New Tata Hexa Different Drive Mode Experiences at Hyderabad

Latest from this prestigious budget car maker of India – The Tata Motors is Tata Hexa. I am one of the lucky top 60 bloggers of India to test drive this in the roads of Hyderabad last weekend. Now I am back with memories of thrilling drive of 2 brand new Tata Hexa!

Are you wondering why 2 cars for test drive? Well, one is the manual mode and the other automatic mode car! The drive route of 160kms (both ways) was planned along the 4 lane highway to outskirts of Hyderabad. After the first half in manual mode vehicle we halted at a resort, refreshed and refuelled ourselves and drove back in auto mode vehicle. That was cool plan chalked out so that all of us could experience both kinds of drive.


4 Super Drive Modes of Tata Hexa

Tata Hexa offers 4 different super drive modes. The 4 modes are – Comfort, Dynamic, Auto and Rough Road.

  1. Comfort Mode softens engine response for stress-free cruising.
  2. Dynamic Mode offers sharper engine responses.  Tata Hexa’s ESP kicks in at just about the right time, to ensure safety and performs well in extreme panic conditions.
  3. Auto Mode allows you to relax. The car makes the decisions based on driving style and road surface.
  4. Rough Road Mode is the most exciting mode; you can read my experience in this post: Tata Hexa Off Road Test Drive Review #HexaExperience


Tata Hexa Drive Mode Experience – Manual Transmission

At the outset I would like to say I didn’t drive beyond 5th gear. And the maximum speed I took in this was 80kmph. The drive was smooth and the vehicle seemed to sail smoothly over some of the potholed roads. At 80 in 5th gear I could feel the vehicle demanding more speed, so I got it back to 4th gear and after that I got full control over the vehicle. The start was noiseless and I set the wheels rolling easily. Initially the Tata Hexa size intimidated me. I drive a Santro so I was a bit worried if I would be able to maneuver Tata Hexa between other vehicles to overtake in traffic. But once I got at the wheels things seem to fall in place fast.

I have to admit though that it took me a little longer to handle the gear box. The gears didn’t fall in place ‘clik-clik’ but had a kind of springy rubber feel, so I was not feeling confident of the gear falling in place.  Couple of times or may be more I fumbled, the clutch feel however was superb. Initially I even kept glancing at the numerical display of gear in the dashboard to check which gear I was in. (A minor thing may be for an experienced driver but I must say it is of great help to me. As I kept changing the gear while driving and reading it on dashboard, I could concentrate more on road.) It was easy to control on bends, sharp turns and climbs.

Tata Hexa Drive Mode Experience

Tata Hexa Drive Mode Experience – Auto Drive

Next I got the Automatic Tata Hexa in hand! I own Hyundai’s Santro Automatic so was eagerly looking forward to handle this huge handsome beast Tata  Hexa! I am happy to say I could tame the beast fast and had it fully in my control. It was the most pleasurable, comfortable and smooth driving experience that I had in a long time.

One thing I like best about Tata Motors is that they bring out the automatic version of each of their models, including the Tata Nano they launched last year. So auto drive is not confined to just high end customers and vehicles. Advantage of auto cars is that even a novice licence holder can drive it with ease.

I experienced good stability during manoeuvres and sharp turns. I drove around 30 kms in this mode, part of which was done in 4 lane highway to Hyderabad airport. The roads were smooth and almost zero traffic in some stretches. Though the speed limit to be maintained is 100kmsph I accelerated to 120kms for a couple of minutes and the feel was exhilarating. Speed thrills but kills too, I resisted all temptations to go beyond that.



Reasons to Go in for Automatic

  • If you can stretch your budget a bit and you prefer a comfortable drive in chaotic city traffic then go for Tata Hexa Automatic.
  • But do keep in mind the fuel efficiency will be around 5 to 10% less compared to manual mode drives.
  • The added advantage in terms of driving modes is that you will get Manual as well as Race car modes too, though I don’t see the practical use of Race car mode while driving in Indian roads.


[I was invited on this Tata Hexa Off Road Test Drive by Tata Motors and Indiblogger as a part of the #HexaExperience campaign. Experience and opinions are solely my own.]

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Tata Hexa Off Road Test Drive Review #HexaExperience

24 Responses to “New Tata Hexa Different Drive Mode Experiences at Hyderabad

  • Looks cool this wonderful car.
    Best, Synnöve

  • Nice post, Indrani! It was great to meet you at the event as well 🙂

  • Nice to hear that you had a great time at Hyderabad. Tata Hexa seems like a powerful beast. I like the front look of the SUV. Wish I were there too!

  • blair villanueva
    1 year ago

    Hello Indrani!

    Wow that’s a cool car! I wonder if they also distribute here in the Philippines. You are so lucky to experience the “first-dibs” of Tata Hexa 😀

  • That sounds like a wonderful little car!
    I love automatic cars, I mean, I can drive one with gears and I’ve got a license for those cars but automatic cars are just so comfy to drive.

  • Loved meeting you at the event Ma’am and loved reading your post 🙂

  • It’s so cool you did this test drive. Incredible. These cars look great. I love it that you tested manual and automatic transmission. I personally love automatic transmission. I drove one now as well. It’s so easy!

  • thats Cool !

  • competition in the automobile sector is thickening. Will this new Tata brand sway the market?

  • I have zero knowledge about driving :(. But saw your photos on fb. You have enjoyed a lot.

  • nice… I read that automatic 4×4 is expected late 2017

  • Quite a detailed one.. really liked it 🙂

  • I miss indi events!! They used to be so kuch fun…the Car looks awesome btw, would have loved to try it

  • Seems like a great car!! Really cool you got to do the test drive. Looks like I should try it too!

  • I’ll be honest and confess to normally driving automatic to manual, as I’m a bit of a lazy driver and tend to see it more as a getting from A to B thing. But if it’s a test drive…well, rough road mode might be the thing for me! Ultimately, though, the car looks great and sounds like it’s fun to drive 🙂

  • I just heard about the Tata brand. This car looks amazing – I love the interior features. Would probably be great for a road trip, eh?

  • We don’t have Tata cars in Australia so it was interesting to find out a bit about a new brand. How lucky were you to be able to test-drive not one but two new cars! They definitely sound like smooth rides. I always choose automatic over manual anytime too.

  • Like the sleek look of the Tata Hexa, it looks like a comphy ride!

  • It looks really cool, but we don’t have this one in France, and it’s interesting to learn a bit more about it. I have to say, I don’t get interest into cars, but you made me to!

  • Lucky you to have got an opportunity to test drive this beast. The car looks amazing.

  • We have heard about TATA but we haven’t had the opportunity to drive a Tata car… It looks so beautiful with great performances!!

  • I love the look of this car and the way you describe your experience. Doesn’t look like a budget car at all!

  • blair villanueva
    1 year ago

    Tata Hexa looks cools and performs well. I don’t know hownto drive but this car seems good too, and have enough spaces at the back. A blogger-on-the-go type of car!

  • Well done on being one of the top 69 bloggers to test drive this!! I must confess that I love an automatic car. In fact I’m looking for a new car and it has to be automatic ! I find it so much more relaxing, or just plain old lazy! Ree love30

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