Two Local Sweetmeats of Bengal, Lomba Langcha and Morabba

Besides photographing the sights, searching out and eating local specialties is another favorite activity of mine at any tourist destination. During this tour too I relished 2 of most famous Bengal sweets Langcha and Morabba.

Bengal Sweets Langcha and Morabba

Lomba Langcha of Tarapith

Tarapith has a mouth watering delicacy, the ‘langcha’ for which one must pause. The origin of langcha can be traced to Shaktigarh of Burdwan district, West Bengal. These are made of cottage cheese, the dough of it rolled to desired shape and length, deep fried in oil and left soaking in sugar syrup. The specialty of Tarapith langcha is its length. They can be anywhere between 4 to 6 inches. You can learn to make langcha from Rumela Roy’s food blog. It has elaborate step by step procedure here: Langcha – Pantua.So, go to Tarapith with the single minded focus to devour the long langchas or lomba langcha with blessings of Ma Kali!

Bengal Sweets Langcha and Morabba

Morabba of Siuri, West Bengal

At Siuri we had the famous ‘morabba’. Morabba (also spelled as murabba) are pieces of fruits or vegetables boiled in spice flavored sugar syrup. It is an Arabic word that means sweet or savory jams. I found an amazing variety of fruit and vegetable pieces ranging from papaya, pineapple slices to carrots, imagine carrot murabba! From here I picked up some of the morabba varieties and it goes well with Indian bread. There are a couple of shops selling different types of murabba, right next to the main bus stand of Siuri.


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