Visit Victoria Memorial Hall, a Landmark of Kolkata

Visit Victoria memorial Hall, a historical monument, is a must visit place in Kolkata. It is Kolkata’s most famous landmark. It is almost impossible to give it a miss. The iconic structure is built entirely of white marble and easily stands out. It is distinct and elegant with its unique combination of British and Mughal architectural motifs. The building was the result of a British national’s attempt to create a replica of the Taj Mahal!

Lord Curzon, who represented the British during its rule in India, built this monument in memory of Queen Victoria. The Hall is a huge museum that needs at least 3 hours for a viewer to do moderate justice to its contents. The exhibits are all well-catalogued and displayed. Ticket charges are nominal.

Visit Victoria Memorial Hall gardens
Visit Victoria Memorial Hall statue


Displays in Victoria memorial Hall

Victoria Memorial Hall has a notable collection of weapons, sculptures, paintings, maps, coins, stamps and several other artifacts. The historical section is well-documented and presented. I could easily follow the chronology of events that led to Britain’s complete domination of India. The highlights of the Royal gallery in the Victoria Memorial Hall are the portraits of the Queen and Prince Albert. Numerous other paintings illustrate events from the Queen’s life. They offer a map of displays at the entrance to the museum. It would be good to plan out the tour inside and visit those that interest you.

Visit Victoria Memorial Hall facade


Visit Victoria Memorial Hall Kolkata


Most striking features of  Victoria memorial hall are the arches. The entrance arches soar through two high storeys. They are dominated by a colonnaded dome and capped by three tons of bronzed and victorious angel.

The most disappointing fact of  the visit Victoria Memorial Hall is that, photography wasn’t permitted inside the Hall. Museums have this unusual rule, though there is no single formula followed by museums uniformly worldwide. While the Louvre in Paris allows photography, a few museums in Italy do not permit using cameras. The Vatican museum permits photography. Strange!

Visit Victoria Memorial Hall

Visit Victoria Memorial Hall timings

Victoria Memorial Hall Museum is open on all days except Mondays. It is open 10AM to 5PM and is closed on all national holidays.

Victoria Memorial Hall Garden is open from 5.30 AM to 7 PM throughout the year and closes at 6.45PM.


The tickets cost Rs.4 per person. Non Indians have different rates.


Victoria Memorial Hall,1,
Queen’s Way,
Kolkata – 700071

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