World Heritage Sites In South India

There are 29 World Heritage Sites in India recognized by the UNESCO. Of these 23 are cultural sites, remaining six are natural sites. The sites are distributed fairly across the length and breadth of the country. South of India has nine of them. If you have been craving to visit the World Heritage sites in south of India, now is the time. Winters are not so severe and weather is most pleasant. Depending on the number of days you plan to tour various sites can be visited.

A fifteen days itinerary can help cover the nine World Heritage Sites in south of India at a relaxed pace and a great learning experience. Day one start from Mumbai: see Elephanta Caves which got its status in 1987. Day two fly to Aurngabad, spend two days seeing Ajanta and Ellora caves, these two places got the status in 1983. Day four fly to Goa, spend the day leisurely seeing the Churches and convents of Goa. The next day can be spent leisurely strolling the beaches of Goa. Day six fly to Bangalore and then take connecting transport to Hampi. From Hampi you can make a trip to Pattadakal which got its heritage status in 1987.There is lots to see in these two places, even after the end of four days here you may have the urge to extend your stay here.

 Shot taken in Ellora caves, Aurangabad. 

Day eleven leave for Chennai, with Chennai as base you can cover the other three world heritage site, Mahabalipuram, Chola temples and Mountain railways of Nilgiris, which is a recent (2005) addition to the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites of India. At the end of fifteen days you will be rich with memories of sights of these sites!

Go ahead make your plans and have a grand tour of the World Heritage Sites of India!

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