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You have to be really really brave to steer through the Bangalore traffic! Just the other day I had to reach Jalahalli from Kaggadasapura, a distance of 22kms, it took me one hour and 45 mins!!! Google maps will show you 35mins without traffic and 1hr 7 min with traffic! I may not be an excellent driver and the traffic is not the same everyday… whatever the reasons the time duration for that distance is impossible for me. Add to it, after reaching my destination I had to spend another 6 to 7 mins hunting for a parking space. You can imagine how my meeting would have gone after that!Seriously, Bangalore is bursting with traffic! I am not mentioning the battle with cattle on some of the roads, or sudden declaration of one way traffic on some of the roads. ‘Take life (read traffic) the way it comes’ is my motto. But how long!

I had to look out for solutions for quick and easy travel in the city. There have been harassed daily commuters like me before. Some among them are my friends whose advice was to go in for cab services in Bangalore. Wise words there, I thought. With a last, longing look at my car I made up my mind to try out the Bangalore cab services.

Cab services in Bangalore

Cab services in Bangalore

Necessity is the mother of invention! In Bangalore too the necessity of reliable and quick travel has seen the mushrooming of several cab services. They are catering to the various needs of public, both men and women. The positive trends are convenience of booking. One can book through web or phone. Payment can be done through cash or card. GPS devices fit in most cars, you can check on that factor before booking and boarding. Some of these cab service agents provide drivers too. The car is yours and they provide the driver, and that saves a lot of money.

It is hard to say which the best cab service provider in Bangalore is. Sometime back a friend of mine had to reach airport. It was during the evening rush hours. His father had planned to drop him off at the airport, but to their bad luck their car had a breakdown and now stranded in the way their only savior could be a cab service. Cruising through the rush hour traffic and reaching in time seemed to be the priority then. Luckily for him the cab service he dialed responded promptly. Though there were some last minute tensions, he finally made it to airport on time.

I have been availing their service for some time now. What I experienced so far has been good. The drivers seem well trained, though I wouldn’t want to comment on their character. They have been on time always and couple of times when I delayed a bit they politely reminded me they to attend another customer after my drop and didn’t want to upset the next customer. Another thing which impressed me is their knowledge of roads. They know exactly which lanes to be avoided and which ones has been declared one way. They always seemed to have updated info on the roads which I never could master.

Cab services in Bangalore are here to stay!

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14 Responses to “Cab Services in Bangalore

  • It's part of everyday life in Bangalore, Bangalore will take lot of time to develop traffic free infrastructure

  • I too experienced the Bangalore traffic once visited and I think most of the cities experience similar. I agree, taxies are easy approach these days and best option if one wants to reach without tension driving through traffic. Because of this my father gives away driving if wanted to drive into city.

  • You mentioned the NO problem of Bangalore as on Today… I drive limited but I know what it means sitting an hr sometimes for a travel of just 1-2 km in Whitefield area…Yes! Cab drivers are really experts in the field and in exigencies depending on their Services is really the best option compared to own driving… Thanks for sharing the right Article of the times!

  • Yes cab service is improving a lot in Bangalore. 2 min for booking and 5 min they are there. No need to fight with auto guys anymore.

  • A small correction to my earlier comment…. I meant to say it is NUMBER ONE problem…. Sorry for the error in typing!

  • I knew what you meant Sreedhar Sir! 🙂 Thank you very much for your comment.

    Many thanks friends for the comments.

  • You said it. I face it very day. May be once metro train becomes functional on all routes the menace would come down.

  • oh.. the traffic in Mumbai has gone to the dogs too… 🙁 its such a pity, a once lovely city has just been reduced to noise, cars and frustration… can totally understand what you must have gone through…
    all the best to us!

  • agree with you.. the good part is you pay what you use .. unlike auto's here who are not ready to go by meter and charges so hefty amount for small distances even and double at night

  • I could relate with you. I've driven in B'lore. In fact, it's the city, where I paid maximum penalty because of one way traffic rules in most areas.

  • Very timely post indrani.Your blog is so nice with good stuff,are you not applied for adsense..?

  • Thanks friends for the comments. We just need a safe drive which saves time. 🙂

    Thank you Murthy Sir for your compliment on my blog. Adsense – yes I need to think seriously about it. 🙂

  • You have a very interesting blog, Indrani.

    I would not be a good taxi driver in Bangalore!

  • Useful insight information about taxi service in Bangalore. We can see the revolution in cab rental domain these days. Seems like an emerging business with lot of new inventions and technical enhancement for user convenience. Thanks for sharing this info, I will keep in mind when in Bangalore.

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