Pani Puri Eating Competition

Some time back me and a couple of friends had a small competition It was : who would finish drinking the tender coconut water first. Three of us started at the same time and I won the race, but then my friends told me my coconut must have had very less water and theirs had more, so I could win easily. What ever! We had a good laugh over it and each of relished the challenge.This incident reminded me of the one I had with my colleagues many years back. It was pani puri eating competition.

How to eat Pani Puri

Pani puris are hollow crispy puris which are filled with spicy water. The way you eat them is unique. Put the whole thing inside your mouth, as you go ‘crunch crunch’ on them takes care to keep the mouth tightly closed; else you will spill out the stuff.

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Pani Puri Eating Competition

Pani Puri Eating Competition

Okay, now the competition was how many one could finish in 10 minutes. The (silly) prize was the losers would have to pay for the winner’s pani puri. We were six, one of us didn’t like pani puri, I pitied him. How much fun he was missing out in life!

Anyways he was the judge. Smartly I took up the challenge. I was confident I would be the winner that was because I underestimated my friends. When I was at my third one; my friend went ahead with fourth after that there was no looking back. I was still at my 18th when my friend had finished more than 25. Sadly I lost the challenge but I must admit that I relished (relishing) the challenge! Those were good old days! I would love to take up a similar challenge again!

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