Wordless Wednesday – 400

Inviting your captions and titles on my wordless moments.



The quiet pigeon at Suryagarh Resort refused to pose for me.

Thank you very much dear friends for all your lovely captions in my previous post of wordless Wednesday moment. Here are a few of them:

1. Here is the latest photo from Nasa’s probe of Asteroid Potato. by Al
2. When men try to pout by Shiju
3. Outgoing Potato by Parul Thakur
4. Too much couch! by Amit Agarwal
5. Would you love me, warts and all? by Beth F


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60 Responses

  1. I ain’t winking at you;)

  2. Stately as a QUEEN robed in white.

  3. Cloudia says:

    Dreaming impudently

  4. It reminds me of that song from Delhi 6 – Masakalli!

  5. She pulled out her lucky shoes from the shredder and dove into it

  6. Gattina says:

    I still could change my mind and don’t marry this guy !

  7. Beth F says:

    Pardon my looks . . . that was one rough night.

    Thanks for featuring my caption!

  8. lovely beautiful bird.. nice choice also

    Have a wonderful ABC-day / – week
    ♫ M e l ☺ d y ♫ (abc-w-team)

  9. Jeevan says:

    I’m a feathered beauty!

  10. Ann says:

    You’ve got my feathers in an uproar.

  11. Synnöve says:

    Such a beauty and a marvelous shot !
    Best, Synnöve

  12. lesliebc says:

    Does this outfit make me look fat?

    abcw team

  13. Vicki says:

    Lovely looking pigeon!

  14. I’m trying to envision how I would look without these silly shoes on.

  15. ibarora says:

    an eligible bachelor

  16. Marge says:

    The only caption I can think of is “B*tch I’m fabulous!” hahaha…

  17. “Ruffled feathers but still standing strong”

  18. Maniparna Sengupta Majumder says:

    Snow White’s birdie version…

  19. Ree love30 says:

    Yeah I may look a little rough around the edges but I’m happy 🙂 Ree love30

  20. Please do not disturb me.

  21. ROBERT LEE says:

    Hi, i thought this is fascinating. So I am taking my crack at putting a caption. This is based on the eyes that looks like it has cataract, haha. “Forget my eyes, come fly with me.”

  22. My entry in the fancy dress competition.

    Good one, Indrani 🙂

  23. Vyjay says:

    Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, who is the fairest of them all.

  24. Hanani says:

    “Peace begins with a smile”

  25. Chandresh says:

    Masakali , Chalo kare kathakali 🙂

  26. Mia Foo says:

    well, i’m quite amazed you managed such a close up shot at the pigeon! i couldn’t even manage a shot half as good as yours with my dad’s pet parakeet! anyway, i would caption this with, “napping in progress. no photography!”

  27. lex says:

    All white party time. Are you ready?

  28. Bea says:

    “OOTD: Little White Dress” HAHA! The pigeon looks like a fashion blogger with their natural pose of looking away.

  29. Michelle says:

    Birds are dinosaurs.

  30. Mridula says:

    You can find me at Suryagarh, will you visit me?

  31. Shirley says:

    White oh white.

  32. You can never be as graceful as I am… or as clean as I am

  33. Blair Villanueva says:

    Look at my eyes and be mesmerized.

  34. Shini Lola says:

    I’m fabulous, don’t you think?

  35. verushka says:

    Please lady just take your damn pic ! This is my looking into the distance look.

  36. Emily says:

    What? is it MOonday already?

  37. perfect for fair & lovely

  38. I’m STILL lookin’ good!

  39. Do these feathers suit my eye shadow?

  40. Ahah very amazing and creative captions! A picture does speak a thousand words.

  41. Laveena Sengar says:

    This is fabulous punch on your blog.
    “Work in progress”

  42. blair villanueva says:

    “Look at my toes.. Are your’s feathery?”
    Even its eyes are close, its kind of look bitchy, lol

  43. cindyrina says:

    That pigeon got attitute.lol..so cheeky fella!

  44. Oh! I forgot to wax my feet!!!

  45. suanlee says:

    I have never seen a pigeon like that before! Definitely did not want to model for you but cute nonetheless.

    “capture my good side”

  46. Sharon Lee says:

    She is so elegant! haha

    “I am so tired”

  47. peace for the world!

  48. Shane Prather says:

    Always so fun! “Can’t a girl get her beauty rest?”

  49. Aliza Sara says:

    Kiss my feathers good bye. haha

  50. Mimi says:

    *Please take a number, talk later BYE*

  51. It looks pretty. The bird seems to be very intimidating. She posed for the camera with pride! It was even prim and proper! I will entitle this as “Snowy, the flying Goddess” Lol! Ithink that’s ridiculous! 🙂

  52. Yogi Saraswat says:

    All is white .

  53. Ivy Kam says:

    White, pure, serenity…

  54. Rekha says:

    shanti ka doot !!!

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