Camera of ASUS Zenfone 2 Laser

ASUS Zenfone 2 Laser is both simple and powerful! In this blogpost I have reviewed just the camera features of this gadget. As a traveler and tourist I am continuously on look out for comfortable and handy gadget which enables easy capture of frames, editing and sharing. I must say from that point of view I am thoroughly satisfied with the various features and settings the ASUS Zenfone 2 Laser has offered.

Camera Features

I have explained most of the modes and features with pictures and as much details as possible. This should help judging the gadget functioning in different camera settings.

Basic Controls

To the bottom left corner of the screen is the icon for camera mode of the phone. In camera mode, clicking the wheel icon on the top left corner gives you info on settings of camera, video, other adjustments and finally some information related to camera of the phone, like: Tutorial, Feedback& help, and more.

The top middle icon reverses the camera from front facing to back facing and viceversa, helpful for selfie clicks. The top right corner has the flash control. Roll your eyes down to bottom right corner; this icon has all your clicked pics. With quick swipes on screen you can see the shots are to your satisfaction or not. Click on sleeping u icon in the bottom panel of the phone to take you back to camera mode. The little red dot to the right of icon with camera is for video mode. A click on it sets the video recording mode on, another click stops the recording. These are the basic handling features of the phone for camera.

Different Modes of Camera

Next, on to the most interesting part; the actual functioning of the camera in various shooting modes. A click on the 4 rectangular icon in bottom left shows you 18 interesting and different modes for shooting. The options actually thrilled me! I tried different modes and the results have been collaged and presented. This should make the comparisons easy.

Auto and Manual

First in options are auto and manual. Simple auto mode gives superb shots and it gives confidence to call oneself a photographer even without any experience. In the manual mode 4 controls are available: S – speed, ISO, ev – exposure value and wb- white balance. I got great results experimenting with these controls. But then you get them with a DSLR too. So what is different and new?


This is so much fun! You wish to take selfie you have slight adjustments like eyes enhancement, cheeks thinning, skin softening, all on a scale of 0 to 10 and also blush. You can set the camera to desired scale apply blush and click; the results for sure are going to be fantastic! I have used an Egyptian model to demonstrate the various results. The 4th pic is the auto mode pic. The third pic is with flash. The first one with cheeks thinning at 0 and eye enhancement at 10. The second one with cheeks thinning at 10.

asus faces 3

HDR and Super Resolution

While the camera is intended for travel pictures, I tried its skills in interior photography. The following 3 pictures should speak for themselves. The first one is normal auto mode then HDR mode and third one is Super resolution mode.


Depth of Field

In this mode take care to place the mobile close to the object like you do in macro mode, the results are brilliant. I used 2 little dolls to show the effect of depth of field. You can click and enlarge the pic to see the doll behind a little blurred. (Click the pic to enlarge and see.)



I was curious about this mode. On clicking this mode, 2 horizontal lines appear on screen. You can position them as you wish. Only those objects between the lines will be in focus rest of the space appears blurred. You can observe the pics below, only the center portion is in focus and the rest blurred. The first one is original color; the second one is an edited version of the first on blue shade.


Night and Low Light

The captures of colored fountain in night and low light turned out great.



I feel this is THE BEST mode of the ASUS Zenfone 2 Laser! I lost track of time experimenting the camera in this mode. I deliberately took a single subject in different effects. This should make the comparison easy.

First row L to R: cartoon, edge and hue. Second row L to R: grayscale, negative and pencil. Third row L to R: snow, sepia and vintage. So which one is your favorite?

Orchid Collage

There are some more modes. The phone is just a week old with me now.  The real joy would be to experiment with the various other modes in my next travel. And I am looking forward to it. The camera offers various options with saved pics. There are 7 options to make slideshows with pics, the fly in option being my favorite. Sharing is easy once your pics are formatted together.

Photography has never been so much fun before!

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