London a Dream Destination for Shopping and Sight Seeing

The first name of a city I learned in my life was LONDON! I am sure most of you must be nodding that same is the case with you. This city of London fascinated me from the days I learned to speak. A pussy cat too could go there… that thought charmed me and instilled travel pangs right from my toddler age. Later through my growing years London featured in my life more than once. It was more in my history lessons. The real lessons of life failed to wear off the dreamy visions I had of London.

The recent British Airways discount offers that I have been seeing have rekindled my dreams and desire to get to London soon. UK / London is so much cheaper post the exchange rate gains (1 GBP = INR 100 earlier this year and now 1 GBP = INR 82, meaning rupee now goes further). This is the best time to travel to London with British Airways for Indians. And I have this list of things to do, buy and visit while I visit London, my dream destination!

London For Shopping

Shopping in London’s West End

Christmas and New Year’s is the most perfect time to visit London for shopping. And a visit to London’s West End is must. Having heard of this iconic shopping area of London several, repeat several times from friends who have been there the place is kind of imprinted in my mind. A friend even shared the tip to visit it late in the day to beat the queues. They are open till 10 in night.

Must shop for books at Foyles

This well established bookshop since 100 years is where I am dreaming to shop some British classics. Its statistics “200,000 titles in 6.5km of shelving’ gives me goose bumps. For my Indian friends keen on shopping, there are sales, exclusive offer for British Airways customers. Have any of you been to London for shopping? Do let me know your experience through the comments.

London for Shopping at Foyles

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Historic Places in London

Relate to History of London

This is one tour I am craving to do in London – walk through the historic places of London to relate to the history I learned in my school days. Westminster Abbey, St Paul’s Cathedral, the Tower of London and the Houses of Parliament… the list is endless. The very idea of traveling back in time seeing these monuments gets me excited. I am doing extensive research on the guided walking tours of London now to make the right choice. Other than being to London for shopping have you

London Must See Sights

Free London Attractions

I plan to make most during my stay there in the city. Gorge on free sights and sites. London houses some of the best museums in the world. Topping that list is visiting Natural History Museum there. The exquisite parks of course another must visit place for me. In spite of all high rise structures there London is still considered among the greenest city in world. I was told the St. James’s Park offers great views of Buckingham Palace. (Is the Queen at home? You’ll spot the flag flying if she is.) Need to check out that. Sightseeing – including Christmas and New Year fireworks on river Thames.

View London from Top?

I mean – Is that possible? Coca cola London Eye on the banks of River Thames offers breathtaking views of London from high above. A 30 minutes ride in that offers 360 degree view of London. As soon as I read that I pushed it to top of my must do activities list there. It is closed from Dec 26th to Dec 30th.

London Eye

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Crown Jewels from India

The famous Kohinoor diamond, stories of which I had read from childhood is now on display in the Tower of London with Crown Jewels. And not only that I want to explore it for other treasures on display.

London Cuisine

Last but not the least I have on my list to do things is devour the delicacies of London cuisine. First a full English breakfast, (there is a budget version too I hear) Yorkshire pudding, sticky toffee pudding… writing the list out is getting torturous for me. Have you been on a food tour there? How has been your experience?

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45 Responses to “London a Dream Destination for Shopping and Sight Seeing

  • London is a remarkable sight to see! If I were there, I’d definitely do a walkathon and feast my eyes on the beautiful architectural structures. And of course, the food! I definitely must try authentic English breakfast! Haha

  • blair villanueva
    1 year ago

    London is my dream destination! A very diversed city with lots of attractions and places to visit, and I think London is a place for love also 🙂

  • I live right near London but try to avoid it! Only because it can be very over crowded but if I didn’t live bear I’m sure I would would to visit. The natural history museum is very good as well! Ree love30

  • I am soon to go on a trip to Europe, but I had to exclude London because that trip would extend too long if I included it. There is so much to see and do that I didn’t want to do it in a hurry. And your post just reconfirmed that I took the right decision 🙂 Thanks for providing the virtual tour and tips

  • i live in london – there is so much to do. I am always finding new things to do here. I would suggest googling new restaurants in london before heading over so you can try something exciting and different

  • Hello Dear Non Stop Country Hopping Mam,
    Which country are you right now in ??
    Great post this but the House of Goa museum post was really comprehensive…
    Have to do lots of catching up !!!
    Have a MERRY CHRISTMAS and A HAPPY NEW YEAR 2016 !!!


  • I LOVE London. I’ve been there in February of this year. It’s definitely a great place for shopping. I found lots of good movies and merchandise while I was there. Great recommendations. I can also recommend the National Gallery.

  • Beautiful! I loveeee London. I went back in March for a couple days and it was amazing! A bit chilly but still awesome 😀

  • Lovely London 🙂 Awesome pictures 🙂

  • You have made my heart to desire London now… !!! 😮

  • I love London, although it has been a little while since I have been back. Our exchange rate is fabulous t the moment and my mother-in-law lives there so it’s a good reason to go back. There’s a couple of new places in here that I will have to see as well.

  • I live in England and I have to say that the view from the London Eye is not the best in the city. You can actually visit some of the skyscrapers from the City of London for free (as they have bars on the top) and the panorama is so much better. I definitely recommend it instead of spending hours in the queue and pay a ridiculous price for riding the London Eye 🙂

  • London is the one of my favorite place and would like to visit it soon. I was in Europe last year but some how missed the opportunity to visit London. This post is again inspiring me to fulfill my love to visit London soon 🙂

  • London has always been a must go, must explore place for me. I so much want to be there. Have bookmarked your post for future.

  • Big cities has so much to offer! I would love to see London from above with all the Xmas lights around the city! We have been there only in spring and summer time so far and never made to the London Eye.

  • Michelle d
    1 year ago

    I absolutely love London, I’ve spent many a weekend there and there is just always something new to do when you visit! thanks for the post and great tips!

  • The Crown Jewels are definitely an impressive collection! But I really enjoy the entire Tower of London experience. I definitely recommend doing the Beefeater’s tour when you go.

  • London is my dream destination too. I would love to do the tour of historical places which is on top of my to do lists while in London. I am much fascinated by the Tudor history and all places related.

    Great post. 🙂

  • Great post. London always fascinate me

  • Yogi Saraswat
    1 year ago

    I have a dream , If I ever get a chance to visit foreign, I will visit this beautiful city .

  • This is a really informative post, and very interesting seen as I’m from London! The London Eye is such an iconic attraction and Im glad you’ve added it to your blog post 🙂 If you love shopping I would also try to check out Oxford Street with the famous Selfridges and Harrods!

  • London is truly a great city to visit…and I love it every time I go there. Like you, I’d love to take a food tour in London. I’ve created my own “tours”, but would love to take on through the eyes of a local! The Big Ben was one of the first places I wanted to see on my first trip…also from my childhood 🙂 You will love London!!

  • Awesome post. I want to shop for books at Foyles 🙂

  • Who would want to miss the view from London Eye! And oh yes it is a shopping destination and Heathrow Airport gives you a perfect trailer to that!

  • London is a really cool city and I’m sure you’ll love it. I’ve been there twice now and each time managed to see new things. I will say, the Tower of London and the Natural History Museum were probably my favorite things in London so I really hope you’re able to visit those.

  • A wonderful city and one of my favorites!

  • A ride on the Ferris Wheel is a part of my bucketlist. Will do it soon. Let me see how 2017 turns out.

  • I wasn’t a huge fan of London the first time I visited, but then I fell in love with it on our second visit! Now I’m dying to go back again, haha! I love that there are so many free attractions. We haven’t been on the London Eye yet–I’d love to do that on our next visit. Also, Foyles looks like an awesome book store!!

  • You remind me of my days in London. I am not sure if you have heard about Harrods cause its one of the best places to shop in London. The shops range from having everything – really expensive and luxurious stuffs to comfortably affordable stuffs and curios. I also loved Trafalgar square and walking up to the Horse guards Parade from there on. It was one of the best experience for me. Also, though i saw the London eye, i did not have the time to actually go on a ride. But it was great to just look at it.

  • Quite comprehensive guide on things to do in London. Of course I have been, but I am missing one of your recommended places: London Eye. I was to scared to go, I know sometimes it gets stucked and people must wait up there. Or does that happen just rarely?

  • What a helpful guide for beginners who would love to visit London! There are a lot to discover and explore in this city. Keep inspiring dear! cheers xx

  • London often captures the heart and imagination of those travelling through! The diversity of the city is unreal, great guide to those visiting!

  • Nice to read a timely post about visiting London. I’m definitely going to see the Crown Jewels and do more shopping there next visit.

  • I’ve been in the UK for about a year now and have yet to visit London. It’s funny but I feel so opposite, having grown up in America, I dread it as being over metropolised a lot like New York, Which I love but not in love with for travel for some reason. I think seeing the Crown Jewels of India would be so fascinating. I love English cuisine and Yorkshire pudding. Still practicing making my own from scratch and someday will get there. I would love to visit London and go on a food tour to see how it differs from the North. My favorite English delicacy is Clotted Cream, on anything especially scones!

  • London, London, London. Oh how this place fascinates me everytime I see it (whether on print or on the internet). I have always wanted to visit London, especially the West End and The London Shard. I also want to see River Thames up close riding on the London Eye! Hope I could travel here sooner! 🙂

  • It does look like an awesome shopping destination. London might be on the costly side for me but someday… i hope i visit these places and shop from 100 yr old book shops 🙂

  • I have always wanted to try a full traditional English breakfast! They look amazing.

    I have to admit that I never realised shopping was so big in England! I’m intrigued! I also would definitely go to Foyles.

    Fireworks on New Years over the river Thames would be stunning.

  • London had always been in my top 10 destinations in my travel bucketlist and I would love to buy a book in Foyles! Do you have any recommended books for me to buy?

  • Some great tips! I only spent 36 hours in London and was a broke college student. Would love to go back and get some shopping in.

  • I was in London long ago for my high school graduation trip and I must say that even If I couldn’t enjoy it as much as I liked (you know, traveling with teachers and 30 teenagers) I found it fascinating! Haven’t been in NY but I would consider London as the European city that never sleeps! 🙂

    It was amazing and I can’t wait to come back and keep discovering it, Foyles bookshop included… after all from Spain it’s just a two hours flight!

    Great post!

  • London is a really cool city and I’m sure you’ll love it.It was amazing and I can’t wait to come back and keep discovering it,It was a great post.Keep going on.Thank you so much for sharing this blog.

  • London was the first foreign city that I ever visited, and I’ve been in fall with it since then. I remember visiting the Crown Jewels when I was young and I was amazed at the incredible gems on display, I would love to visit again after so many years!

  • Lovely post about London 🙂 However I don’t think that shopping there is a good idea having in mind the fact that it is one of the most expensive cities in the World 🙂

  • I always look forward to come back to London! As Samuel Johnson once said “When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford.”
    I wish many trips to London, Indrani!

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