Kumbalgarh Fort

Rajasthan is a land of forts! How many states in India can boast about this? This post is on Kumbalgarh Fort. It is one among the six hill forts of India included in UNESCO World heritage site. Kumbalgarh Fort was a must see spot for us during our Rajasthan tour. Especially after we knew this is the longest continuous wall in the World, after The Great Wall of China. The Wiki mentions:

The fort has perimeter walls that extend 36 kilometers in length, claimed to be the longest in the world after The Great Wall of China.

“Attributed to Maharana Kumbha, this fort was built in 1443-1458 AD under the supervision of architect Mandan” mentions a board put up by the ASI there. This fort was built over the remains of an earlier fort built by Jaina prince Samprati of second century BC.

The light show of the fort after 7 in the evening.

The fort is located in the Aravalli ranges, at a height of 1100meters and so well camouflaged by the hills, that till you reach the main entrance of the fort you will not be able to sight it. A huge muscular fort, walls 25 feet wide, so well maintained and we were there at around 4 in the evening, gentle wind was blowing across, clear sky and a slow setting sun; what more could we ask?

(Please click and enlarge the pic. to view details.)

As we went higher and higher crossing the seven gates, the sights around and below got even more breathtakingly beautiful. And as is with every fort, this mighty fort too was full of tales, some sweet, some treacherous.

It was here Prince Uday Singh II spent his childhood after he was saved by Paana Dai, a maid. The Great King Maharana Pratap was born here. Maharana Kumbha was treacherously stabbed to death by his eldest son Uday Singh I, when he was meditating near the temple tank in the fort.

An inner fort, Kartargarh, has a palace, the Badal Mahal built by Maharana Fateh Singh (AD 1884 – 1930) after he had pulled down the old palace built by Maharana Kumbha. The paintings on the walls are still maintained well.

Some more magical moments. Please do click on them to enlarge and enjoy.

Standing there and admiring the architectural marvel I was wondering, how did they manage to get the boulders so high up? Can we recreate a similar structure with all our technology today?

Rajsamand Lake
Ranakpur Jain Temple

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  • looks like you did some very serious sight-seeing!

  • simply amazing…..the architecture is also superb……your photogrpahs proved that….and above all the information you put here is worth reading….

  • I guess such masterpieces can not be recreated in modern times. I love forts. They narrate stories of the past and their architectural splendour is fascinating. Good photography Indrani.:)

  • That looks like a really well protected treasure!

  • What an amazing place. i had never heard of it. Thanks for the great post.

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  • I had no idea there was another large wall in the world. Shows just how easy it is to be ignorant of things around our planet! I wonder if it too can be seen from space. It’s lovely, much prettier than the other more famous wall (sorry, China!)

  • simply awesome. it glows when lighted how delightful.

  • Wow very beautiful. Did not know there’s another wall after the Great Wall of China. I visited the great wall twice and I would said it is fantastic and amazing. Your photo of the second wall showed another amazing wall. Happy Tuesday.

  • Indrani: That is a wonderful palace to share. It is really extensive and has wonderful design.

  • Those are outstanding shots, thanks for sharing.

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  • I have been in several old Forts and all are wonderful and full of historical stories, but maybe this is the best of all of them. Thanks for taking us on a tour.

  • That’s an amazing fort and interesting post about it. Great shots.

  • The lighting is amazing. Interesting history too …

  • Like Deborah, I had no idea there was another great wall! What a great and informative post and terrific photos! Thank you so much for all the history! and getting the up close look at the details was awesome. Thank you!

  • Wow this is extremely beautiful. What a fantastic place to visit with some awesome energy and history to it. I’ve never seen or heard of it before. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. Great photos.

  • Magnificent pictures indeed – thank you for showing us these great photos!

  • An incredible part of the world with so many wonderful image.

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    Keep an eye on your links. Some nasty websites hook up.

  • Amazing Pictures Indrani…I am sure the night view at the fort, would be a spectacular one.

  • How absolutely beautiful! Like you said yourself: “Breathtakingly beautiful!”
    It’s always a pleasure to come to your blog. Thanks for sharing.

  • you make a wonderful tour guide with great facts and photos.

  • thank you for the lovely tour! incredible stuff!

  • I want to visit this place one day. Awesome photos and post.

  • What an absolutely gorgeous site — and your pictures are amazing. I’m ashamed to admit that I hadn’t heard of this before, but I would really like to see it in person.
    Thanks for visiting my site.

  • Absolutely breathtaking!

  • That was some journey and a place with serious history. The lightshow was most fantastically captured.

  • Fantastic. Out of this world.

  • The world is full of so many marvelous places to see.

  • This architectural artwork is stunning. Even with modern technology…we would start to cry out impatiently!!

    The evening shots are beautiful. The 3rd picture from the bottom when enlarged..has some beautiful aqua colors and that bright green glass..I am just loving all of it!!

  • forts take u to a world beyond history texts..I hear the past in the walls..great pics Indrani

  • I can’t get enough of that architecture! Amazing photos, I always enjoy visiting your blog.

  • an impressive fort and some very good architecture…..it must have been a nice trip for you!!

  • I learn so much from blogging. Your photos and photo tour was superb. My favourite was the fort lit at night. How massive those walls are..
    Thank you for sharing.

  • What lovely shots of the fort lit at night. And terrific ones of the interiors too. Thanks again, Indrani.

  • Wow! I am amazed by the architectures in the last 2 pics!

  • Wow! Thanks so much for showing us your part of the world!

  • A good Q… “..I was wondering, how did they manage to get the boulders so high up?”

    It’s amazing. With no giant cranes available, how this was achieved. People then had too much brains..!!!

  • Nice article.

    I also happen to visit this place. And it is one of the less traveled place. But really amazing.

    My take on Kumbhalgarh can be read at http://myindiantravel.blogspot.com/

  • i so regret not seeing this even though stayed in rajasthan for two years.

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