Statues of Antwerp

And we kept wandering through the lanes of Antwerp, along the bank of river Schelde. All interesting sights were neatly framed and frozen. The city has many statues put up at several places. Two of them are mentioned here and here.

The following are captures of some more statues.

The one below is of Goddess Minerva at Noorderterras – Zuiderterras riverside promenade overlooking the river Scheldt. Minerva is the Roman goddess of wisdom, daughter of Jupiter and Metis.

Another character from the pages of history book of Antwerp: Eugeen Van Mieghem. I saw his statue in the port of Antwerp. With immense talent in drawing he made his contributions in the field of western art. His subject for drawing was most often the typical harbor folk: sack porters, sack makers, emigrants, dockers, bargees, and tramps. Click on the link to see his various works.

 A little away was the statue of his wife, Augustine Pautre. Theirs was a short married life; she died soon, within two years, leaving him heart broken and withdrawn for several years.

Statues like this help understand a place’s history better. And I make it a point to take pictures of the statues and google on them at leisure.

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