How Google Maps Help You to be Local Travel Guide

I am just back from participating in a road-trip cum experiential activity conducted by Google India team. Sanket Gupta, programme manager of Google Maps India headed this team of journalists and bloggers. Prior to this my Google Maps usage was limited to finding shortest route or traffic scene in real time and sometimes to explore tourist spots. But this trip with Google team enabled me to understand other features of Google Maps app that help make travel smooth and fun.

Top 8 Tips to Enhance Google Maps usage

Before I explain further how the trip to Mysore from Bangalore was done with Google Maps here is a short explanation on top 8 tips to enhance Google Maps usage:

1. Multi waypoint directions

With this feature you fix your location, final destination and then add couple of places to halt. It is easy to plan the itinerary now.

Open the apps, tap the corner menu, click ‘add stop’. You can add several stops in this manner. To rearrange the order of stops you need to drag them up and down.

Sanket Gupta Google Maps

Sanket Gupta, programme manager of Google Maps India

2. Search along route

You can search along the way for fuel, restaurants, grocery stores and cafes. The icons pop up along the route and you can reroute the path to follow.

3. Live Traffic & Traffic Alerts

This needs no introduction, particularly for Bangalore commuters who are always caught in a jam. You can find with this feature what the traffic will be along the route. This will help you to avoid spots with possible traffic jams.

Sunset at Srrangapatna

Sunset at Srirangapatna taken during road trip with Google Maps

4. Offline Maps

Many a time your travels take you remote places where there is no connectivity. This offline maps feature is of great help then. You can plan ahead and download the map of the route. Offline maps work even in no connectivity situation so it is available for use later.

5. Add a pit stop with Search along Route

This feature helps to determine which stop would be closer. You may have crossed a fuel station and the next one is quite a distance away, Google maps help you decide how long a stop will add to the trip while keeping you on your route.

Traffic Alerts Google Maps

Traffic Alerts on Google Map


6. Hire a cab

This feature in Google Maps apps helps to compare all commuting options in a city. There is a dedicated tab in the apps that gives information for cab services; this is in addition to existing driving, public transport, and walking options. Commuting in a new big city gets easier with this.

For example in Bangalore the apps will enable to choose from Ola or Uber cab services. From the providers’ apps you will be able to see fare estimates, pick up times and whether a car is available nearby.

7. Find and Share Hidden Gems with ‘sharing location and photos’

This feature in the apps enables you to explore, review and share experiences of places.

  • You can get information like opening hours, price and peak hours of restaurants.
  • You can also call up and visit their websites.
  • See reviews of the place by others and also contribute reviews.
  • Sharing with friends from Google maps apps through email, sms and even through whatsapp is possible.
Contribution to Google Maps

Adding new place to Google Maps

8. Share your local expertise

You can become a local guide if you are an expert of your area. Keep adding reviews, contribute pictures and add new destinations.

How to sign up as local guide in Google Maps? Sign up directly from within Google maps app. You can unlock great benefits such as Google Drive 100 GB storage for 1 year and exclusive invitation to events.

How Google Maps Help You to be Local Guide

Here is my experience of road trip to Mysore with Google Maps Apps.

The start point was ITC Gardenia Bangalore, final destination Raddison BLU, Mysore. Our plan was to take a leisurely drive. Normally a trip to Mysore, a distance of 157kms without halts will take approximately 3hours 40minutes. We added some halts to the road trip to Mysore.
A – Panchamukha Ganesha Temple (sight seeing)
B – Rasta Café for lunch (restaurant)
C – Halt for tea/snacks at Empire near Srirangapatna (restaurant)
So the redesigned map looked like this. The drive time had increased to 4hours 24minutes.

How Google Maps Help you

Add stops between present location to final destination

At the first halt at Panchamukha Ganesha Temple we paused for around 10 minutes and took several photographs. We did the first exercise of adding picture and review of the place to Google Maps. Similarly at Rasta Café, where we halted for lunch, all of us added pictures and review of the restaurant in Google Maps.

Panchamukha Ganesha

Picture contributed to Google Maps

Add New Place to Google Maps

Next activity was to add a place to Google Maps. (This is important) We selected a modest souvenir shop on the way, a Chennapatna Toy shop. Since this was not a recognised place yet in Google Maps we contributed this place to the map. For contributing – Add name of the shop (Kaveri Handicrafts Emporium), address (nearby landmark), category (toy shop) time of functioning, phone numbers.

You can add travel and tourist related info in this manner. (Take care not to add defence related confidential info or defence strategic landmarks.) This will help small time businesses too to get recognized and you will be contributing to responsible tourism. After you add the place Google verifies it. So it will take some time before the place gets marked on Google Maps. Subsequently you will get a notification or mail from Google stating “your suggestion… has been added to map”.

Final Destination

After a halt at Empire Restaurant near Srirangapatna we reached our final destination Radisson BLU, MYsuru.

I am now a Level 2 Local Guide in Google Maps

I am now a Level 2 Local Guide in Google Maps

By the end of this trip I had 7 points in my kitty of “Your Contributions”. I had got promoted from Local Guide Level 1 to Local Guide Level 2.

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  • I have never tried adding a picture to Google maps. In fact, I never even knew that you could! You’ve got me thinking though… I wonder if being active in this way on Google maps, adding pictures and leaving reviews, actually helps to publicize your Google plus profile at all. Do you know?

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  • Google map has lots of uses, especially during travel. I haven’t used it so extensively. I will experiment with google map in my next trip. Thank you for such a great tips.

  • I used to use google maps when I traveled for business and it has some great features. nice post thanks for sharing

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  • Google maps is a great app. I’ve been relying so much at google maps whenever i travel places even locally. I even like it so much better than waze app. I usually download specific places for offline use just so when i need help whenever i dont have connection. Very helpful!

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  • Laveena Sengar
    1 year ago

    That’s so cool. I didn’t know that you could hire a cab with Google maps. That is something new. I Am sure that this would have been a great experience for you. All the best 🙂

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  • I love using Google maps tough I hadn’t heard of the local guide feature … we mainly find benefit from the search along route feature and keeping on top of the traffic status where-ever we are. So many more functions than I realized though!

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    Thanks for sharing this informative post. I must try all these features soon.

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  • I am using Google maps every single day … Its so useful for travelers …:-) Thanks for sharing with us, great post

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  • Great post, thanks for sharing! I’ll be honest though, in my recent trip to India I found Google Maps to be a little hit and miss! For the most part it was great, although there were a lot of times where it had the names of my surrounding areas completely wrong, and routing me the completely wrong way. However, that was in more rural areas so I guess it can be forgiven!

  • I wasn’t aware of all these features. I will be using the along the way feature today to find grocery stores for last minute pickups.

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  • Google Maps really has saved us a lot of times when traveling. Only issue is that it is not always up to date. Have been multiple times that we have tried to go somewhere that no longer exists. Luckily that is just a small percentage of the total times the app has been used. 🙂

  • Been using Google Maps in all sorts of ways for years now. Cant really imagine traveling without it. By far the most useful travel app in existence!

  • It’s amazing how Google Maps have got the smallest of turns and narrowest of streets also on their database. It’s been about couple of years since I started using Google Maps. Initially there were a few hiccups as we had seen dead ends while Google Maps used to tell us to go ahead. Couldn’t have broken a wall or made my car do rock climbing as such.

    We’d also seen situations where Google would say take right, and then take right another right and we ended up in the same place again. :-p.

    But of late it has been a wonderful experience. I mean, to give you a heads up about traffic situation also is a real breakthrough superb breakthrough. It really helps. From my office to work there are 3 routes available. So I’ve been making it a point to check the traffic before leaving and it really helps. Being able to avoid that stressful traffic is blessing any day.

  • On my last trip to Sri Lanka we decided to rent a car and Google Maps were a real life saving app. Since it was our first time in the country, we didn’t speak the language and the signs in the road weren’t that simple, the app took us were we wanted to go. I’m glad to know that it has a lot of other features. Can’t wait to try them out.

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