Silverware Souvenir From Malaysia, a Must Buy

Malaysia souvenir ideas are plenty. Malaysian craftsmen are talented and their products are much sought after.

I often carry partially filled suitcases when I travel. That is because I intend to fill it during my return trip with souvenirs. I am sure you do that too! I make it a point to do a good research on the interesting stuffs I can pick up. The silverware of Malaysia is one such souvenir I am eyeing on. Silver objects were introduced to Malaysia by foreign traders. To Malay gold artisans this was something new. They soon took up this art and today they are well known for their delicate and intricate designs on purely ornamental objects and other functional objects like fruit bowls, pillow ends, tobacco boxes and more.

2 types of Silverware Souvenir

The silversmiths of Kelantan and Terengannu produce superior quality silver articles. The two methods they follow are the filigree work and repousse method. I liked the filigree work, the one in which they have fine threads of silver twisted and made into delicate ornaments. The brooches and bracelets look good.

In the repousse method silver is hammered to thin sheets. They are then decorated with flora and fauna motifs. The designs are hammered into relief from reverse. Silver rose bowls, jewelry boxes, belts, buckles are made with this method. A betel nut set in silver has lot of significance according to Malayan culture. Malayan suitor gifts his choice bride’s parents with betel nut silverware set. Acceptance of the gift by the bride’s parents signifies agreement to betrothal.

Filling up suitcases with silverware will of course depend on how deep your pocket is! You can visit the silver craft factory at Kampung Sireh (along Jalan Sultanah Zainab), Kampung Marak or at Kampung Badang on the road to Pantai Cinta Berahi.

Other unconventional souvenirs from Malaysia are:

  • Durian chocolate, yes a chocolate that smells (awful) like durian fruit.
  • Instant White Coffee, which is made with specially roasted coffee beans.


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