Specially Designed Women’s Rucksacks from Wildcraft

Frequent travels, that too for short duration calls for wise packing. It is really difficult to strike that perfect balance between what to take and what not to take. Pack too much and you end up dragging all and chances of that happening is more with suitcases. Rolling bags prove to be so unpractical; I have begun to prefer backpacks to rolling suitcases now. Stuff backpacks with the essentials, strap it on to your back and you are ready to go. Here are some more advantages of backpack over rolling bags over rolling bags.

  • Ideal for weekend trips
  • Ideal for hotels with no lifts
  • No fear of your luggage being dumped
  • The risk of wheels giving away
  • Easy mobility with backpacks in rains
  • Prevents over packing

If you have experienced any of the above difficulties you will find backpacks to be a boon.  Just switch over to backpacks and travel life gets a lot easier. However when it comes to choosing the back pack for women not just any backpack would suffice. There are specially designed backpacks for women travelers. Women’s back are of delicate built, so continuous long distance travels with a backpack even for a couple of days can take a toll on their back.

Outdoors with Backpack

Women’s Rucksacks by Wildcraft

WildCraft has proved that it is a socially responsible brand by designing an entire range of women’s rucksacks. The design ensures no harm to back during long travels. I have highlighted these features of the rucksack that is women’s physique friendly

  • Elasticized and contoured waist belt to fit a woman’s curves better
  • Airway back system to prevent your back from sweating while you trek
  • Inbuilt aluminum stay and shaped back to transfer the load to the lumbar for better support and load management
  • Very thick
  • padded shoulder straps

Women's Rucksack

Space within Rucksacks

Let us have a look at the space it offers. The backpack has 10 zips! Yes 10 of them that enable storage space of different sizes and shapes.

  • Dual compartment hood to give you extra space for storage
  • Snow skirt closure at the top to give you extra expandable storage space
  • Dual waist belt pocket provides easy access to essential items
  • Internal zippered compartment to separate shoes, soiled clothes or store a sleeping bag
  • Side zip pockets with gusset for easy access to food and other essentials
  • Front zip for easy access to the main compartment

Space in Rucksack

Added Features of Women’s Rucksacks

The compression straps are a great feature. They make it easy for you to squeeze the bag and make it more compact.

  • Compression straps for better load management
  • Bottom compression straps to tighten the load. Can be used to store a sleeping bag.

Women's Rucksack from wildcraft

Add to that there is

  • Detachable hood that converts to a waist-pouch or sling. You can keep your valuables in this and strap it to your waist.
  • Additional front Molle loops for extra gear storage.
  • Front quick access pocket for bug sprays, tissues
  • External gear loop to hold a walking stick, camera stand and other accessories

Specifications of Chogolisa 50L

  • Material Specifications: 210 Nylon Ripstop, 420D Nylon Dobby
  • Dimensions: 31inches in height, 12inches width  and 9inches diameter
  • Weight: 1.7kg
  • Capacity: 40 L – 60 L

Care and usage

Since the material is nylon it is hand washable with mild soap. No machine wash required. All you need to do after use is rinse well and air-dry. Basic protection from mould and dirt, and keeping it away from direct sunlight would suffice.

List of Women’s Rucksacks from Wildcraft

Several models of the Wildcraft’s women’s rucksacks available in market are following. They all come with 5 years warranty:

  • Manaslu 50L in 3 colors
  • Chogolisa 50L in 2 colors
  • Pandim 45 Rucksack in 3 colors
  • Rucksack Pumori 40L in 3 colors
  • Spiti 35 Rucksack in 2 colors

Women's Rucksack by Wildcraft

Disclaimer – I was given the bag by WildCraft in exchange for my review. Opinions are completely mine. I am excited about the super quality of the rucksack and intend to use it at the first opportunity.

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49 Responses to “Specially Designed Women’s Rucksacks from Wildcraft

  • महिलाओं को ही क्यों, सभी को इसका लाभ मिलेगा।

  • Wildcraft has amazing range of products. I recently used their shoes for a trek in Nepal and loved it. I have not tried their rucksacks but would love to give it a shot. My eyes are set on their Gangotri range since so many years now.

  • I have never heard of the Wildcraft brand before but the rucksack looks pretty sturdy. I’m not really a fan of pink rucksacks since it’s so conspicuous and may get dirtier than a regular black one so I hope it comes in more colors! 10 zips also sound pretty nifty!

  • I’ll be honest, I’m still a rolling case kind of girl, but this rucksack from Wildcraft sure looks practical! It also looks huge! Did you find it heavy while travelling?

  • That is a mega backpack! I think my daughter could have used something like that when she walked the Camino a couple of years ago. Love the color!

  • Awesome. Nice review on Rucksacks, Wildcraft.

  • Despite many many travels, I haven’t used my suitcase in 2 years! They’re so annoying to roll in cobblestone streets and my husband always has to carry it up the stairs for me (even though I pack light). Backpacks all the way!!

  • I always carry a backpack while travelling and recently have been considering replacing my old one with new. Came across your post on perfect time :). The wildcradt backpack seems perfect for us ladies, thanks for sharing Indrani.

  • I have a simple Fastrack Backpack which has been my trust worthy friend for several weekend trips! I love them much more than any luggage or suitcases! I love this purple color of your rucksack. Good to know that it has airway back system!

  • I’m not familiar with the Wildcraft brand, thanks for the intro. I think she has found her ideal backpack, but I’ll share this post with my wife anyway. She (and I both) prefers smaller, carry-on sizes, let’s see what this brand has for those.

  • We had seen these rucksacks at a Wildcraft showroom recently. They are really spacious and yes, the various pockets would make it organized. Should try it out.

  • Interesting backpack!

  • Seems like this backpack is very good. I haven’t used this brand but when I’m changing my current one, I will have this in mind.

  • I agree ,it seems to be agood option to replace the rolling bags with backpacks

  • I didn’t realize that there were special rucksacks designed for women though it makes total sense. The detachable hood converting to a valuables pouch is a clever feature. Thanks for sharing!

  • Looks like a pretty good backpack! It’s been years since I last travel with anything other than a backpack and my duffel which also has straps.

    It’s so much easier to carry a backpack around vs other bag types.

  • I’ve given up my suit case the day I discovered backpacks. It just feels more mobile and just easier to handle. I love backpacks and this seems to be a really good one.

  • Looks like an awesome rucksack and that too specially designed for women travelers. Having 10 zips, is definitely a cherry on top, giving plenty of extra storage.
    Would definitely recommend this to my female traveler buddies.

  • Nice review. I’d consider checking out this backpack if I need to a new one next time. Thanks for sharing!

  • Megan Jerrard
    6 months ago

    Thanks for this, I hadn’t come across bags by Wildcraft before, but am so glad I stumbled onto your post. Women really do have a different build to men, so it’s wonderful to have options that have been specifically designed to our body type. Thanks for the tip!

  • It is so important to get the right backpack. If you do not your hiking experience could be a whole lot more uncomfortable than it need to be.

  • WE travelled for two months with suitcases and I have to say at times I wish we took backpacks! As a female, this one you are talking about sounds brilliant!

  • That’s really great! Now journeys will be less tiring for women especially solo travelers.

  • It’s always a struggle to find the right backpack. It is nice to know that they can design ones that fit your body since women come in all shapes and sizes. A very informative post, thank you!

  • Sandy N Vyjay
    6 months ago

    Backpacks and rucksacks are really comfortable for traveling. Especially if it involves rough terrain. Wildcraft is a brand that definitely provides value for money and lives up to its brand promise. I am sure their Women’s rucksacks are of the best quality.

  • This is really interesting, I might look at this product for my wife, it will surely help her and me during our frequent trips.

  • This is a really great bag especially for those who are always on the go. By that I mean, those who are always travelling or going to places. But, I think this bag’s not for me, it may be quite heavy for a tiny girl like me especially I have a tendency to overpack even for an overnight stay! Haha. But, the features are really great!

  • Really great bag for everyone , making travels wo perfil and colourful!😊😊

  • Nice stylish and functional bags! I like the compression straps specifically. You know when it’s time to squeeze all the stuff when you travel. Not to mention, trying to put it all in one bag.

  • Such an ideal bag for hiking and trekking. Surely if I still work, I would have bought a similar bag. I used to travel.and hike a lot and that bag is just perfect. My husband would surely lile one, perhaps a more masculine type.

  • I am not so sure if I am up for this since I frequently experience back pains. But I love that their rucksacks are functional yet stylish. Will recommend this to friends who love hiking and trekking.

  • I am not so sure if I am up for this since I frequently experience back pains. But I love that their rucksacks are functional yet stylish. Will recommend this to friends who love hiking and trekking. 🙂

  • These are nice because they’re actually stylish and not just practical. I’ll pass this list on to my friends looking. I love the purple color!

  • Yep i also have started the backpacker’ life, it is easier for everything

  • This sounds like a really useful backpack for women.I always like such a backpack as we travel with the kid.So,having free hands is always helpful to carry or take care of the kid while all my belongings are safe on the backpack.Features of this bag sound of a comfortable bag.I will check the product details on their site…Thanks for the detailed review!

  • Indrani- While backspacks are great, I think if it had a backpack plus wheels, I would gladly take it. I travel with heavy backpacks and I know the impact it has on legs and back. Once in a while wheels are good 🙂

  • Rucksacks are wonderful travel companions any day. They feel so comfortable and easy to carry. If there is one thing I would suggest to every traveler to make their journey comfortable, it has to be a good rucksack. The best part is they come in adjustable size and are easy to store ( take less space) when not in use. I mostly use Quechua backpacks and have 3 of them in different capacities. Going by the specifications, the Chogolisa 50L seems to be a good option to try. Does it also come with a rain cover?

  • Wow this rucksack looks beautiful. Definitely seeing myself getting one.

  • This is totally great! Perfect for camping, climbing, and all that jazz. Even if it for women, I beet my husband would love to use such magnificent bag like this. He’s always searching for the biggest yet coolest bag and I think I found the one.

  • now that I am engaging myself to some hiking activities recently.. i guess I need a heavy duty bag like this! I’m sure there are male versions of it… it looks heavy yet very spacious though..a perfect buddy for some outdoor activities like hiking and camping

  • Wildcraft always comes with travel friendly bags. They have a unique range and what I like about them the most is, that they never compromise with quality. Loved the back cushioning 😊

  • This is a nice backpack and I’m eyeing to have one. But how much is this?

  • Cool! I’ve been looking for a bag like this in the Philippines. Theyre actually hard to find and quite expensive. This one looks like it’s very durable and worth it though! 😀

  • Well, that is a cool backpack, no doubts there. I did not hear for or had a Wildcraft bag before but that is going to change soon. I travel a lot and need a good backpack. Think I bought 5 or 6 until now and I was not very satisfied with any of them. I will let you know how did I like this one.

  • It’s my first time hearing about the Wildcraft brand. But then again, I don’t really use rucksacks since I often use rolling suitcases. After reading this, I think I need one too. Moving is easier when traveling on rough roads and outside of the city destinations.

  • Damn! They look so trendy 🙂 Would definitely grab one for myself!

  • This is interesting, I didn’t know that there was a backpack designed specifically for women. I like the straps for the middle, it’s so much easier the balance the weight on your hips rather than your shoulders. I love the color, it looks great!

  • Been a huge fan of Wildcraft since childhood. i found their products good quality and pretty reasonable. And that colour- purple is so cool! 😀

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