Caption This Wordless Wednesday Moment – 390

Inviting your captions and titles on my wordless moments.

wordless goat on green grass——————————————————————————————–————————–
Thank you very much dear friends for all your lovely captions in my previous post of wordless moment.
forest wordlessI took this wordless moment picture in Kuri hills, Himachal Pradesh.

Comments on the wordless moment here:

1. “Far from the madding crowd” by Jyotirmoy Sarkar
2. “Are they coming back for us? I’m scared!” by Roger Green
3. Are you sure no one followed you? by Beth F
4. Holiday in woods by Řàjãņï Pŗæţhäpăn Ųnnï
5. “I told you, green. We needed to paint ourselves green to camoflauge ourselves.”
“Camoflauge? I need to be found when I fall down this hill!” by Joyce Lansky
More comments by my facebook friends
1. Tired tyres…for rest in forest by Anju Malhotra
2. Cooling heals over the hill! by Hema Jayaram
3. Bike on a hike…. by Deepa Mohamed
4. Date….. environment friendly by Harpreet Grewal Bhugra


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