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Memories of people I have met and interacted during the travels. Some just smiled and passed by; some interacted in unknown languages, through gestures. All are stray episodes in travel carrying no significant meaning yet a memorable part of the journeys I made through the world. See more here

People from Bali Indonesia People Photography

She is employed with Batik Hand loom center in Celuk Village of Ubud, Bali. Her duty there is to stitch the batik fabric into various dress patterns. As I stood watching her at work she looked up to give a warm smile. A non verbal expression which conveyed so much positivity!

People from Bali Indonesia

Local of Uluwatu I am guessing, she was all smiles when she saw me as if we had some connection. She was waving frantically at me. Initially I was surprised but I waved back and then clicked. With that one smile we bonded may be only for less than a minute but I realized one doesn’t need a language to bond.

People photography Uluwatu Bali Indonesia

…an act of kindness there.

faces from world people photography

See his smile! He was so happy we made some purchases from him. We haggled so much and reduced the price to half of what he quoted. Yet when we were leaving his shop he gave us such a big smile. It made me suspicious; I should have bargained more I thought. But later I thought he is happy because he could make a sale with some decent profit.

Tour Guide in Bali

Our cheerful tour guide Deva. I miss his cheerful greetings in the mornings. He is a mine of information on Balinese culture, customs and traditions. In his spare time he does the duties of a monk.

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18 Responses to “People Photography – from Bali, Indonesia

  • Cheerful faces! Positive vibes all around! Falling in love with Bali and Balinese…

  • Traveling is my passion. I love meeting the locals and experience the vibe of each destination. The photos here and expressions on the faces of the locals are wonderful. I can’t wait to get to that part of the world.

  • Beautiful pics. Love the post.

  • wow, that was really wonderful to connect with people. The pic of Local of Uluwatu indeed gave me a feel as if she knew you from long . Really a smile binds people .

  • Wow love these photos- they really tell the story of the people there!

  • Beautiful pics! The people in your post look very happy! A positive post indeed. 🙂

  • It is always nice to see happy faces. Amazing photos!

    Let us always meet each other with a smile, for the smile is the beginning of love ~ Mother Teresa

  • It always feels like a breath of fresh air when you see people smiling so genuinely.

  • Everyone looks so happy getting clicked! Love portrait pictures!

  • What a lovely series of photos! I love people watching when I travel, and a portrait series like this makes for a neat memory!

  • that was something i noticed on the couple of trips I made to Indonesia too years ago – smiling, friendly faces everywhere — you have captured it so well here

  • I love taking portraits of people when i travel too! Look at those friendly smiley faces!

  • Yogi Saraswat
    2 months ago

    Initially I was surprised but I waved back and then clicked. 🙂 . I was struck not on the faces but the basket in some photographs . Very beautifully made . If I ever get a chance to be the , I will buy a lot of these baskets 🙂

  • I love connecting with locals to learn their stories and to learn about their cultures and traditions. This helps in understanding them and the place better. You shared some good memories captured with your photographs.

  • Very nice captures,all of them are in quite good mood.

  • You seem to have captured the perfect smiles in this trip – lovely pics!!

  • Lovely selection!

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