Road Trip to Jog Falls, via Shimoga from Bangalore

The plan is to welcome 2016 in Shimoga, Karnataka. I am on a short vacation to Shimoga and after a short halt there proceed to Jog Falls. The whole route is dotted with several temples from 1oth to 12th centuries. I do plan to take some detours from the route. From what I hear about Jog Falls, there isn’t much water now. This is not the season when the falls roar, I hope it hasn’t run dry completely.

This is again a road trip. We are taking the route via NH206, a distance of 393kms, estimated time of travel 8hrs without halt. I am planning plenty of halts including a night halt at Shimoga.

Bangalore to Jog Falls Distance map

Halts in Road Trip from Bangalore to Jog Falls
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