Tata Tigor Review Features and Drive Experience

King of budget car makers – TATA Motors are out with their new model – TATA TIGOR. I was one of the selected 30 bloggers to review this newly launched (open to public from 29th March 2017) car. The test drive experience was in Delhi. More of that as you scroll down. First on Tata Tigor Features.

Tata Tigor Features

Tata Tigor Features and Test Drive Review

Interior Features of Tata Tigor

Tata Tigor has got premium interiors with fine finish and made with attention to detail. I am really impressed with interiors of Tata Tigor! I don’t know how the interiors of your cars are after a drive with kids, but my present car seems to be hit by a tornado with bottles, magazines, tissue papers all scattered around. Somebody has put brains in designing the interiors in this. There seemed to be a place for everything inside. There are 24 utility spaces, no more excuse – “no place to keep things”! Travel with your world inside Tata Tigor!

They have given a premium black finish to the interiors with body colored highlights. The rear seat spans edge of door to edge; complete use of interior space, not a millimeter has been wasted. Tata Tigor is very intelligently designed with superior leg room and hand rest, seats are of luxurious patterns. Other noteworthy Tata Tigor features are: the car has a premium knitted roof liner, along with customizable air vents, lending a very upmarket and inviting feel.

Tata tigor interiors

tata tigor interiors

Another mention worthy feature of Tata Tigor is its boot space. Intelligent engineers of Tata Motors have used 4 way hinge in its rear door, it opens upwards in such a way that it doesn’t protrude into the luggage space. Compare this with gooseneck hinges that are used in other cars. There is no hindrance and entire space can be effectively used, that amounts to 420liters of bootspace.

Exteriors of Tata Tigor

Visually stunning and sporty, I heard someone commenting muscular too! During the presentation for us, Mr. Pratap Bose, Head of Design at Tata Motors spoke in length about how much effort went into creating an immediate and lasting IMPACT with the style of the car.

Quoting him here: “Tata Motors has worked intricately on the styling of the TIGOR, the 3rd vehicle based on the IMPACT Design philosophy. The product is smartly designed on the outside with EXpressive, EXciting’, and EXtraordinary exterior features. Its lively and dynamic stance exudes the feeling of youthfulness. On the inside, the TIGOR makes ‘INtelligent’ use of space and has ‘INviting’ interiors and connectivity features that will make owners feel ‘INtouch’ with the world inside and outside.”

Tata Tigor test drive

Infotainment System in Tata Tigor

Tata Motors collaborated with HARMANTM to design and engineer an acoustic audio and infotainment system. It is certified by the globally renowned Golden Ears and tuned by seasoned Harman audio experts. The infotainment system comes with a 5” touch screen enabled with video playback, voice command recognition, SMS readout and display for the rear parking assist camera. There are 8 high fidelity speakers designed to deliver a true and natural sound.

The TIGOR is equipped with dedicated apps (available only for android). These apps add to the connectivity experience and engagement between TIGOR and its occupant’s device.

  • For Navigation – NaviMaps
  • Sharing music on-the-go Juke Car App
  • Smart Bluetooth based remote – Tata Smart Remote
  • Tata Emergency Assist app adds to the safety by sharing the co-ordinates of the vehicle and informing the emergency contacts saved in the system in case of a collision.

Tata Tigor test drive

Safety Features in Tata Tigor

As much as you want to experience a car there are certain things you will never want to experience. One among them is the air bag! Tata Tigor is equipped with multiple safety features.

  • TIGOR has dual front airbags for maximum safety in case of a collision
  • An energy absorbing body structure
  • An advance Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) with Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD)
  • Corner Stability Control (CSC) for improved braking efficiency.

My Tata Tigor Ride Experience

Tata team had made good arrangements with 30 cars, 15 diesel variant and 15 petrol variant. Color code for the day was, Diesel – Platinum Silver and Petro – Copper Dazzle. The drive distance was 51kms from Andaz Hotel to Heritage Transport Museum near Bilaspur Kalan. There was a support car for tracking and assistance. Throughout the route there were signboards directing to destination. With 3 bloggers in each car, each of us got good distance to drive the car and feel the driving experience. We spent a couple of hours in Heritage Transport museum where we refueled and refreshed ourselves. While the onward trip was in petrol variant of Tata Tigor, for the return trip we were given diesel variant.

Tata Tigor Exteriors

It is always so refreshing to drive new cars, especially after driving the same car at home for years!

I drive around in the city a lot ferrying kids and for other household errands. For me the shift was from automatic car at home to these geared variants of Tata Tigor. Initially I was slightly cautious about the gear falling in slots. However to my surprise I found the transitions from gear to gear both backwards and forward was very smooth. I could do them with lot of ease. Steering was easy-peasy; Electric Power Assisted Steering (EPAS) is designed, that enabled light steering feel and easy maneuvering.

I glanced at the numerical display of gear in the dashboard to check which gear I was in. (This may be trivial for an experienced driver but for me it was useful). I was a little clueless though why there was tiny arrow mark beside the number of the gear. While speeding the arrow made sense to move to next gear but while slowing the arrow did not reverse.  It was easy to control on bends, sharp turns and climbs. Additionally the reverse parking and guidance system with rear view camera and ultrasonic sensors gave accurate display on the screen. This is really helpful.

It was an incident free, accident free drive. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Test drive with Tata Tigor in Delhi


Thanks to Indiblogger and Tata Motors for this opportunity. Opinions here are completely mine.

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19 Responses to “Tata Tigor Review Features and Drive Experience

  • The car looks are setting the mood for road trip.

  • So well designed, it’s indeed an ideal family car! 🙂 Very well reviewed dear, it was great meeting you at the event!

  • Very good, impressive and honest review!

  • Superb , Nice to read TATA Tigor review.

  • Andrea Broom
    11 months ago

    The car looks like its great when going on trips or camping.

  • utpal ghosh
    11 months ago

    Looks stunning, very comforting blog, this is a sure shit winner for TAMO.

  • Enjoyed driving the brand new Tata Tigor and liked the switch between the Petrol and Diesel versions. The ride was a lovely experience as it was well planned. The car does provide the joy of handling a sedan and with ease.

  • It’s a very cute car! I love the interior – quite modern. Would love to try it for road tripping through Thailand. How does it far against mountain roads?

  • I think this car model will fit the busy streets of Manila. It is compact with enough space for a small family. Seems ideal for city driving and weekend getaways. Not to mention, good designed interiors.

  • I don’t drive yet and I don’t have a car or a license. I have driven before however (illegally, lol) and I know that there is a huge difference between an automatic and a gear car. It’s good to know that you found the chance very easy and that the gears go in place smoothly. The car looks very nice, perfect for a city.

  • I’m not that much into cars but I don’t this particular brand here in the Philippines. However, I have to say that the interior is quite nice. It looks spacious in the photos. It reminds me of Toyota Wigo and Honda Jazz. Haha! Are there any colors?

  • Love.the color of the car. And the inside, it looks so chic and spacious. I love to drive especially if I bring the boys to school. When im alone going.home, I could think and be with myself and just listen to music. Driving recharges my soul.

  • Oooooh that color looks fantastic. It’s like walnut brown-ish. I think Tata Tigor is perfect for families or individuals who bring their entire house along. The interiors are very spacious and sleek.

  • Oooooh that color looks fantastic. It’s like walnut brown-ish. I think Tata Tigor is perfect for families or individuals who bring their entire house along. The interiors are very spacious and sleek. 🚗

  • Wow, I have just heard about this kind of car brand. I find the brand name catching and interesting, it’s like a common name of a strong man in the Philippines. So I think this brand is really top of the line in India as they still make their name known to public. Very well written and I like how you write every details of this car.

  • Nice car! Tata isn’t well known yet here in the Philippines but I’ve been seeing a couple of Uber cars using it. Which made me think that it’s really a budget friendly one. Love that it has built-in navigation. I wanted to get one for my car too but I had to replace the entire headunit to be able to to that so I’m settling with using my smartphone for navigating (for now). 😀 Thanks for sharing!

  • It looks good. It sounds safe also based on your review. For me, as long as it has good safety features and relatively affordable, it’s ok. My husband usually decides which vehicle we’re getting.

  • It’s my first time to hear about this tata tigor but it sure looks interesting! and the fact that price of it, it sure a perfect vehicle to own particularly if you are just a family of 4! Pretty much a good choice of car. 🙂

  • Seems like you’re a big fan of this brand. In Sweden Volvo is very hot. A good car must be safe in my opinion. The Volvo car is supposed to be (on of) the safest cars in the world. That’s why I like to drive Volvo.

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