Mount Titlis, Switzerland

Why did we halt at Lucerne?
WE WERE GOING TO TITLIS – Mount Titlis in the Swiss Alps. And how excited we were then!

The journey from the base of the mountain to the top was an adventure by itself. We first traveled by a small cable car, the first 1800m. All of us, the other tourists and us were excited. Some had come to ski and were armed with all their equipments. The first timers there had huge expectations and childlike wonder written all over their face. Next part of the travel was in another cable car, a slightly bigger one than the previous one.

Finally the last leg of the upward travel, it was in the first revolving cable car in the world. There, inside the car we saw a welcome message in our National Language – Hindi. It read ‘Welcome to the world’s first revolving aerial cable car’. To see something like that in a distant foreign country was pleasant surprise and touching. The uniqueness of the cable car was that the floor of the car revolves. Thus standing in one spot one gets the full 360degree view of the area below as one goes up.

I had never experienced snow before, never seen it or touched it. So the sight there on top was exhilarating. The temperature, the whiteness all over and the soft powdery yet crystal like feeling in my fingers completely won me over. Add to that, the cut outs of Bollywood actors. It was My World that day and I was completely enjoying it.

Facts:The Titlis (3,238 m) is a mountain in the Urner Alps of Switzerland. It is located on the border between the cantons of Obwalden and Berne in Switzerland.
The first ascent of the Titlis was probably made in the year 1739. It was done by Ignaz Herz, J. E. Waser and two other men from Engelberg.

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Snow Topped Mount Titlis
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31 Responses to “Mount Titlis, Switzerland

  • Oh how beautiful and totally exciting. That is wonderful that they made you feel welcomed there.
    Nice pics too

  • A wonderful experience Indrani, so nice that there was a little bit of home right there in that cable car above all that sno. I have never heard of a revolving cable car before. Very exciting and I enjoyed your post very much. Thank you!

    An English Girl Rambles

  • Oh I remember feeling snow for the first time when I was eleven. It was quite an experience! I'm glad you got to feel it too!!

  • What a fabulous experience for you, Indrani! I can just imagine what it was like to see and feel snow! And what a fantastic cable car! Wow! I really love the idea that there were greetings in Hindi! Not to mention the Bollywood cutouts! What a wonderful trip you are having! Thanks so much for sharing it with us! Enjoy!!


  • I love your story telling ability. How much fun reading your account of your travels.

    And hey, I am unashamedly in love with Shah Rouk Khan – and my husband approves. So does his relatives who give me DVDs of his movies 🙂

  • What a great adventure and such fun to have the Bollywood cutouts. The scenery is fantastic and that must have been so interesting seeing snow for the first time.

    I remember when my daughter had a friend who had moved to the U.S., where we live, from an African nation and this friend had never seen snow. It was so much fun seeing the child and her father experience it for the first time. I was picking my daughter up from school (this was a long time ago) and her friend's father was there when it started snowing. We hung out a little while before leaving because it was such fun seeing how excited they were by their first snow. Then we all rushed back to our respective homes before it started accumulating on the roads.

  • What a journey. It's fun to see snow on the first day of summer! Great shots.

  • Great shots. Quite interesting.
    Sydney – City and Suburbs

  • Wow! such a top of the world feeling! Beautiful experience amidst the white clad mountains! Enjoy.

  • Ihat snow would be exhilarating esp in this 100 degree heat here and beautiful shots too

  • what an exciting experience! the revolving cable car sounds fabulous!

  • Wow – what a wonderful experience! So high up with fabulous views.

  • I felt the same the first time I had winter in 1975

  • Wow, I would love to visit Switzerland. It look so beautiful in your photos.

  • Switzerland is such a wonderland of beauty! You were on top of the world in so many ways…what a great experience.

  • What a great view you have from the cable cars. It must have really been fun! Great photos!

  • Very fun and exciting travel you had, the photo looks beautiful and at last you've seen and touched the snow in person…

  • Your excitement is palpable in your writing, Indrani ! My first experience of Snow was also in Mt.Titlis and the Rotair gondola ride is green in memory !

    They are currently promoting the Bollywood Romamce trail in Europe, with travel houses advertising designer itineraries that include places where famous movies were shot. Good for tourism i guess !

  • I'm glad you are not afraid of heights! I would feel petrified.

  • What beautiful mountain! Your pictures are gorgeous and I'm glad you were properly welcomed in Hindi on the revolving cable car. It sounds as if you had a very memorable first experience with snow.

  • Lovely place beautiful photos!

  • Amazing shots. I am also pleasantly surprised to see the welcome message written in Hindi.

  • No wonder you were excited, its any bodys dream to experience this. I understand you were not on a package trip. Its one big dream for me to cover Europe. Can I mail and get some tips from you. Great post..

  • Tourist oriented countries like Switzerland cater to visitors – means India is doing well and there's more travelers. Wonderful photos.

  • I am sure you enjoyed a lot there 🙂

  • Lovely pictures, Indrani. Glad you enjoyed the snow and seeing our fillumy guys there!

  • Nice post interestingly written.My first visit to your blog, I think.I liked it

  • Snow is fun for once but you wouldn´t like it for 5 months straight, trust me. Hindi cable car in Switzerland? I´ve read about those but this was still so funny and unexpected.

  • Very interesting images, Indrani. Fantastic views of the mountains and the cable car!

  • I can imagine how it feels to see own language in foreign country..:)

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