Wordless Wednesday – 401

Inviting your captions and titles on my wordless moments.


This scene was captured in Suryagarh Resort.

Thank you very much dear friends for all your lovely captions in my previous post of Wordless Wednesday moment. Here are a few of them:

1. Oh! I forgot to wax my feet!!! by Sindhu Devi
2. She pulled out her lucky shoes from the shredder and dove into it by Shiju
3. “Ruffled feathers but still standing strong” by Sheri
4. You’ve got my feathers in an uproar. by Ann
5. *Please take a number, talk later BYE* by Mimi


ABC Wednesday (R for race)stevebethereOutdoor Wednesday,

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43 Responses

  1. A race to the finish!!

  2. ellen b says:

    You don’t have to lose your head over it!

  3. bff’s 😉

    Have a wonderful ABC-day / – week
    ♫ M e l ☺ d y ♫ (abc-w-team)

  4. You know I will win this race but if you give me a bucket of carrots I will sleep and let you win… shhh

    (cute picture by the way…. hehehe)

  5. Fiona says:

    Great picture! Aesop’s fable in reverse – the tortoise sleeps whilst the hare races to the finish!

    I love “You’ve got my feather’s in an uproar” too 🙂

  6. An unlikely tandem.

  7. East dust, tortoise!

  8. I’m home and I win

  9. Upma Pant says:

    You and me have unfinished business.

  10. Fable personified… LOL


  11. Yogi Saraswat says:

    A Perfect shed to rest while I am racing with Tortoise.

  12. Enough of fables, let’s be friends!

  13. Chaicy says:

    I love your wordless Wednesdays. I think this one to me is the hare looking at the tortoise and saying – ‘ First Left and the Right, that’s all there is to this, but a little faster mate, we might miss the train’

  14. You win cos I allow you to do so…

  15. Kris says:

    Let’s have a friendly race to finish!!

  16. “That was an old story. You carry me on the land and I will carry you on the river, let’s both win!”

    Thanks a lot for featuring my caption, Indrani 🙂
    What a timing! Just love the picture.
    TC, keep smiling 🙂

  17. Harish says:

    C’mmon rabbit. Don’t you wanna take a nap?..

  18. Anjali says:

    Tu chal main ayaa 😉

  19. Maniparna Sengupta Majumder says:

    It’s a tie!

  20. Cykaniki says:

    A team to ponder perhaps

  21. Gattina says:

    Why don’t we make a race ?

  22. Rabbit says: C’mon Turtle, I’ll give you a HARE-RACING experience.
    Turtle says: HEAD OFF now.
    Rabbit says: How about I give you a HEAD start.
    Turtle says: HARE you serious?

    Sorry, I tried all the puns I could think for this photo. Lol

  23. Jeevan says:

    win and lose a part of life

  24. “The Overdue Race”

  25. Is there a carrot under the canopy…?!!!

  26. magiceye says:

    Has the race begun?

  27. Amanda says:

    A race that started a life long rivalry.

  28. “Can we not race?” Let’s just challenge ourselves and not with each other! ^^

  29. Can we just be friends?

  30. Betty says:

    I am the fastest as I have long leg.

  31. Emily says:

    “I’ll see you at the finishing line!”

  32. Are we going to sit here and eat grass or are we going to start racing already?

  33. Isaac Tan says:

    the tortoise and the hare.. guess who will win at the end.

  34. Qian says:

    You run faster but I live longer.

  35. Gilian says:

    Hard and soft. Haha great titles from the commentd above. Mine sucks. Haha

  36. “I give up!” said the tortoise before even starting the race.

  37. Sharon Lee says:

    Let me company you bro!

  38. Melissa says:

    Reminds me of the hare and the tortoise. Slow and steady wins the race.

  39. Nicole P says:

    Thanks for teaching me to slow down and appreciate life once in a while. — Hare to Tortoise 😀

  40. Ivy Kam says:

    This reminds me of a story, the racing between rabbit and turtle, interesting 🙂

  41. This photo reminds of the story about the hare and the tortoise, and my little one was just learning about that in his class last week. The beautiful message of this image, as well as of the story, is that in the end, it takes diligence, perseverance, and hard work to win in the end.

  42. Stargazer says:

    The last one there is a frozen poop!

    I remembered a childhood story the hare and the turtle. They challenged each other to a race. Because the hare is so confident that he could win over the slow turtle, the turtle still triumphed.

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