Faces of India – 238

Faces of India,

a series through which I intend to portray the various characters of my country whom I met during my travels. See more here

Faces of India 238Woman washing clothes – A typical village scene. I just couldn’t move on without framing it, seemed so perfect setting for my faces of India series. When I asked her how come you are washing clothes here? She replied – water comes for a limited period. Who will carry water all the way to home and then wash there? Better to finish of the job at the source itself. She sounded so wise and I felt so stupid asking her that question.

To make up for that I showed her this on my camera view screen. She seemed pleased. And assuming I would put it up in some paper or magazine she asked me to mention “non stop supply of water would be helpful to people here.” I met her in a village called Guptipara in West Bengal.

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31 Responses

  1. Arun says:

    Its unfortunate that still many part of our country doesn’t get proper water to even drink. Well captured.

  2. sylviakirk says:

    Such a beautiful young woman! And a wonderful capture, as always. I do enjoy this series of yours so very much, Indrani!! Thank you for sharing these with us!!

  3. Nice captured
    Thanks for your post.

  4. magiceye says:

    Beautiful capture

  5. Kishor Kr says:

    Another great capture. Well, villages (and sub-urb parts of cities) lack even the basic facilities and people are forced to suffer. You’re doing a great job in bringing up these faces of India.

  6. Another very fine portrait, Indrani, nice expression and colors!
    Happy weekend!

  7. Nicely captured…Eagerly waiting for more 🙂

  8. Bikash says:

    Amazing shot.

    And, the story is captured.

  9. The plight of of our villagers is a sorry state of affairs indeed! Nice pic Indrani.

  10. David says:

    She is quite a pragmatist to trade a picture for publicizing a critical need in her village!

  11. Bhavani says:

    And hopefully this picture would help the village!!!

  12. Maniparna Sengupta Majumder says:

    A nice portrait…I loved her expression… 🙂

  13. Lovely! Thanks for sharing…and for visiting my blog.

  14. Very nicely captured… Great!

  15. Chaitali says:

    So natural and rustic. You have captured a very beauty in mundane.

  16. Amit Prakash says:

    Nice pic…Simple and beautiful…

  17. Such a perfect capture! 🙂
    And she is such a practical woman. Wonderful post.

  18. She seems so dedicated. So rustic!

  19. Very impressive work and well narrated story.

  20. dNambiar says:

    Very nice one.
    The orange looks great amidst all that green. 🙂

    She’d rather carry the clothes than all the water to wash them. Makes sense after all, doesn’t it. 🙂

  21. Asha says:

    Beautiful capture. The orange of her saree is striking against the greens !

  22. Jeevan says:

    She represents a statement thought this image! Hope their problems get solved

  23. The Right Portrait of the Lady for the Title of the Blog Post.. A truly innovative Click!

  24. Gorgeous photo! How wonderful she is dressed in orange. It certainly is a hard way to wash clothing though!

  25. Gunilla says:

    She’s beautiful. I love the colours on her clothes. Carrying water is hard work.

  26. Al says:

    This is a great portrait. I can’t help comparing her life to ours, where we have unlimited hot and cold water along with washing machines and dryers.

  27. Akrati says:

    Hmmmm..you captured the bitter reality but she’s really looking pretty in orange background with so much of greenery 🙂

  28. Shani says:

    The portrayal of simplicity, and her responsibility for that day, shows off …… look at her eyes….She is still contented, with whatever limitations she has….

  29. It is indeed unfortunate that some parts of the country still do not get the basic amenities.

  30. I love this image. So natural and tells a simple story. Beautiful.

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