Sukhothai, Thailand

If you are a lover of large Buddha statues… huge ones… still standing tall for centuries then Sukhothai is the place! The Sukhothai kingdom existed from 1238 to 1438 AD. Today it is in ruins and is given the status of World Heritage Site by UNESCO. We had confirmed airline tickets from Bangkok to Sukhothai and hotel reservations too. Bangkok is easily accessible with many flights.

Two days will be sufficient to tour Sukhothai ruins, though a greedy traveler’s mind like mine will crave for more. Tuktuks aren’t allowed inside the site so we hired cycles for 4 of us. The sites are scattered, 193 ruins on 70 sqkm. If you reach there with your homework done it will be easy, else the first best thing to do on reaching there will be to get hold of a good map and study the locations of the various sites. You can then plan out the tour route and make max use of the time. There are 5 main zones which you can access with a single ticket within a definite time period. 

 The zones are huge, spread over large area and some ruins with out any boundaries. Wat Sorasak is one such place where we didn’t need tickets. We covered some such sites at sunset and sunrise. Some of the Wats are in island, we crossed cute little bridges to reach them. All the zones offer wonderful opportunities for photography. Sukhothai is located in the north central Thailand so winters are pleasant. The rainy season is best avoided.

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31 Responses

  1. Meena says:

    thts a excellent click!!

  2. Quite a striking pose. Are the ruins well preserved or almost destroyed? Recently I have been to a couple of places near Bangalore, at one of them the ruins are literally in ruins 🙁

  3. Hi Ramakant, the ruins are in good shape, though I guess there would have been more than what is seen now. The existing ones are taken care of well.

  4. TexWisGirl says:

    i hope they remain protected for generations to come.

  5. magiceye says:

    Wonderful place to visit!

  6. Sylvia K says:

    Such an amazing place and so much beauty/history!!

  7. Jidhu Jose says:

    great idea to explore there

  8. Friko says:

    If it weren’t such a long way from here I might explore these wonderful places.

  9. richies says:

    I recently watched a television program that featured Sukhothai. I envy you for being able to see it.

    An Arkies Musings

  10. Carver says:

    Fantastic shot and interesting post.

  11. The curves of this figure are pure music. Beautiful!

  12. Krishna says:

    beautifully captured…


  13. Oh I love these statues and have my own small collection too. Nice shot this, looking forward

  14. ladyfi says:

    What a lovely statue!

  15. Though I intend to visit Thailand and Cambodia, I fear iot may not be physically possible for me to cover the ruins spread out in 70 sqkms even in two days. May be I need to stay a day longer at Sukhothai. Thank you for this kind info.

  16. This statue of Budhdha is so graceful. Thanks for sharing Indrani

  17. This is one beautiful place & picture 🙂

  18. Buddha statues are invariably so graceful, so serene looking. Lovely pic. And thanks for this post, it puts something new on my Thailand wanderlist. 🙂

  19. B.S.Rao says:

    Very new style till the date for me,especially Buddha in such a position.

  20. Kash Pals says:

    Informative post and amazing capture of Buddha.

  21. Beautiful statue! Looks like a lovely place!

  22. Very Interesting Post.. Thanks for sharing!

  23. Wow! The statue looks beautiful. Nice account of the place 🙂

  24. Short and sweet post !

  25. I never seen Buddha in standing position even in Boddh gaya too . Amazing picture with short and workable description Indrani Ji !!

  26. I have never seen Budha in this pose. Thanks for the share.

  27. Sri Kri says:

    Lovely pose of Buddha.Thanks a lot for sharing.

  28. D.Nambiar says:

    I am a lover of Buddha statues. You make me want to visit Sukhothai. Someday… I hope. 🙂

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