Sukhothai, Thailand

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31 Responses

  1. Meena says:

    thts a excellent click!!

  2. Quite a striking pose. Are the ruins well preserved or almost destroyed? Recently I have been to a couple of places near Bangalore, at one of them the ruins are literally in ruins 🙁

  3. Thanks Meena. 🙂

  4. Hi Ramakant, the ruins are in good shape, though I guess there would have been more than what is seen now. The existing ones are taken care of well.

  5. TexWisGirl says:

    i hope they remain protected for generations to come.

  6. magiceye says:

    Wonderful place to visit!

  7. Sylvia K says:

    Such an amazing place and so much beauty/history!!

  8. Jidhu Jose says:

    great idea to explore there

  9. Friko says:

    If it weren’t such a long way from here I might explore these wonderful places.

  10. Interesting place.

  11. richies says:

    I recently watched a television program that featured Sukhothai. I envy you for being able to see it.

    An Arkies Musings

  12. Carver says:

    Fantastic shot and interesting post.

  13. The curves of this figure are pure music. Beautiful!

  14. Krishna says:

    beautifully captured…


  15. Oh I love these statues and have my own small collection too. Nice shot this, looking forward

  16. ladyfi says:

    What a lovely statue!

  17. Though I intend to visit Thailand and Cambodia, I fear iot may not be physically possible for me to cover the ruins spread out in 70 sqkms even in two days. May be I need to stay a day longer at Sukhothai. Thank you for this kind info.

  18. This statue of Budhdha is so graceful. Thanks for sharing Indrani

  19. Sahaj _ says:

    Amazing click!

  20. This is one beautiful place & picture 🙂

  21. Buddha statues are invariably so graceful, so serene looking. Lovely pic. And thanks for this post, it puts something new on my Thailand wanderlist. 🙂

  22. B.S.Rao says:

    Very new style till the date for me,especially Buddha in such a position.

  23. Kash Pals says:

    Informative post and amazing capture of Buddha.

  24. Beautiful statue! Looks like a lovely place!

  25. Very Interesting Post.. Thanks for sharing!

  26. Wow! The statue looks beautiful. Nice account of the place 🙂

  27. Short and sweet post !

  28. I never seen Buddha in standing position even in Boddh gaya too . Amazing picture with short and workable description Indrani Ji !!

  29. I have never seen Budha in this pose. Thanks for the share.

  30. Sri Kri says:

    Lovely pose of Buddha.Thanks a lot for sharing.

  31. D.Nambiar says:

    I am a lover of Buddha statues. You make me want to visit Sukhothai. Someday… I hope. 🙂