Tata Hexa Exteriors and Interiors – a Review with Images

Tata Hexa is the latest power packed and feature loaded lifestyle vehicle from Tata Motors. This was first showcased as a concept at Geneva Motor Show 2015. Its production version was unveiled at Delhi Auto Expo 2016. Tata Hexa is slated for launch in January 2017. And it is likely to face competition from Mahindra XUV500 and Toyota InnovaCrysta.

The emphasis of design of the vehicle is more on design and drive-ability and suits customers with active and dynamic lifestyle.

Tata Hexa Exteriors and Interiors

Tata HexaTata Hexa Specs

This is ‘advanced 2.2L VARICOR 400’ diesel engine, delivers class leading 400Nm torque and 156PS power. The dimensions are 4,764mm in length, 1,895mm in width, 1,780mm in height, and have a large wheelbase of 2,850mm. Tata Hexa is available in 2 gear box configurations – a new 6 speed automatic gearbox and a 6 speed manual transmission. I experienced driving in both versions.

I was among the lucky top 60 bloggers of India who could get a first hand feel of the vehicle. This was both in terms of driving in traffic and also experience off road conditions. Please click on the links to see some thrilling videos on the drive.

In this post I have concentrated mainly on exterior and interior features of Tata Hexa.

Tata Hexa Exteriors

Tata Hexa, whatever is its color, looks grand! The basic shape stays the same as the Aria but the design is a lot more aggressive. It looks too good; you may call it an SUV even. The dual coloured front bumper has the signature Tata grille, chrome accented humanity line, smoked projector headlamps etc. Move to the side which is where the slight MPVish appearance is there but the massive 19 inch alloys, cladding, roof rails and a floating roof give it a lot of grand appearance. The rear styling is different from the Aria and is modern plus has premium looks with new horizontal LED tail-lamps, cladding, roof spoiler etc.

Tata Hexa Exteriors

Tata Hexa Wheels


Tata Hexa Interiors

Tata Hexa Interiors have a very up market feel with lots of modern features. The dash board is impressive with its ‘black lined with chrome’ looks. The centre console is in jet black plastic. The quality and texture of all leather, plastic and metal used gives a premium feel to the interiors of Tata Hexa.


Seating inside Tata Hexa

Most eye catching yet sober feature is its all black sporty interior. Sober because the fittings come in a wide range of colors between black and grey. The seat itself has at least 8 shades of black and grey. Each part of the seat has leather feel upholstery, different grades of hardness, flexibility, soft touch materials, and texture with contrast stitching and accentuated bolsters. And sitting in these sculpted seats has a different feel all together, as if the whole seat cradles you from behind.

Driver’s seat too is well designed; the comfort it provides can only addict people to drive more. The driver seat has 8 way adjustments; forward, backward, top, bottom, recline angle and lumbar support, all manual control. With an average Indian height, I could get good commanding view of the road from the seat. That gave me good confidence.

Driver's seat Tata Hexa

Legroom Space inside Tata Hexa

Second row seats have flexi seat configurations with an option for captain or bench seats. The seating can be arranged to a 6-seat or a 7-seat configuration. Second and third seats are available with multiple folding configurations releasing 671 liters of space. It starts to look like a small room. I can imagine how comfortable it will be to go on long drives in this.

Tata Hexa Interiors comes with very comfortable legroom space between the seats. And that holds good for the third row of seats too. At the mention of 3rd row seats I am reminded of my ride experience here. It was a smooth sail as the Tata Hexa whizzed over several potholed roads in the outskirts of Hyderabad. I was impressed with the separate smart USB charging point in the sides and little cabins for holding bottles. Indeed very thoughtfully designed intuitive utility spaces in all 3 rows.


There are 2 storage boxes in front of left passenger’s seat. One is a chilled glove box with a light fitted in. Cool! Isn’t it!

2 Storage Chamber in Tata Hexa

Tata Hexa Automatic climate control system with dual HVAC maintains the in cabin temperature with personalized air flow and speed control. There are AC vents in each row for maximum passenger comfort regardless of weather outside.

Tata Hexa Infotainment Screen

Ergonomically placed 5” touch screen in Tata Hexa held my attention for long. It features voice recognition and smartphone integration. The audio system in this is mind blowing. It has 10 JBL branded speaker system – 4 door speakers, 4 tweeters, a centre speaker, sub woofer and a power amplifier. A pleasure to hear during long drives!


The ConnectNext App suite includes Juke Car, Navimaps, Tata Smart Remote, Tata Smart Manual and Service Connect. Navimaps mirrors your phone’s navigation on the car’s screen to show you directions. This app is also offline navigation friendly. Tata Smart Manual will act as an interactive digital manual that has all the necessary information about the car. It provides visual and even voice assistance through your smartphone.

  • NaviMaps App – 3D navigation app with offline maps through screen mirroring for smart phones
  • Juke-car App – First-in-segment app utilizes a mobile hotspot to make common playlist
  • Tata Smart Remote App – Personalize media, radio, audio and mood light settings directly from the smartphone. The mood light setting was very unique. I wish we could test drive at night too to get a feel of this.

Tata Hexa Mood Lighting


Reverse Parking and Guiding System

Tata Hexa features a reverse parking and guidance system with rear view camera and ultrasonic sensors. You get the display on the infotainment screen. I used this feature for a while while reversing the vehicle. The vehicle’s advanced driver information system (DIS) features a new gen twin pod instrument cluster with 3.5” TF screen. And multi colored graphical user interface for easy viewing of vital vehicle information.

Reverse Parking Tata Hexa

Some features of Tata Hexa that I couldn’t experience

Follow-me-home approach lights are switched on through the remote key. They illuminate the pathway and helps locate the vehicle in dark. Tata Hexa also has electrically adjustable and fold able outer rear view mirrors (OVRM) with demister.

Cruise control is available at the touch of a button. Automatic headlamps switch on or off automatically on sensing exterior conditions. Intelligent rain sensing wipers with 7 speed modes that can handle rains of varying intensity. Had it rained hard that day of test drive we could have experienced this.


[I was invited on this Tata Hexa Off Road Test Drive by Tata Motors and Indiblogger as a part of the #HexaExperience campaign. Experience and opinions are solely my own.]


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  • This is a nice looking Crossover and the performance sounds good as well. I just hope that Tata can bring this kind of model in the Philippines and compete with those Korean and Japanese cars.

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    • Indrani Ghose
      1 year ago

      Tata should definitely export! 🙂
      Boot space 128L when all 3 seats are in use.

  • Hi Indrani, it was great to meet you. It is always great to see the faces behind the blogs.
    And I must say you have come up with one detailed post. Great clicks indeed!

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    I’ve never heard of Tata, is it an Indian company?

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  • You did a great job photographing and detailing the Vehicle. Very informative post about a very cool vehicle.

  • The Tata Hexa promises some incredible features. I liked the infotainment screen. It is good that it has, “Smart” features as that is the way of the future for cars.

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  • Seems like a super car! You have captured the exteriors and interiors wonderfully!

  • We don’t have Tata in North America yet, but I’ve been hearing a lot about the waves they’ve been making overseas. This looks like a nice vehicle that I could totally see myself driving as a rental.

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