post with videos & pics. Yes, Venkit is amazing. Lets hope that this may move the Brand Nano!

  • What an extraordinary event. A very special day for all the chosen ones.

  • Hello Indrani, I am glad your were there to be a part of this experience and share it with us. I am sure all the new car owners are happy with their new vehicle too. Great story! Have a happy day and week ahead!

  • What a pleasure it must have been for you to see all this happiness!

  • Lucky that we were also the Chosenones and it was such an awesome event … There was so much to write I did not understand what to add and what not to 😉

  • very nice post.. Thanks for sharing it..

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