Ooty – Queen of Hill Stations

It is not too early to make your summer vacations plans to India!

Down south there are a couple of hill stations which provide relief from the heat of plains. Book your airline tickets now! Ooty, abbreviated form of Ootacamand (local name Udhagamandalam) is one fantastic place sought after by many tourists during summers in India. What is worth seeing and experiencing here is the Nilgiri Mountain Railways! Udhagamandalam is connected to Mettupalayam (a distance of 45.88kms) by this railway track. It is a fairy tale like ride at the speed of 33km/hr.

The journey in this train is exciting; it goes through large girder bridges and 16 long, dark tunnels. The sights of green plantations on the hill side are worth framing in bytes. The most thrilling part of the journey is when the train takes the sharpest bend of the track, which is 17.5 degrees. Tourists travel in this train just for fun and for soothing sights of landscape along the journey. No wonder it has got the nickname Queen of Hill Stations!

Another interesting activity one can indulge in here is trekking. You can trek to Doddabeta, the second highest peak of Western Ghats. Tour the tea plantations and visit one of the tea factories there. The Ooty lake is another famous picnic spot. This large lake hosts boat race and several water sports. Check the timing of these and plan your visit. Coimbatore airport is the nearest airport and is around 105 km from Ooty. 

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5 Responses to “Ooty – Queen of Hill Stations

  • I do love to take train trips!! This one does sound great! Hope you have a wonderful weekend, Indrani!! Enjoy!

  • I had some memorable summer holidays years back as a child. Cycling along the lake, taking horse ride or pedal boating are also famous there.

  • I had visited Ooty last October. I loved the time there and especially enjoyed the train journey.

  • This sounds like a great adventure. India is a richly beautiful place.

  • Had been there twice and liked the climate and the people, but the city side is getting too commercial.

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