5 Famous Bangalore Durga Puja Pandals 2017

Bengalees of Bangalore no longer miss home during Durga Puja. There are as many as 50 bengalee associations who have put up pandals to celebrate Durga Puja. While some have focused on a theme for Puja, most associations have simple idol installation and puja. Here are some must see Bangalore Durga Puja Pandals.

Must See Bangalore Durga Puja pandals

Jaymahal Sarbojanin Durga Puja

This puja scores high every year for its themed pandal decoration. This year they have recreated the Jungle Book. At the entrance is huge statue of Mowgli. The interior is full of colourful creatures in a dark dense jungle. Impressive display of life-size animals and birds! Don’t miss the small idol of Durga, made to look as if chiselled on a rock.

Jaymahal Durga Puja 2017 Jungle Book

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Oikotan Hebbal Cultural Society

This year their theme is Bishnupur Temple of West Bengal. Unesco hasn’t declared Bishnupur as world heritage site yet. The OHCS have done well by adopting this theme as it can create more awareness of these terracotta temples. They have recreated the magic of terracotta temple walls. The Goddess too has a terracotta shade.

Oikotan Hebbal Durga Puja 2017

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R T Nagar Sarbajanin Durga Puja

One of the most artistically presented Goddess Durga and Her children. The pandal is small and is decorated with maroon base and thermocol cut outs. Inside the Goddess and Her children are arranged on an even rhombus frame. A curved form to the idols has increased the beauty many folds.

Location: Near Patel’s Inn, RT Nagar.

Must See Bangalore Durga Puja

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Bengalee Association (previously Ulsoor Puja)

Goddess has arrived at Bengalee association on a boat! Due to heavy rains this year the association has done well by depicting the arrival in a huge decorated boat.

Location: Manpho Convention Centre, Near Manyata Tech Park, Outer Ring Road.

Bengalee association 2017

Bengalee Association 2017

Jagriti Bangiya Cultural Association

JBCA has focused on environment. Ma Durga fights Mahishasura, the demon who is attempting to cut down trees for urban development or to meet his own selfish ends. Durga symbolises mother Earth, She rescues humans from the devastating effects of environmental destruction. They have distributed 200 saplings among visitors to encourage them to plant trees in the surrounding areas.

Location: near KR Puram Bridge

Jagriti Bangiya Cultural Association 2017

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11 Responses to “5 Famous Bangalore Durga Puja Pandals 2017

  • Awesome pics. Nice informative post.
    Shubho Bijoya to you and your family. Greetings.

  • How creatively people involve in festival celebration! Nice shots!
    I love the slideshow of the pictures! May i know, which software/app you have used? I am thinking of adding slideshows in my blogposts too.

  • Oh! That’s interesting. Reminds me of Mumbai’s Ganesh Chathurthi pandals. I thought the first one is a rainforest based theme, looking at the pictures. Mowgli theme is super cool indeed. Ulsoor ship like decoration is awesome as well!

  • Before I even started reading your post, I thought that first statue looked like Mowgli! I was just listening to the soundtrack of The Jungle Book Disney movie, so it was so fun to see a visual representation too! Beautiful pictures!

  • Banglore looks like a place full of culture and religion. The jungle theme is looking very nice. They have given so much detail to the theme, the animals are looking so real. The photography is amazing.

  • Wow this is a topic I knew nothing about. All the statues look so colourful and bright. I would really love to visit Bangalore, it looks like a magical place.

  • What an interesting place! I love the jungle theme, my daughter would love seeing that. Love all your pictures!

  • Great to find this list. I have always wanted to see authentic Durga Pujos in Bengal. Although most in Assam also recruit the same decorators, it must be great to witness their work in the heart of Kolkata. I like the creativity they display and how up to the mark they are with current affairs. I remember some replaced the lion with a dinosaur in the early 90s after the release of Jurassic Park.

  • Wow I really liked the first one – Jaymahal Sarbojanin – the themes ones are those taking culture and innovation at bay 🙂 I must admit living in Delhi all my life, I have not yet attended the famous CR park Durga Puja yet, but your pictures have actually inspired me to attend it next year atleast locally 🙂

  • Carolina Colborn
    4 months ago

    I never knew about Durga Puja Pandals. Now I have some understanding through your pictures. What great art. Loved the jungle theme.

  • I had heard about Duga Puja while I was in India, but I kind of forgot about it! My bad, these statues looks absolutely amazing and so colorful I really need to go back to Bangalore to see them too! I love the second one!

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