Test Drive of Tata Nexon in Hills of Idukki, Kerala

Tata Nexon is Tata Motors’ latest launch in SUV category. I was thrilled to be among the chosen few by Indiblogger (a platform for Indian bloggers) to test drive the car. So last weekend we were in the beautiful city Kochi in God’s own country- Kerala.

This is not a paid post. Opinions are my own.

Tata Nexon – Powered to Impress!

Nexon is acronym of ‘Next On’ which signifies the next level of things to take shape, come in production, compete and capture market. This new impressive image of Tata Nexon will surely wipe away the ‘taxi’ image left by Tata Indica and Tata Indigo. First I have the drive experience, which will be followed by the details of interiors, exteriors and the engines.

Test Drive of Tata Nexon

All set for test drive of Tata Nexon

Test Drive of Tata Nexon

A preplanned route, a well chalked out map and Android Auto system with GPS giving clear instructions, Tata Nexon steering wheels in hand; what else does a travel blogger need! Thus we set off for hills from Kochi for test drive of Tata Nexon in the wee hours of 29th July. There are 2 variations of Tata Nexon, petrol and diesel. I drove the diesel version. Engine noise is significant compared to petrol version.

If you have driven through roads of Kerala you will know that most roads are narrow with no road dividers. Initially I was a little cautious with speed.  I didn’t face any hassles even at 10 to 20kmph in busy roads, in stop and go situations. However the vehicle seemed to demand more in 2nd and 3rd gear, there is sudden surge of power. The gear change advisor on board kept suggesting change of gears but I didn’t take chance. To my surprise the traffic in the roads is quite disciplined and the speeding vehicles don’t encroach into opposite lanes. Very soon I was at ease both with the vehicle and with the traffic on roads. I didn’t cross 60kmph at any point though.

Test Drive of Tata Nexon to Idukki

Climbing Hills of Idukki with Tata Nexon

Negotiating the hair pin bends seemed like a breeze after so much of apprehension about the same. I had to continuously accelerate through the climbs to keep up the pace and keep momentum and had to shift gears continuously yet could drive on smoothly. The Hill-Hold control of Tata Hexa is missing in this. There are 3 modes of driving: City, Eco and Sport, chose the sports mode for the hills. The 209mm clearance from ground is indeed a boon for Indian roads. Tata Nexon suspension feature is too good.  It has excellent stability during manoeuvres and sharp hair-pin bends. Hardly felt any jerks in broken and undulated roads. It reminded me of my Tata Hexa experience. Here is a short video on negotiating sharp hair pin bends in hills.

Pitstop at Kudayathoor village in Idukki

We halted at Kudayathoor village in Idukki just prior to hitting the hills. Mesmerizing scenic beauty all around compelled us to make a halt. That is the Thommankuthu Waterfalls at a distance. The waterfalls named after great hunter, Mr. Thommachen Kuruvinakunnel, who let the world know of this beautiful waterfall in the jungles of western ghat in the late 1920s. Thommachen also played a big part in the discovery of the site for the Idukki Dam. Some pictures below.

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Tata Nexon Specs

The Tata Nexon SUV has 2 engine options – 1.2L Turbocharged Petrol from the Revotron series and the 1.5L Diesel engine from the Revotorq series.

1.2-litre, turbo Petrol Engine
Max Power-108bhp @5000rpm
Max Torque – 170Nm @2000-4000rpm
Transmission – 6-speed Manual
1.5-litre Diesel Engine
Max Power – 108bhp @3,750rpm
Max Torque – 260Nm @1,500-2,750rpm
Transmission – 6-speed Manual

Tata Nexon Mileage

Average mileage was 9.6 kmpl in petrol as per the display during our drive. This was with sports mode, full usage of AC, uphill drive and 4 people on board.

Diesel Nexon gave better mileage at around 15-16 kmpl when we drove in sports mode. Eco mode will show better figures.

Impressive Tata Nexon Exteriors

The outline is strong and bold, front has broad honeycomb grill, beautiful headlamps with ‘chrome elements and D-cut shape LED unit’ merge seamlessly into the front frame. The pop lamps are lined with white ceramic strips and this enhances the image. Tata Nexon has a cool 209mm ground clearance – one of its very positive features.

The profile has proportioned features with prominent wheel arches, 16inch alloy wheels, and an impressive white strip that runs through the edge. The roof line too gives it a very unique look. The rear profile too has several impressive elements. Most eye catching are the Rear split LED tail lamps. Rear door has triple tone elements – the white ceramic type strip, which is a kind of plastic, below that black glossy plastic and below that body colored plastic. This look can appeal to some as it gives a futuristic look, I liked it.

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Super Impressive Tata Nexon Interiors

Dashboard – the top part plastic seems tough and durable, below that a wide glossy plastic board gives a premium look to the interiors.
The same glossy part extends to the doors.
Chrome elements used in several parts in the interiors of the Tata Nexon.
Compact SUV with commanding view, steering wheel can be adjusted according to your height; it goes up and down but not telescopically in and out.
Rear AC vents with controllable airflow
Power adjustable and retractable wing mirrors
Automatic climate control
Two 12V power sockets

Tata Nexon Interiors

Seats in Tata Nexon

Comfortable seats well contoured which seem to hug you from behind and has sturdy side supports. There is enough leg room and decent head room. Only glitch the back seats are comfortable only for two people. Again there is wide center arm rest for rear seats.

Most important of all – Safety features

Airbags, corner stability control, anti lock breaking system ISO fixed child restraint system.

Top 5 Impressive Features of Tata Nexon

  1. Push button start and Keyless entry, the key is wearable and looks like fitness band
  2. 6.5inch HD display with touch screen
  3. Compatible with both Android and Apple, the only car in this segment to support both
  4. 31 utility spaces Huge central console with sliding tambour door mechanism, biggest glove box in this segment of cars, it comes with a removable tray
  5. Umbrella slots in front doors

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Test Drive of Tata Nexon

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36 Responses to “Test Drive of Tata Nexon in Hills of Idukki, Kerala

  • I also drove very slowly only.. Never crossed 59.9 kmph

  • A detailed review Indraniji. However I wonder how the traffic was discipline ? I had all sorts of vehicles coming from all directions while returning. But then again, loved the drive.

  • Was waiting for this post from the time i have came to know you have been invited…good to know about your experience and Nexon.
    Srinidhi is in driver’s seat in the video…
    Nice photography of the nature.

  • Beautiful review of Tata Nexon . Watched the videos. Thanks for sharing.

  • Yogi Saraswat
    5 months ago

    You and Srinidhi , both of you were there ? I have came to know through your facebook post !!

  • Nice

  • Looks like that was a great drive through some really-scenic routes. 🙂

  • Great review of Tata Nexon

  • Seems like a nice car. I like the interiors too. Well reviewed

  • Looks like a very cool car. Especially the key which looks like a fitness gadget. I think I might like to wear it all day! Thanks for sharing!

  • awesome car especially for a long drive

  • Quite a detailed and comprehensive review dear! Unfortunately, our car couldn’t face such smooth roads throughout due to some traffic… ’twas a pleasure meeting you in Kochi! 🙂

  • I don’t know much about cars but this one looks really sleek! I wouldn’t mind having a car like that. And it’s so cool that you were chosen to test drive it!

  • i don’t really know anything about cars, but seems like a good test drive. It seems like some fun was to be had test driving. Nice review of the car, good to know

  • wow I didn’t know that they invite common people for test driving! but yes I know really few things about cars!

  • Indrani, you had me at umbrella slots ! That is way thoughtful. Loved the interiors and I think I will like to give this car a go ! Well written review !

  • Wow this is a very detailed review of Tata Nexon, it makes me want to consider it for my next car rental for adventures. I like the size and the red color. It makes really good for pictures.

  • Wow, what an impressive blog post about this car. I like how you were able to elucidate everything about this tata nexon, especially on the test drive. I haven’t heard about this one yet, but I guess this would be another Car that will surely mark its name in the market. You have provided us all the details we need. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

  • The hair pin bends are always scary .One has to be an expert at driving to drive through them smoothly .So how were you able to breeze through using this car ?Usually people hire professional drivers for them

    • One has to do it at quite low speeds. Only when the coast seemed safe and clear I went to 3rd gear.

  • Seems like the perfect car for a road trip. Would definitely like to check it out. We have to be extra cautious at hair pin bends in particular when we travel to mountain regions. It will be really awesome if the car is well suited to that

  • This car looks cute and good for a small family.Having a road trip by such beautiful and comfortable car is always fun.Nice to read about spec and features of the car.Also the views of the road trip are beautiful!

  • This is one beautiful car. It’s huge and stylish at the same. Sadly, this is not available here in the Philippines. We could have considered this since we’re planning to purchase a new car.

  • Wow! It must have been a real fun experience. I used to fear driving but then when I learned a few tricks, I enjoy it now. Test driving something is indeed fun especially if you will not worry about the gasoline expense. Ihihi.

    Those buttons inside are also gorgeous. And the look, simply elegant. Perfect for long drives.

  • I guess at 15-16 kmp/l , this model is not very fuel efficient. Sorry to be honest about it, Indrani, but diesel cars are supposed to offer value for money in so far as fuel efficiency is concerned. Secondly, what is the cost of ownership of this car? How often does it need to be serviced? If servicing is frequent then the cost of ownership goes up. Please update this information in this post .

    • Indrani Ghose
      4 months ago

      As I mentioned in the post I drove in sports mode. For city drives eco mode will certainly give a better mileage. Exact certified fuel economy is not known yet. Wait for some more time, after the launch and few months there will be feedback on this from the customers. This feed back was based on test drive.

  • Now I realized I am not a fan of cars because I do not know about this. Perhaps my hubby can share some of his knowledge on cars. I like the vintage vibes of these cars. I hope I can have one in the future.

  • Not much of a car fan but this brand is not that familiar to me. I’ve seen and read it with your posts. I guess I have to say that this is a nice car and could really go a long way with it!

  • Lovely car. Nice detailed review. I like the interior – looks fab.

  • Tata Motors are now here in the Phils. My first encounter about this vehicle brand was just a few months ago at the Manila Auto Show. Tata Motors are cheaper alternatives to other high branded cars esp. their offer of business cars. I think they are also promising when it comes to performance!

  • My dad is going to love this care for sure..need to tell him about it…Great to know you got this opportunity to drive this beauty in Gods Own country 🙂

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