A Morning in Meteora, Greece

Again a photo essay! I have taken so many pictures there and I want to share them with you here. I hope you are not bored with monastery photographs.

The morning of 29th Dec 2014 was spent clicking the glorious sights of Meteora. The sky exhibited huge contrasts in terms of color and brightness. At the east end it was blue and bright but the other end was dark and grey. Whatever the weather the Monasteries seemed to rule perched on the peaks! Photographers who did not want to miss the magic moment, the sunrise positioned themselves well at various locations.

(You can click on the pics to enlarge them.)

The westward sky that day, grey clouds threatening to rain any moment. St. Nikolaos Anapafsas Monastery.

The dead end? Motor-able road ended here  but there was a way for the trekkers.


This picture has 4 of the 6 monasteries. To your left bottom is the Roussanou Monastery, the one slightly above it with red roof is the St. Nikolaos Anapafsas Monastery, the topmost one is the Great Meteoron Monastery and the one to you right is the Varlaam Monastery.

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35 Responses

  1. ladyfi says:

    Majestic shots. Love the monastery perched on the side of the cliff.

  2. Magnificent captures!

  3. Immense thanks for posting pictures of places that I may not see.From the captions given and the introduction you must be maintaining a diary with photos given number.So methodical and meticulous as I can see.

  4. Sylvia K says:

    Superb captures as always and I, too, love the monastery on the side of the cliff!! Great, stormy skies for the day as well!!

  5. TexWisGirl says:

    oh, these are marvelous! that first image is spectacular!

  6. Fly Girl says:

    Gorgeous shots! Greece is really beautiful but I feel the emotion behind your images as well.

  7. Fascinating! That a great place to be visited!

  8. Joyful says:

    Fantastic photos! I can't imagine anyone living on such cliffs. I can't even imagine climbing to the spot but have seen such places on television. Very intriguing.

  9. Uppal says:

    All images are splendidly captured!

  10. Amazing photos and views

  11. Haddock says:

    Those monastries at the end of the cliff is a real marvel.
    Photo essays are the best way to put across what you have to say in the shortest possible way.

  12. Gattina says:

    I have been there too ! It's just amazing !

  13. afanja says:

    Beautiful shots of an amazing location.

  14. eileeninmd says:

    Amazing places and captures, Indrani! Have a happy weekend!

  15. fredamans says:

    Such beautiful photos. I love the monastery!

  16. Really wonderful photos!! Amazing to me how they build some of these building right into the side of the mountain.

  17. this looks like a setting from a Agent 007 movie. Beautiful but I think I would be very insecure there.

  18. The Place appears to be a Photographer's Paradise on the Earth! Well clicked….

  19. Beautiful shots of an amazing Photo and nice location……

  20. Such beautiful views…superb shots!

  21. very beautiful pics 🙂

  22. Carver says:

    Stunning landscapes and photographed so well.

  23. D.Nambiar says:

    Amazing!!! Love this set of pictures. I can't ever get tired of seeing landscapes like this.

    More photographs, please. 🙂

  24. Beautiful pictures…very nicely presented..

  25. Thomas Lee says:

    Wow! Amazing hill top monastery

  26. Mridula says:

    This is such a feat to the eyes.

  27. Onkar says:

    very striking photos

  28. Thank you, thank you for these lovely shots….it has been 50 years since we were there and these are wonderful reminders.

  29. divsi says:

    wow wow!! such a pretty place!

  30. your pics are soul of your posts !

  31. OMG Indrani ! One of those posts when I felt lucky to be here … Amazing pics! Stupendous …. astounding .

  32. Great photos Indrani. I always love the pictures of photographers at work.

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