Evora Aqueduct, Portugal

The Evora Aqueduct is another mind blowing top attraction of this historical town of Portugal. The amazing structure spans a length of 9kms was built between the years 1531 to 1537. It has an impressive height and doesn’t look 5 centuries old! The massive structure still looks strong. We spotted it while exiting the city towards Lisbon. (Aqueduct (bridge), a bridge that is constructed to convey water over an obstacle, such as a ravine or valley)

The best part of this aqueduct is you will see houses and little business establishments integrated into the arches. They are built right under the arches. Évora is ranked number two in the Portugal’s most livable cities according to survey of living conditions published yearly by Expresso It is also worth a drive up to its source up in the hills. There is a cistern full of water still functioning.

Evora Aqueduct, Roads going under the arches of Aqueduct.

Evora Aqueduct 2


Evora Aqueduct 3 From Wiki
Roman_aqueduct_in_the_historic_centre_of_ÉvoraThese ancient walls add charm to the historical town of Evora.
Evora WallThis pic is for Good Fences meme hosted by TexWisGirl. The pic was taken in the outskirts of Evora.
Evora Outskirts
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