Grand Interiors of New Cathedral of Salamanca, Spain

Half an hour to tour the grand interiors of New Cathedral Salamanca is less, we realized this as soon as we walked in! The hugeness stupefied me. One will need a good 400mm lens to capture all the gorgeous details in the ceilings, a faint disappointment flashed across my mind. I was armed with just my 18 to 135mm lens. Seeing is more important I pacified myself and walked on.

Interiors of New Cathedral Salamanca

The New Cathedral of Salamanca shares a wall with the Old Cathedral. The change in style and looks is very evident as you crossover; it is like taking giant strides over centuries. Construction for this began in 1513 and the cathedral was consecrated in 1733. It was declared a national monument by royal decree in 1887. Its design and size is divinely awe inspiring! The side altars and choir organs are impressive. In comparison with the Old Cathedral only the art work seemed missing. It is unfortunate that both cathedrals get compared; it is like comparing two sisters. Both are mighty and stunningly beautiful in their own ways.

As we explored the interiors of New Cathedral Salamanca, we found each ceiling to be differently made. Each different and exquisite. And now as I write I recollect that the whole time I kept gazing upwards and kept wondering how they managed those perfect geometrical designs up there! All of the little chapels around were meticulously decorated. The audio guide was indeed helpful! Ideally 2hours visiting time should suit this monument fine.

If I wish to back to Salamanca again it will be for these cathedrals! I have selected just 10 of the 100 approx pictures here.

Interiors of New Cathedral Salamanca Celing 1Interiors of New Cathedral SalamancaInteriors of New Cathedral Salamanca Ceiling 3New Cathedral of Salamanca Ceiling 4New Cathedral of Salamanca 2New Cathedral of Salamanca 1New Cathedral of Salamanca 3New Cathedral of Salamanca 5New Cathedral of Salamanca 7New Cathedral of Salamanca 6Don’t miss this at New Cathedral of Salamanca

Nobody knows what the thought was behind the making of such an image in the cathedral, but it sure is interesting! The astronaut looks down at the curious tourists with equal amazement in its wide open eyes! It is well camouflaged between stone leaves and foliage at the entrance to the cathedral.

Sculpture of astronautat NewCathedral Salamanca



Sculpture of astronautat NewCathedral SalamancaSculpture of astronautat NewCathedral SalamancaSculpture of astronautat NewCathedral SalamancaSave



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