Wolfstur, The Great Bronze Portal of Aachen Cathedral

This is the great bronze portal of Aachen Cathedral. These heavy bronze doors were cast in one piece in 800 AD. This door is also called the Wolfstur (wolf’s door).

There is an interesting story about the lion’s mouth in the right door. If you stick your finger you can feel devil’s thumb. According to a legend, the city fathers of Aachen ran into financial difficulties during the construction of the cathedral. They approached the devil for help. The devil agreed to help under the condition that he would take the soul of the first person to enter the Cathedral as his compensation. He wanted the soul of the bishop who would enter first to inaugurate the cathedral. The citizens agreed and the construction was completed.

Now the citizens devised a plan to trick the devil. They chased a wolf through the portal, and the devil tore its soul out. The devil realized how he was tricked and in his rage he shut the doors with such force that the door cracked. His thumb too was caught in it in this impact and is believed to be caught in the lion’s mouth. I saw tourists put their hand in the lion’s mouth to feel the devil’s thumb. I too tried feeling it. There is a statue of the wolf near the entrance, inside.

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