Load, Loaded, Overloaded!

During one of my recent trips by road, I came across this interesting sight: a small van carrying heaps of coconut husks. We were driving in very high speed, so by the time we took the decision to capture some shots of the vehicle we were way ahead. Turning back the little vehicle was no where in sight. I decided to wait for it even if that meant reaching late to our destination.

And then it came…


Closer, till it looked like bursting out of my frame.…

Hope you enjoy the shots till I am back from my month long vacation, loaded with lots of shots like the vehicle. Have a great time all of you! Stay safe!


Invoking Goddess Lakshmi
Visit to Gagan Mahal Bijapur

79 Responses to “Load, Loaded, Overloaded!

  • woah!! such a huge load!! it happens on indian roads.

  • That is a very lovely sight. Have a good vacation and looking forward to loads of information on your return.

  • That is awesome – reminds me of China! 🙂

  • Oh! that is awesome and unbelievable at the same time! Fantastic shots, Indrani!

    Have a marvelous vacation can't wait to the see beautiful photos you'll have to share with us when you return!


  • Glad you paused to take this picture. It is so typical of the sights one comes across on our roads. Have a good vacation and come back with loads of pictures to share with us.

  • What an amazing sight! I have heard of such things on India's roads but never seen it! Have a good break, Indrani.

  • Hope you are having a great time on your get-a-way. Love this post. The little van is swallowed up by the coconut husks. What do they do with the husks?

  • What a great shot. Amazing it could haul such a big load. Hope you have a wonderful vacation.

  • It looks like an enormous wig of one of the baroque guys from the 17th century. It's very funny! Thanks! Have a great holiday and return safely.

  • Wow.. now that's a cool shot. Welcome back.. looking forward to many more.

  • It's great you decided to wait for it and shared the shots with us. I enjoyed looking at them! It tells a lot about a country. In mine the typical scene is a vehicle overflowing with people lol!

    Have a great vacation, Indrani.

  • That is so funny. Great captures. Have a wonderful vacation.

  • have a good break..where are u off to ?

  • the last image deserves an award.

  • Making use of all the available space, right? Very nice image. Quite funny.

  • A good vacation – Few thousands
    You car – Few lakhs…
    Getting such a shot on the highway – Priceless…!!!!!
    My Travelogue

  • Phew!!! that is a load, have seen similar vehicals carrying bananas. Enjoy your holiday!

  • You'd expect it to topple over at any minute. I wonder what his load will end up as?

  • Indrani, that looks like a hedgehog approacing! Wonderful shot. Thanks for waiting and then sharing this. Here in Khartoum we have many, many of those three wheeler scooters with a canopy. They dash about in town, weaving in and out of the city traffic but I've not seen them on the open road. (((Hugs)))Jo

  • this is amazing!!!

  • That is an extraordinary and wonderful sight and, like Jo, I thought it looks like a hedgehog.

    Have a wonderful time away. I think we will all be looking forward to seeing the photographs you bring back from your vacation. What you show belongs so precisely to place, I get a glimpse, here, of what I would never see otherwise. (Like this scooter and its load.)

  • wow!!

    happy holidays!

  • That's really too funny. Of course, it's extremely dangerous to be driving like that – in America he wouldn't get too far without getting stopped by the police. Great photos.

  • Yeh hai India meri jaa !!!!

  • Yeh hai India meri jaan… !!!

  • Those are some coconuts! Wow. How that vehicle moved at all intrigues me.

  • That is so cool Indrani! I know what it's like because we do have them at home too mainly in the province. Not only coconut husks but human loads. Unbelievable but no casualty, touch wood according to Ozzie expression!

  • hehe, that's a loadful of coconuts! loving the shots as it gets nearer! ^-^

  • You don't see that every day.

  • my goodness! What a picture. 🙂

  • You have taken a lovely shot. I have seen this several times in India specially in Chennai and Kerala. It is so risky and dangerous but still people continues to do so and it is only possible in India.

  • Sure overloaded. All the best for your vacation! Hope to osee loads of pictures when you're back!

  • What an incredible car traffic 🙂
    It looks very funny
    on your road in India….. LOL
    Your best "fun" shot Indrani,
    I love it 🙂

    Have a nice vacation,
    take care ….

  • Fantastic shots! Have a wonderful vacation. I'm looking forward to seeing what other delightful scenes you will be able to share with us when you return.

  • That was quite incredible. I hope he had some extra air in the tyres. Falling on the side would have been quite a disaster.

    Have a good holiday!

  • Just found the "That's My World" photo meme and yours is the first I've clicked on….well worth it!! That is quite humorous and amazing that the little vehicle could even move. I love the way you photo'd it getting closer and closer–added a touch of mystery to the final photo, LOL!

    Planning to join in the fun soon! Thanks for sharing your world and have a great vacation 🙂

  • Overdesigned product? :-))

  • that is one HUGE load…

  • That's one huge impression! Coconut mountain, here I come!!

  • Hi Indrani! Sorry for the long delay, but after one year work, I got my official week off and, as always, the week before was terrible and the return awful… ;). Furthermore, there was 09.09.09, which for me was a bit depressing, as I entered a Club 60 I would prefer to postpone the joining… ;))
    I’ll try to find some more time in the coming week to enjoy your posts!! I've seen some of these, but this one is stunning!!

    Blogtrotter is now in Turkey. Enjoy and have a fabulous weekend!

  • Seen this so many times in India but never took pictures..that's the difference between a watcher and an artist, you being the artist of course! Also enjoyed your posts on Badami, Pattadkal and Aihole, brought back memories of my visit long time back. Cheers.

  • From the distance it looks like it is wearing an enormous wig!
    Have a wonderful vacation!

  • Amazing sight! I am not sure what the cargo is.

    Have a great holiday break.

  • The last one is amazing.

  • But how can go forward?
    Beautiful shots, and fun!

  • Wonderfull shots

  • The van must have had gone coconuts!

  • The van must have had gone coconuts!

  • Wow!!!
    That's awesome!

    🙂 Ribbon

  • ps… thanks again for taking the time to share you wonderful sightings 🙂

  • Amazing! What are they… fruits?

    (Coconuts? Reading another's comment)

    You would never see anything like that here. I love that image.

  • PS I just read your text too, that they are coconut husks. They must not be a daily sight for you either. But here driving like that would be absolutely forbidden! And we think of ourselves as a free country.. haha, this goes to show, there are much freer countries than ours. Thank you for this post and I hope you are having a lovely vacation.

  • have a nice vacation. 🙂

  • What a hair-do for a three wheeler.
    Enjoy your holiday.

  • Amazing!! I'm surprised the tires are still inflated under all that!!

    Enjoy your break!!

  • This is lovely shot !! Great…Unseen Rajasthan

  • wow what a picture – i remember the hay lorries that ply by palakkad fields..but this one beats them hollow

  • From far, it looks like a big bee hive!

  • Hi Indrani! Where are you? We miss you 🙁
    Have a great weekend!

  • Oh, it was so worth the wait..seeing those pictures!! Wonderful shots as usual.

    Hope you are having a wonderful month:) It's been awhile for me coming around and as usual..your pictures are inspiring and your stories..Thank you!

  • Amazing! Great shots!

  • That is really incredible! Good eye!

  • It looks like a wig! As if that vehicle had decided to sport an Afro or something. Hilarious!
    Indian roads have to be THE place to be if you want to get a load of amazing photos.

  • Unusual and beautiful pictures, Indrani!

  • Bizarre! But not surprising on Indian roads 🙂

  • I can't wait to see the other pictures from your vacation.

  • First time in your blog…loved going through it …read all the posts in one stretch …waiting for the next post …

  • What an interesting photograph Indrani. Hope you had a lovely month long vacation. Looking forward to more pictures.:)

  • wow, full packed!

  • nice photograph,your vacation really rock.

  • hum… interesting load!

  • That is unbelievable!?! It looks like he’s about to topple over at any minute!

  • That is excellent timing with that series of photos. From a distance, it doesn’t look anything out of ordinary, but a closer look, WOW! What an amazing sight.

  • This is soooo funny! At first I thought you got to capture a ‘wooly mammoth’… then I thought it was a hedgehog. Never thought that it would be a vehicle filled to the brim with coconut shells/bao! hahahaha

  • Wow! That vehicle truly is overloaded! I thought the jeepneys or motorbikes here in the Philippines as already carrying to much load when in the provinces. But this one is tops! hahaha

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