Tuk-tuk, Thailand

A tuk tuk driver relaxing in his tuk-tuk. He seemed to be taking a break. This tuk tuk looked very strange to me. I was wondering which direction it would move. Seeing the rear view mirror I assume it would move right to left in the picture. Tourists will be seated in front and the driver would steer them to places I guess. That would be quite an effort too. What do you think?

The shot was taken in Sukhothai, Thailand. Presenting this shot here for the topic β€œLEISURE” for Thursday Challenge.

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37 Responses

  1. Oh I love the tuk-tuk! What a cute little contraption! Even the name is so cute! Lovely capture here, thanks for sharing.

  2. Sylvia K says:

    What a fun, colorful and delightful capture! A cute little contraption indeed! I, too, love the name! Thanks for the fun, Indrani!!

  3. My ! You get around!

    Aloha from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral
    > < } } ( Β° >

  4. magiceye says:

    It does look strangely placed πŸ™‚

  5. Bikramjit says:

    he sure is relaxing in there..

    and the tuk tuk is colorful tooo ..


  6. eileeninmd says:

    It is a cute and colorful means of transportation. Great capture, Indrani!

  7. Kati says:

    very colorful. He's seems relaxed!

  8. Wow is that ever colorful!! Beautiful shot

  9. I think tuk tuks can move either way !

  10. George says:

    This is a fascinating (and colorful) vehicle. I'll bet it would be a good way for a photographer to see the sights.

  11. These Tuk tuk are such fun to ride in, you get such an unusual view of the other traffic.

  12. Jo says:

    Oh how this reminds me of my life in Khartoum, Sudan! This is indeed a much more colourful tuk-tuk than I'm used to Indrani. It looks as though it should move from right to left but why the single wheel at the "back" with two wheels in the front. In any event, it makes for good touring and getting great photos. Hope you're having a lovely day. Greetings, Jo

  13. Carver says:

    Very colorful and fun looking.

  14. NixBlog says:

    I thought we were going to have an accident first time I was in one of these, but no, the driver was very skilful!

  15. Meoww says:

    I was wondering how many people would fit in there? Really Colorful!

  16. Hilary says:

    What a fun vehicle. I love the colour and its whimsy.

  17. I love the tuk-tuk whichever way it moves :p

  18. Kishor Kr says:

    Oh, yes. I’ve been in one. Nice click!

  19. I’ve seen them in movies and pictures. Didn’t know that they are called Tuk tuk. They are always so vibrant in color like our own trucks in small towns.

    Why don’t you click some of those trucks with their saucy captions and art!

    Loved it!

  20. I have never felt it in real, but seen it in movies. ty for sharing.

  21. Mridula says:

    Tuk tuk rides are fun till you get down to bargain the price!

  22. Quite tricky to guess. But nice TUK-TUK

  23. Arun says:

    Quite a colorful tuk tuk this is!

  24. vishal says:

    strange…I have never seen this kind of tuk tuk when I was in Thailand

  25. Hema says:

    How colorful and strange! You’re right, I cannot tell which way it’ll move πŸ™‚

  26. Such an interesting transport and an equally interesting name. It looks so colorful πŸ™‚

  27. I liked its name, “tuk-tuk” πŸ™‚

  28. I had travelled in one of those ages ago in Thailand, nice click!

  29. remind me of e rickshaw in delhi

  30. Stella says:

    I would guess left to right. One time my friends and I were visiting Bangkok and we decided to take a tuk tuk, much smaller than the one on your photo. We were 5 and imagined we’d have to take two of them but no, the driver insisted would all fit in one. Boy wasn’t that one hell of a ride!

  31. Ana says:

    I am fascinated with the word itself “Tuk Tuk.” I am wondering what does it mean. I guess it is also similar to the one we have here in the Philippines. Is Tuk Tuk the most dominant mode of transportation in Thailand? I am planning to visit Thailand by next year.

  32. We have a Philippine Tuk tuk version called tricycle. LOL. But of course, Tuk tuk is a must try in Thailand.

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