Memories of Stay at Anvaya Beach Resort, Bali Indonesia

The invite from Indonesia Tourism mentioned stay at Anvaya Beach Resort Bali! I knew it would be one of the best ones of Bali yet checked up the place and I was super thrilled to find it located beach side. It is the Kuta Beach of Bali. Anvaya – Sanskrit word – means connection. The name fits the resort so well because by the end of my 5 day stay there I had connected with the resort well and it felt like another home to me. Here is a short Review on Anvaya Beach Resort.

Anvaya Beach Resort Hotel Review

Temple in Anvaya Resort Bali

I mentioned in one of my previous posts Bali being a land of temples. Every house, every hotel, every resort has temple and Anvaya Beach Resort is no exception. At one side of this huge resort, there is a small temple with serene and peaceful ambience. Though I didn’t have the good fortune of visiting the interiors of any other temple in Bali, I felt blessed that I could do that here. The temple has smaller shrines; all decked up beautifully. The names of God which are worshiped there were mentioned on little boards. They were Tugu, Agung and Surya. Flowers, incense sticks and lamps indicated that prayers were offered some time back.

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Balinese Culture

A unique custom followed in Anvaya resort is that in the evenings a small group of people go around the resort chanting prayers and beating drums and bells. They do that in the evenings usually a little before sunset. So if you plan to stay back in hotel you can get an experience this Balinese culture first hand.

Tsunami Escape Route

The 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and Tsunami had affected India very badly. Many beach properties of Bali coastline suffered huge destruction and loss. But now almost all resorts have their Tsunami escape routes clearly marked out. Hopefully no more Tsunami occurs and we don’t have to see the efficiency of these plans but it is reassuring to know there are plans chalked out for escape.

Nestled in Nature’s Lap

Another striking factor about Anvaya Beach resort is that it is nestled in nature’s lap. Sandwiched between Kuta beach line on one side and a busy street on other there is still good amount of greenery inside. A good part of the swimming pool has green cover. I chanced on a Spice Finch (scaly breasted Munia) in the bushes there. I witnessed a sunset at Kuta Beach one of the evenings there.

Sunset at Kuta Beach

Spice Finch Scaly breasted Munia

Lavish Buffet Breakfast

Eating breakfast at Anvaya Beach Resort was like a mega event by itself! It was like touring through several islands heaped with different cuisines. Breakfast is complimentary, there are 2 restaurants and 2 bars. The huge seating area accommodates the morning rush of guests very well.  Freshly baked cake, slow roasted meat, noodles, salads, dressings, sauces, fritters, sushi and more variety, yes even Indian stuffed flat breads; the choice was endless. Didn’t someone once say “the way to someone’s heart is through their stomach”? Folks at Anvaya Beach Resort have taken it seriously; it is obvious.

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Other Facilities in Anvaya Beach Resort

The resort has well furnished rooms with little balconies each with free Wi-Fi, flat-screens, mini bars, and also the tea and coffee makers. Some have direct pool access. Suites have living areas; some have beach views. Upgraded suites come with plunge pools. And a 2-bedroom villa has butler service, a kitchen and a pool. Room service is offered. Their well-trained team of recreational attendants take care of diverse program of daily activities, classes and individual leisure pursuits of guests. Most impressive is that they have 8 main pools, a spa and a compact fitness center.

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Location of Anvaya Beach Resort

Location of this sophisticated classy resort is 2kms from Ngurah Rai International Airport of Bali. Nearest tourist destination is Waterbom Bali, a water park with several thrilling activities.

Address: Jalan Kartika, Tuban, Kuta, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361, Indonesia.

Anvaya Beach Resort Hotel Review

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33 Responses to “Memories of Stay at Anvaya Beach Resort, Bali Indonesia

  • Sindhu Devi K
    3 weeks ago

    Essense of native culture, pleasant nature, delicious food to satisfy appetite, interesting customs… how perfect it is!
    Tsunami escape route! They are so quick in learning nature’s lessons, we have a lot to learn from them!

    • Sindhu Devi K
      3 weeks ago

      Brilliant shots, Indrani 🙂 Don’t know how I skipped to mention!

  • The dining experience is my favourite part of any resort 🙂 Anvaya, looks like a fantastic stay option, worth exploring in Bali…

  • How were the rooms?

  • Tsunami escape impressed me much. Looks gorgeous too.

  • Beautiful place. Culture mixed with yummy food. Tsunami escape is good feature to any tourist place, near a sea shore.

  • Seems to be a nice resort. Wish you a great year ahead.

  • Gosh! I think I would never want to leave such a place. It’s so beautiful, almost magical and it’s hard to imagine that there are actual places like this that do exist!

  • Yogi Saraswat
    3 weeks ago

    Anvaya – Sanskrit word – means connection. Great to know that they are still using Sanskrit words !! Beautiful review

  • Abigail Sinsona
    2 weeks ago

    This sounds like such a wonderful resort to stay in. I love the traditional Balinese architecture. The facilities look great and even more so the food. I would consider this on my planned trip to Bali!

  • Your photos are wonderful.

    I have not yet visited Bali, as as an Australian I feel it would be too much like home! The food does look sensational though.

  • The Balinese culture is so fascinating. Yet I had no idea that they pray and chant religious songs before sunset also in the resort. What a great way to learn more about their culture and traditions!

  • Bali has been a long time dream destination. All your wonderful pictures and descriptions make me even more anxious to go.

  • Bali hotels and resorts are so in tune with the architecture of the island that they absolutely blend in. How I wish our Indian resorts did the same. Location of Anvaya seems excellent, so close to the airport.

  • Bali is coming up on my travel list. This Anvaya resort looks amazing, will surely try to stay here!

  • Looks like a cute place to stay.. and a yummy one! I would spend half my first day just eating all the food 😀

  • With so many hotels/resorts on Bali, it’s difficult to know exactly which ones are best for your needs. Thank you for such a concise review. I’m looking to visit Bali and will add this to my list of places to research more.

  • The Anvaya resort seems super nice. I’ve never been to Bali but would love to go. So interesting that each resort has it’s own Temple. It all sounds really beautiful

  • wow what an absolutely fun time! That picture of the clouds and the sun shining behind them was super beautiful. Bali sounds like such an amazing adventure though, I’d love to go there myself 🙂

  • Looks like you had a great relaxing stay here. I didn’t know about the resorts having a Tsunami escape route, that’s an interesting piece if information!

  • I like how the hotel fuses sophiscation and culture, it’s usually a cozy experience. I’ll also love to tour the temple in Anvaya and stay for the Balinese culture experience. The food at Anvaya looks yummy too. The hotel just have it all. Kudos to their team!

  • Anvaya Beach Resort looks idyllic! I love the fact that it has a temple. What a special place to be able to view, and experience next to the hotel – it must add to the relaxation side of things! The way to my heart is definitely through my stomach – so the idea of that amazing breakfast is certainly a drawcard. It would certainly set you up for a long day of relaxation to have such a beautiful and big breakfast 😉

  • This looks right up my alley. Amazing luxury with the authentic, Balinese spiritual culture. I studied eastern religion so getting to experience that side of a culture is always a highlight for me. The food sounds wonderful as well!

  • Anvaya Beach Resort looks simply wonderful – I’d want to stay here. I love the fact that it is high end but enough of the touches that make it authentically Balinese. I love the ideas of the prayers and chanting – to really help you understand the culture!

  • I would love to visit Bali again and check out this place. Looks like the perfect resort to chill out in and do some serious sunbathing, the pool looks so inviting! It’s amazing that it’s a temple too. This means you really get to see and understand a bit of the Balinese culture.

  • I’ve never actually been to Bali but this place looks lovely and relaxing. I love how it’s at one with nature yet still has everything you need, and how unusual is that spice finch?! It’s also great to see they have clear tsunami evacuation routes marked now as well. As you say, hopefully they will never need them 🙂

  • You transported me back to Bali! To those heritage statues welcoming the guests and to that gorgeous Balinese architecture! The Finch picture is superb!! Great catch! All the time I was reading this, I played the soothing Bamboo tunes in the backdrop:) The resort looks so lovely! We stayed at Kuta beach club. This one looks closer to the beach 🙂

  • I love that there are other tourist destinations near the resort. The lavish breakfast buffet also adds to the experience.

  • Anvaya Beach Resort looks wonderful. I love the idea of the evening prayer chanting and drumming. And, I think it’s on your blog that I’ve already read about the number of temples in Bali. Of course, as someone else has commented, the food is really important too – and a good breakfast is essential!

  • Looks like a luxurious way to spend a few nights-I always love it when I see raw fish at a breakfast buffet-and the bamboo xylophone is great for setting the mood! Let’s hope the natural disasters hold off for a long time so these places can get back on their feet

  • This is the second review I’ve found for Anvaya Beach Resort, and now I’m even more excited to try the place out for myself. The breakfast looks especially good, and I do tend to let my stomach dictate where I stay. I plan to make it to Bali by the end of the year, and I’ll be sure to keep this place in mind.

  • Carol Colborn
    6 days ago

    I as in Bali ages ago for a business conference held in a hotel of an international hotel chain. Your pictures recreate a place richer in nature, culture, and other extras. I should try a “local” hotel like Anvaya!

  • Wow, what a beautiful place for a relaxing stay in Bali. I am always sold with pools so an 8 main pools hotel would be a great feast for me. I would be sure to book a suite with direct pool access, enjoy that huge breakfast in the morning (Indonesian food is one of my favorite Asian cuisines) and Kuta’s great sunsets on the beach. Who could ask for anything else? Lucky you!

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