Saint Bavo Cathedral, Ghent, Belgium

The main attraction to visit St. Bavo cathedral, Ghent was to see the altarpiece –The Adoration of the Mystic Lamb–by van Eyck. There was a small fee to enter the room to see it. Amazing art work, the only disappointing part was none of the tourists were allowed to photograph it. Though now I see a lot of pictures of it in the internet.

For over a thousand years this has been a place of prayer and Christian worship. Here are some pictures from the interiors.

The magnificent church houses some wonderful art treasures. The imposing structure has square tower topped with four small spires. The religious art work on the door arch paused my entry to the church. Excellent and delicate carvings… all figures telling a story.

Once inside I was surrounded by impressive stained-glass windows. A sunny day, with light filtering in through them will be a sight to behold!

The observer and the observed! Who was who!The tourist observing the saint’s statue or the saint’s spirit observing the tourist?

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