Old Cathedral of Salamanca, Spain

Salamanca has two cathedrals to explore. The Old Cathedral of Salamanca is in the Romanesque style. Its construction began at the end of the 12th century. The plan was to cover both cathedrals and we were surprised that to get to the old cathedral we have to go through the new one. One is forced to pause at the entrance, so beautiful the façade is! The sights are for free till the entrance. After you step in you buy the tickets. From here we were guided to the Old Cathedral.

Interiors of Old Cathedral of Salamanca

Once inside, it is art work, art work, art work all around! Best part is audio guide is included in the price of tickets (which was 5euros approx.) and photography is permitted. Tourists were allowed tripods too, I saw a couple of photographers clicking away while I struggled with my hand held one for good still shots.  The places inside are numbered and you get the commentary as you walk on through the interiors. Though this is a much smaller one the art work on the walls kept me occupied for long. I did skip some portions. Hard to recollect what I heard on audio then.

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Mission Photography

It seemed to me like I was on a photography mission. The audio guide went on doling out interesting details and eyes kept hunting for those highlighted little details. There was so much to take pictures of and so less time. Now when I look through the pics I think I managed to frame the important sights. I have shared 15 of the pics here in thumbnail version… in large size the post seemed to go on and on.

The Old Cathedral of Salamanca has more tombs compared to the New Cathedral. This is more attractive to visitors because of the beautifully done up tombs of bishops’ and members of the nobility. The mural painting which covers the vault is the work of Nicolás Florentino. This great pictorial work has the image of Christ at the Last Judgment. Right over the main altar, is a stunning Byzantine style dome. The main altar has 53 scenes from the life of Christ and the life of the Virgin, painted by different artists including Dello Delli.

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Picture are of Main altar or High Altar, tombs of bishops and Byzantine style dome.

Open Timings:
From Oct 01 to Mar 31, Monday to Sunday, 10:00 to 18:00
From Apr 01 to Sep 30, Monday to Sunday, 10:00 to 20:00

General: €4,75
Reduced: €4
Children: €3
Large families: €1,5
Disabled persons: Admission free

Old Cathedral of Salamanca

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