Neglected Temples of Bishnupur, West Bengal

Some of the temples neglected by West Bengal Tourism Board are in pathetic state. It looks as if the temples are trying to breathe and get some sunlight. There is no question of prayers being offered in these, the present residents around the place don’t even know to which God these temples are dedicated to. The guide who took us around too was clueless.

I strongly feel if some effort is put they can be made presentable. And it has to be done fast before time and nature does their permanent damage to the monuments.



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38 Responses to “Neglected Temples of Bishnupur, West Bengal

  • They must have been gorgeous in the beginning. I think they need some help now. Thanks for sharing, have a happy day!

  • wow. the tree rooting from the top. amazingly overgrown.

  • It is sad to see such incredible, old temples being so neglected!! So much history and beauty to be lost!!

  • It's always sad to see magnificent buildings like this allowed to crumble and decay. I hope something can be done to preserve this temple.

  • Very sad to see the buildings being taken over by nature like this. Hope someone or an organization will step forward and help free the structure from this overgrowth.

  • Beautiful post, Indrani!
    Amazing how nature takes over…
    Warm greetings, Anna

  • Sad state, really.
    But I must say they make great pictures. 🙂

  • We all are just dust to dust. Provoking shots.

  • How very lovely shots – so sad to see them in disrepair though.

  • They have been taken over by nature, which in itself is Godly.

  • Looks to me like nature has taken over here and that this temple will soon be lost. How sad.

  • It is so sad that such important relics have been allowed to fall in to such disrepair.

  • Welcome Indrani!
    I am delighted with your excellent photos.
    They are very beautiful.
    Greetings from far away Polish.

  • I hope they get help but I must admit that I find ruins very beautiful. That said, it's a shame to lose all the intricate artwork and architecture to neglect.

  • Mother nature does take over when things are neglected.

  • They look so intricate and beautiful under all that foliage! Nature has a way of reclaiming if we don't take care.

  • Its beautiful – architecture mixed with nature..!

  • Heart bleeds to see such pictures. If the initiative of the Karnataka Government is successful, then one can hope it can be replicated.

  • HI Indrani, logging in after a long while. And see that your photos have gone more and more incredible. Happy photographing and happy posting !

  • I've been following your posts on these temples. I've noticed that there are many temples which are in such a pathetic state because the high officials do not see much for it. The olden culture, architecture and the heritage value is all forgotten. Sigh.

  • If we are not ready to take care then mother nature is ready to take over.

  • it is beautiful but a little sad when it is overgrown like that.

  • Beautiful temples. I wonder how they made them and I wonder why no one tries this in contemporary architecture.

  • Not only WB, Indrani….all over India we find neglected temples.
    Hurts me a great deal to find amazing architecture in ruins…
    Wish we can take care of our heritage.
    You are doing a great job by blogging about these and bringing them to focus.

  • Those r gr8 pics. Ya even in Odisha der r lovely monuments n locals dnt even know about them which is sad.

  • What about the local people ? Why dnt they make some effort to restore these monuments ?

    I feel local bodies like Panchayats should do something for the preservation of the heritage. Being managed from Center, it doesn't become so effective

  • so sad to hear that ! well captured image .. most importantly .. an awareness .

  • The idea of preservation and conservation of our glorious heritage is still not part of public or political consciousness in this country. I think it is really sad.

  • Forgotten Temples in India!

  • Maybe the 'forgottenness' makes them more romantic! They have a peculiar charm.

  • Hi Indrani,

    I know…Bishnupur has some of the most beautiful terracotta temples, and many of them are in shambles. ASI is working on restoring quite a few of those but I wish this has started earlier.

    If you like old temples, you might want to visit Kalna in WB , there are a couple of beautiful old terracotta temples there as well.


  • Their desolation has a romance of its own…but you're right when you say that nature can do irreversible damage there

  • Old world charm! Beautiful 🙂

  • So sad to know the worst condition of a beautiful historical place 🙁 I wish if I could do something from my side!

  • One more beauty lost in the pages of history…

  • Sad to know about the temples in the neglected state.
    But the temple has its own beauty.You have captured it well.

    Sriram & Krithiga

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