Wordless Wednesday – 423 #CaptionThis

Inviting your captions and titles on my wordless Wednesday moments.

Do you see humour in everyday scenes of life? Or say in pictures around you? Do they provoke you to think? Unexpected, strange, incongruous or ironic things happen to all of us from time to time. This photo project of mine with such captures is shared with you to create your own spontaneous puns and other verbal humour. #CaptionThis image is a meme in my blogs from August 2010. See other images here: Wordless Wednesday

wordless wednesday vines
Thank you very much dear friends for all your lovely captions in my previous post of wordless Wednesday moment.

wordless wednesday 422
1. Sometimes the full picture is missing. by Photowannabe
2. “Would you please leaf us alone” by Steve
3. Dr: Your Xray says your bones are healthy! by Merlinda Little
4. The picture signifies beginning and ending…what is left are memories…ingrained in each leaf. by Eleanor Llabore
5. It’s like looking at the sky and seeing light amidst the shades of black. by Shaira Habon


ABC Wednesday (V for Vines)stevebethereOutdoor Wednesday 

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31 Responses

  1. Mysterious photo….wonder what it is what I am looking at 😉

    Have a voicefilled ABC-day / -week
    ♫ M e l ☺ d y (team ABC-W)
    preview round 21 starting july 12th

  2. “Is anybody there? let me out”

    Have a captiontastic week 🙂

  3. leslie says:

    Nature encroaching on civilization.

    abcw team

  4. This is my camo look!

  5. Open the windows, now!

  6. Excuse me, I had asked for the route to your home.

  7. Yogi Saraswat says:

    कोई मुझे बाहर निकालो

  8. NISHU SHARMA says:

    Lovely door

  9. Beth F says:

    Do you think I need a haircut and a shave?

  10. magiceye says:

    Survival of the fittest!

  11. blogoratti says:

    These roots run deep, live visible veins. Greetings.

  12. Sreesha says:

    Camouflaging history…

  13. I may look so old, but people still appreciate my beauty.

  14. through the test of time..

  15. Teresa says:

    Roots, roots, roots! Are you firmly rooted or still wandering? Where are you rooted?

  16. Nathalie says:

    Mother Nature taking back what is hers.

  17. Joanna says:

    No matter how cruel humanity is, the nature will always find it’s way.

  18. theresa says:

    I can remember my aunt’s old house so I think my caption would be,

    Nostalgic Nook

  19. It is a very interesting capture.. it looks creepy yet very intriguing.. it seems like this place has so much story to tell

  20. Test of strength…

    By the way, it’s a great photo. Have you taken it by yourself?

  21. Mumwrites says:

    I thought this would be appropriate:
    A window to the “otherworld”
    as the photo has this ethereal, otherworldly vibe to it! 🙂

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