Faces of India – 290

Faces of India

a series through which I intend to portray the various characters of my country whom I met during my travels. I bring back memories of places I visit and things I see and also the souvenirs. So why not the conversations and memories of people I meet! I started this series in March 2011. See more here

Bhil Tribe


She belongs to Bhil Tribe, an adivasi tribe of north west India. They are a minority group of landless laborers. Bhil or Bheel tribe is one of the largest tribe of India. Suryagarh Resort took us on Silk route trail, through the villages of Jaisalmer.

Enroute we stumbled on this village. Seeing us this lady walked towards us. Language was a huge barrier so we couldn’t converse anything at all. It was clear she expected money for clicking her. After we gave her money she encouraged us to click more. I liked the dignity with which she said that. She definitely earned her money well. Who said models have to be fashionable always?

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35 Responses to “Faces of India – 290

  • In simplicity lies beauty 🙂
    Clarity of the photograph is really good.

  • Not the run of the mill model

  • She’s beautiful in her own way 🙂

  • It is a beautiful close up

  • Seems like a smart lady! She lools gorgeous, too bad you couldn’t communicate, would love to hear her story.

  • I love this photo – there’s so much character here.

  • Great capture. One thing I like about photographs are those faces of random people in foreign countries. I find it fascinating such as this, where it shows the locals, nothing artificial… well, you did have to compensate her for allowing you to take her photo. 🙂

  • She is very smart 🙂

  • I always feel scammed whenever I get asked to paid for taking a picture of a cool spot or something, but oh well. Great shot, wish you had learned more about her so you could share not just her photo but her story as well. XD

  • Hi Dadi.
    so much politeness in the face..
    Nice shot.

  • Nice shot. I hope I get to India sooner rather than later.

  • Jasmin N
    1 year ago

    She sounds like an amazing woman 🙂 I absolutely love this little series of yours 🙂

  • One of the best things of traveling is the people and the cultures that you meet. We have to visit India as soon as it’s possible!!

  • Great capture and a true sense of the India culture, as she knows the value of her photo.

  • Very nice capture!! I would love to visit India – on my bucket list!!

  • This is a wonderful portrait. And I loved the story that you shared.

  • Wow, what an absolutely stunning photo! That is one photogenic lady!

  • Chelsea Mae
    1 year ago

    This series sounds so incredible! I love seeing portraits of people from different cultures going about their business – I’ve never heard of the Bhil tribe and am always astounded by the diversity of nations

  • What a beautiful image you’ve captured of this lovely lady! I’ve never heard of the Bhil tribe before. Sounds like she’s a very dignified and hard working lady! Ree love30

  • You were able to capture her true essence. The smile was real genuine and she earned my respect, too.

  • Shaira Habon
    1 year ago

    I love your shots! So genuine! And your captions are short and concise. Can’t wait for more of your photoblogs.

    PS. May I know what camera do you use? Thanks!

  • What a good capture you have, photographs can capture different things, like for.me ,I’m seeing a strong and smart woman, so pure and for me it speaks a lot, simplicity is beauty.

  • Blair Villanueva
    1 year ago

    You are a good profiler 🙂 You’ve capture well her unique beauty and I could read the gladness in her eyes!

  • You have collected much more details of her through her picture! The tattooed(?) eyebrows, the bare ear that seems to be tired of wearing heavy earring once upon a time, the wooden beaded ornament, ups and downs of her life in the creases on her face and her optimism in her smile! Great capture, Indrani 🙂
    TC, keep smiling 🙂

  • Love the details and expression… I need to be more regular with my #desiHumans series

  • Huh, very interesting and hey why not get paid to photographed! good on her I think that is fantastic, It occurred to me that on our travels when we come across something extraordinary that you don’t see everyday such as tribes or aborigine of destinations that we tend to click away in fascination of what is different not paying much attention or respect to people who we put on display. I just love this story and also what you are doing with the faces of India!

  • Laveena Sengar
    1 year ago

    I love so many innovative ideas you bring on to your blog. Very nice. I live this particular series. The picture taken is amazing.

  • Love your model and your capture!

  • ‘Very interesting again! I hadn’t heard of the Bhil or Bheel tribe. Interesting to know it’s one of the largest. Great series that you’re making.

  • Beautifully captured.

  • Beauty lies in the grace of her wrinkles! :’) Brilliant picture clarity!

  • I love the simplicity of this photograph! It captures the real India!

  • What an absolutely gorgeous portrait. She must have been snapped a few times, because she posses well.

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