Generalife Garden Tour, Alhambra, Granada History and Tickets

Generalife Garden, Alhambra History

History of Generalife Garden, Alhambra dates back to 12th century. Al-Ahmar, the founder of the Nasrid Dynasty, took up residence here in 1238. Built between the 12th and 14th centuries, the Generalife was ideal for gardening. The place was used as a place of rest for the Muslim royalty. It was designed as a rural villa in the vicinity of the Alhambra, with decorative garden, fruit and vegetable patches, courts and other structures. Some restoration was done on Generalife’s new gardens. These new gardens, also known as Rose gardens were created between 1930 and 1931 by architect Leopoldo Torres Balbas. More here.

Generalife Gardens, Alhambra History

Walking tour in Generalife Gardens can easily take 2 hours. Check your Alhambra ticket timings; because nobody reminds you the expiry of ticket timings. The complex is huge so make a route plan for the visits. For later timed entry to the Nasrid Palace, make the visit to Generalife early, else you may have to rush through. Our time slot to Nasrid Palace of Alhambra was at 7PM, so we had ample time from 2 onwards. (please click the pics to enlarge and see them sequentially.)

Generalife Garden Alhambra



The area between Alhambra and Generalife was given a facelift. Lovely landscaped gardens. In 1931 a section resembling a labyrinth garden was created with arched rose gardens.

The sights in Generalife Garden includes summer palace Emirs (Kings), the gardens, Court of the Water Channel which has a long pool framed by flowerbeds, fountains, colonnades and pavilions, and the Jardín de la Sultana (Sultana’s Garden). The entire layout is a typical example of Arab art and how their gardens used to be. Every corner of the gardens holds a novelty, soothing colors for the eyes.

The gardens have been given face lift recently in the 1930s.

These beautiful gardens which were once built by Kings for their recreation today provide the tourists an ambiance of intimacy and tranquility to relax and unwind. The name, seems to come from the Arabic Yanat- al- Arif or Garden of the Architect, in a clear poetical-religious symbolism that refers to God, Allah, as an architect, the creator of the universe.

The buildings of the Generalife Garden are quite solid, but simple in design. There are only some decorative motifs of plaster work, which are not very varied, but are exquisitely fine and tasteful.

View of Granada city from the windows of the palace is mind blowing.


The cooling water gardens are gorgeous and relaxing and there are those taps with cool drinking water at a couple of place. But still it is advisable to carry your own water. I have seen other beautiful gardens in this world but definitely not something as BIG as this.

Court of the Water Channel in Generalife Garden of Alhamra is a classic moorish water feature. The Moorish Kings that lived here came from the North of Africa, where water is a precious treasury and that is probably the reason why water bodies are given so much importance.


It was like a dream walking along the Promenade of the Oleanders of generalife garden, a long path, covered with oleander. It crosses the upper wall that separates the vegetable gardens and runs into the Promenade of the Cypress Trees.(please click the pics to enlarge and see them sequentially.)

In 1952, the outdoor amphitheater was built for the Granada International Festival of Music and Dance, which as been held there ever since.


Generalife Garden tickets price

Generalife Garden visiting hours

  • November-February: Monday-Sunday: 08:30-18:00 h.
  • March-October: Monday-Sunday: 08:30 – 20:00 h.


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