Doodling by Rabindranath Tagore

Rabindranath Tagore is recognized world wide for literature, but he had immense talent in other fields too. Art, music, dramatics… he was a genius in all of them and more. In this post I would like to highlight Rabindranath Tagore’s skill in doodling. Till I saw his doodling work exhibited in Uttarayan in Shantiniketan, I never knew this could be an art too! I was completely awestruck at the display of this kind of work there.

How did doodling take an artistic form? Tagore, while composing poems or prose would cross out a word or phrase. These pen-through erasures made him uneasy. His desire to rescue these islands of crossed out spots made him join them into some designs. Initially they would form some visually decorative pattern then they would form some kind of zoomorphic shapes.

You cane see more work in this site.


Doodling by Rabindranath Tagore
This is how the doodled work would look.
Doodling by Rabindranath Tagore indranipics

Def. ‘Doodle’ – Doodles are aimless scribble, design or sketch. But Rabindranath Tagore’s doodling was not aimless; there emerges order and elegance, a flight from chaos. This orderliness gave him a sense of ease. His was a different style. He scribbled, he daubed and dabbled with child like abandon. Some psycho analysts tried to study his work; all they could conclude was that such art work was his pure fancy and playfulness.

The book: Doodled Fancy

Doodled Fancy

The way he cancelled date that was written by him. Pic is from the book.


No photography is permitted, but I was lucky to lay my hands on the book “Doodled Fancy”. Many of his doodled work are compiled in this book by Dinkar Kowshik. The pics in the book are in B&W. Some of the original doodling work was done in colors. Sharing some of the pics here.

Souvenirs from Shantiniketan
Taal Gachh, The Palm Tree, Tagore's Poem

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