Costs of Destination Wedding #OneWeddingWish

Being a travel blogger has its own joys and travails, joys being more. As a travel blogger I have handled several different types of queries and enjoyed answering and helping them out too. Most of the queries relate to places to see followed by places to stay and then few of them who are hard core foodies ask about local cuisine too. But one particular query in the recent past left an indelible mark in my mind; it was from a young couple on the verge of tying knot for eternity. They wanted to plan a destination wedding.

You know how it is – new job, new aspirations, new dreams and new bondings.  I found them all dreamy eyed when they asked for ideas for wedding destinations and professional photo shoots at those destinations. It is easy to choose a fantasy destination for wedding but before that so many factors had to be taken in to consideration. Costs of destination wedding plays a major role in finalizing one.Geographical locations, guest count, theme for wedding, weather at the moment, availability during the dates, parking and stay for guests, food and drinks and last but not the least, in fact the most important of all the budget to cover all these.

Costs of Destination Wedding

Cost factor comes into play in each of the above. While I am not a wedding planner I always make it a point to suggest the cost for catering and comfort factors involved in planning out one for destination wedding. Below is a list of major cost components while you plan destination wedding.

Geographical Locations for Wedding

The trend is usually to choose places with iconic landmarks. I have seen wedding photo shoots in Paris in front of Eiffel Tower, Budapest, Rajasthan and Goa. Young couples in the frames most willingly submit to all directions from the photographer. It is so interesting to watch how they create memories to last a lifetime. It is always better to do a recce of the place before you zero in on one. Finally I cautioned them check: ‘can you afford the place’.

Costs of Destination Wedding


Weather at the moment

A place with moderate climate suits the best. You wouldn’t want the bride’s and guests’ make up melting away in sweltering heat. At the same time extreme cold would lead to wrapping up in layers covering up the designer costumes. Usually it is the time when tourists crowd at such destinations. Therefore prices will soar which indirectly hints at budget capacity.

Wedding Venue Capacity

Guest lists, which usually is a never ending one, call for attention. Best option would be to arrive at a comfortable figure so that venue doesn’t look like it is overflowing with people. One of the reasons why I usually suggest beaches as wedding destination is this. Guests can spread out comfortably. Some of the venues in Goa fit ideally in to this category. If you are unable to stretch your budget then choosing the venue only for wedding reception or wedding ceremony too serves the purpose.

Nearby accommodation for guests – Alternate arrangements for guests near to wedding venue can help in cutting costs.

Food and Drinks

Wedding is a moment to eat and make merry for the guests. Catering choices add to budget of wedding. Traditional menu or standard menu of hotel? Cater for the additional cost for traditional menu. Sometimes charges are made for special cutleries which add to over all budgets.

Photo shoots before and after Wedding

Nobody wants to miss a moment and thus photo shoots have become inseparable part of weddings and especially more at destinations. It could be for honeymoon and/or for wedding and honeymoon. Professional photographers now come with a hefty price tag. Different events of wedding like mehndi, ladies sangeet, ceremonies, and honeymoon are charged separately. Photo shoots can cost a bomb if you include all compared to choosing just the photo shoot at honeymoon destination.

Loans for Funding a Wedding

Since wedding is a once in a lifetime affair it helps to take a loan to make it special and memorable. Parents usually start saving for weddings and try to make it a lavish affair. But I have known youngsters these days chipping in to costs of destination wedding to make it more special. There are several financial companies offering loans for such occasions. Visit Tata Capital Wedding Loan Website to apply and fill in relevant details, along with your wedding wish. After a careful analysis of your profile, Tata Capital will process your loan.


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30 Responses to “Costs of Destination Wedding #OneWeddingWish

  • Wow…a normal run-of-the-mill wedding is complex and costly enough but this trend certainly takes things to a whole new level! I wouldn’t know where to start in this situation, but reading through this post, the points you have raised are well thought-through and logical. A great start to anyone thinking about making their special day, one in a unforgettable location.

  • We have been engaged 4 years now and have been dreaming of a destination wedding. We had it all planned until I found out I was pregnant. Thanks for sharing the costs and everything, for sure something to consider when we plan it again next time

  • I don’t think I could ever deal with the logistics behind planning a destination wedding but it’s easy to see why people do it, who wouldn’t want the best day of their life to be spent in an iconic location? This is a well considered list though! On my travels I’ve often seen people having wedding shoots in cool places, most recently I saw a few couples having pictures taken in the beautiful surroundings of Hoi An.

  • I would like to have my wedding if I’m every getting married on a deserted island or in the forest.

  • Been there and done that. British born and breed and got married in latvia back in 2010 (before separating a few years later). It was so much easier and cheaper to do. Not sure if I get married again mind you 😛

  • I also got married abroad the first time (sadly it didn’t last, maybe Danik and I are creating a trend) in Bali. It was fabulous having traditional local touches and saved a fortune. I opted for a British traditional wedding second time

  • The Great Indian Wedding has become a business of show off these days. However, getting married at a particular destination is like a big milestone for the to be married couple. One must be practical about the decision and destination rather than being emotionally attached , if the cost of emotional attachment to a destination is way beyond the pockets.

  • Destination wedding is the new trend. Jordan is making news as the offbeat choice for destination wedding. Even Udaipur and Goa in India are attracting lot of wedding planners. Destination weddings make personal memories last longing.

  • We have heard too of the destination wedding and have always wondered on the costs and how feasible it would be to make the arrangements in an unknown and new destination. Photo sessions definitely being an integral part. These tips would definitely help decide on the venue.

  • I agreed with the point you raised while considering a destination wedding. It might look dreamy to have one, but the amount of effort and cost are sometimes underestimated. I did not do a destination wedding, but I planned my wedding at my home country from abroad. It was so frustrating when you cannot do the food-tasting in person. Also, I had to spend extra amount of time spent on communicating with the wedding planner since we could only do email exchanges.

  • I had a destination wedding, and it was so much cheaper than if I’d had it in my hometown. The breakdown of costs you provide are a great start for those considering doing the same. I highly recommend it! So much less stress.

  • I’ve got three weddings to attend in the next 12 months. One in Canada, one in Oz and one in Bali. It’s great, it gives me an excuse to be travelling.

  • Tatum Skipper
    7 months ago

    I attended a destination wedding at a castle in Bolzano, Italy. Talk about a hefty price tag and a fairy tale all at once!! I would love to have one myself but have too many people I would want to be at the wedding who might not come to a destination one. Awesome post though! Definitely an interesting read.

  • Destination weddings are maybe a good thing if you want to celebrate with a more intimate group, or even with strangers. I believe that it can be cheaper than having it locally. And defintely more fun.

  • Weddings can certainly be expensive endeavors. We were married 20 years ago, and most wedding expenses – including photography – have and continue to be expensive. In retrospect, it’s amazing what you can live without.

  • There are a lot of factors to consider when planning a destination wedding. Thanks for all of your great tips!

  • Not that I am planning to get married soon, but I am going to take note of this just in case. LOL

  • Destination weddings are all the rage at the moment. Yes, they can be expensive (depending on the destination) but weddings can cost a fortune in your home country too!

  • Wow destination weddings are intense! Super expensive. But I definitely think it would be worth it, if you were financially stable enough, because it would be amazing! Great post 🙂

  • Destination weddings are wonderful – I got married in Hawaii, and they can really be as expensive or cheap as you want them to be. We had a budget of $20,000 for the whole thing, and focused on paying for our venue, and the food. Because dessert was included, and because the hotel wouldn’t let us bring in our own fod (aka cake) we bought 3 hat boxes and icing and made a fake cake just for photos (looked totally great!) and we had all of the small things like table clothes, decorations etc shipped to the hotel directly off ebay where we set everything up super simply.

    AND, if your destination is far enough away, your guest list automatically culls itself because not everyone can afford to make it – total win lol!

  • What a great post!!! We have done wedding photography and I’ve been obsessed with weddings! Sometimes destination weddings can be cheaper yet sometimes they can be crazy expensive depending on the lavish plans people have. I love this post

  • I had a destination wedding too, which was such a fantastic experience. It was a beach destination, and we made our ceremony during the day on a Friday. Since the wedding was on a Friday, everyone arrived on Thursday and made a long weekend out of it. We didn’t over plan it, our guests had time to do what they wanted, whether it was playing golf or just sitting on the beach. We picked the venue, caterer, and florist on one trip, and planned the rest via email. A lot less expensive than I thought a destination wedding would cost too! Not sure I would ever splurge enough to require a wedding loan, but I’m sure that is something that comes in handy for some.

  • Destination weddings can be incredible, but as you said, there a lot of things to consider before you plan one! My husband and I initially wanted to get married in Cambodia, but the costs were quickly adding up, and not everyone we wanted to be there could make it. Ultimately it wasn’t in the cards for us, but if other people can make it happen it’s great!

  • There is so much to consider when planning a local wedding and a destination wedding takes it to another level. I thought about getting married on a beach, but opted for a local wedding. That doesn’t mean I won’t renew my vows on a beach someday – thanks for the tips!

  • I’d love a destination wedding only if it is an intimate affair. Very close people as invitees and very personal. Ideally would want it in a remote spot in India 🙂

  • Wow! There would be lots to organise

  • Destination weddings are so much in vogue these days 🙂 Hope all the research helps to plan your daughter’s wedding 😉

    • Indrani Ghose
      6 months ago

      Ha.. ha that is if they give me a chance to plan one. What if they plan their own and I am just a guest there ?!!! 😉 🙂

  • None of my grown kids opted for a destination wedding. They were frugal and probably a bit practical too. It was a lot easier on my pocketbook! But now that they are married, they have all saved to go on epic trips with their spouses: France, England, Italy, and Alaska. I’m glad they did it this way, personally. Then no one else had to spend a lot of money to attend their weddings!

  • This is indeed a boon for the gen-next brides-to-be. A great intiative by Tata Capital.

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